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What Is The Best Battery For My Vape Device – 18650, 20700 & 21700

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In today’s video we discuss the appropriate battery for the larger vaping devices.

There are many different types of batteries on the market, all with a wide range of output. From18650s to 20700s & 21700s, the numbers alone can make your brain hurt. So, we” take it slow and steady and hopefully we answer all your questions.

Lets start with a common question, “What the hell is mah?””. Milliamps or “mah” for short determines the capacity of your battery’s load. How much power power it can put out and for how long. The higher the mah, the longer the battery life (depending on use). Amperage or amps is the stress load that a battery can take. If your running a low ohm setup, you would need a higher amperage to keep it running smooth.

There are many brands on the market, from low grade to high quality, so do some research and choose wisely. e-Fest, Pansonic, LG, Samsung, Sony, are just a few out there. We like to stay with the same brands who make electronics because they tend to put out Grade “A” batteries, so you know you will be getting something safe and well built for your device.

If you are getting new batteries for your device, try to keep them the same brand and output. It is not detrimental to your device, but in the long run 2 different types of batteries will drain your vape and each other way faster. Marry them, pair them, sync them, just keep them the same and together.

Based on your device, you will know what batteries you require. The industry standard is the 18650, which you will see in devices like the Smok-G Box. Then there are the larger batteries, the 20700’s & 21700’s which fit in devices like the iJoy Avenger. Some vapes even come with an adapter sleeve so you can run the smaller battery. Read your manual or ask a rep and they will be able to provide with the right battery for your vape.

Last but not least is storage. We can’t have you burning those toned legs while your mod is chilling in your pocket. 1 of the best places to leave your batteries is in your vape. When not in use, turn it off and you and your batteries will be safe and sound. What if your at the house, well the charger is also a good spot. Many chargers like the e-Fest Lush Q8 feature built in safety protections to keep your battery and optimal performance without out charging. Well your on the move you say, and you need an extra set to get you through the day, now what? Easy, take a battery case with you. From single slot to 6 slot, the small plastic cases are built for batteries and will keep them safe while in your purse, gym bag, or fanny pack.

Hopefully we were able to answer all your questions, but if we weren’t drop them down in the comment section and we will make sure to get to them. Like, subscribe and stay tuned for more vape info from Discount Vape Pen

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The Best GPS Map Device In The Present Market – A Travelers Delight

The newly enhanced GPS map device offers a host of additional features than what was derived from its highly popular predecessors. The handheld device benefits from a new design which looks sleek and attractive to look at. Recent devices with 2.6 inch screen and 65-k color display with a resolution of 160 x 240 pixels are the talk of the town. The screen is clearly visible even in broad daylight light which make it an ideal instrument that can be used at any time of the day.

The device is also equipped with a GPS receiver through HotFix which is highly sensitive and offers the best reception capabilities. The quad helix antenna attached to the phone offers unparallel reception. The device is also water proof with a streamlined design making it ideal to be used even in rugged conditions.

The gadget is installed with a world base map through which the user can receive support via geocaching (paperless). The world map comes with the shade relief that offers greater choice in the form of marine / road maps and other maps that include detailed topographic images. This is a feature that is sure to take your navigational performance to the next level.

Another interesting feature of this device is that it you can use routes that have been uploaded by other users to explore new places. This way you can share waypoints, track routes and geocachers wirelessly between other compatible devices. The experience of these travels can then be uploaded through social networking forums like Facebook or Twitter. The device also has a 3-axis compass that will enable the user to derive accurate readings even when it is not held in a leveled manner.

Other attributes such as the barometric altimeter can be used to track the traveller's altitude to a precise degree. This is calculated through fluctuations in pressure changes while the altimeter can also be used to keep an eye on the weather. External connections to the device can be carried out through a high-speed USB interface.

Satellite images can be made to integrate with your maps through the Birds Eye Satellite imagery. The user would have to however get a subscription before the feature can be utilized. The device offers up to 20 hours of battery life and requires 2 AA batteries to function.

The instrument is perfect for travelers, trekkers, hunters, geocachers, hikers and mappers. The device can also be used for marine or automotive purposes which make its features highly versatile.


History Of Android Mobile Device Platform

Android is an open-sourced stack for mobile devices that includes the operating system, key applications and middleware. Android was started by Google in 2005 when they purchased the initial developer of the software, Android Inc. When Google first purchased Android in July of 2005 there was not that much known about this small start-up company. In the industry at the time it was referred to as just a company that developed software for mobile devices, a far cry from what it is currently.

In October of 2008 the first Android based phone that appeared on the market was T-Mobile’s G1. This was a ground breaking phone that set the benchmark for it predecessors. This phone is not currently sold by the carrier. Phones to follow this include the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G in 2009, the Motorola Backflip in March 2010 to current phones like the HTC Evo 4g.

On November 5th of 2007 a multitude of companies including, Google, HTC, Motorola, Qualcom, Intel, Sprint Nextel, T-mobile and NVIDIA banded together to form the Open Handset Alliance. They announced there intentions for open standards for mobile devices. At this time they also introduced their new product, Android, a mobile device platform built on a version of Linux Kernel.

In Q4 of 2010 it’s been reported that the Android operating system was the the best selling smartphone platform on the market. Nokia’s Symbian has held that position for the last 10 years. The true power house behind Android is the Android Market. In this market you will find access to over 150,000 apps. “Apps” are applications that allow extended functionality for any given device that they’re installed on. There are many different types of apps, from Facebook to GPS, banking apps and recipe apps. Some apps can help you cook and others can help you hang a picture level. Basic Google apps include GMail, YouTube, Google talk, Google calender, Amazon MP3 store and Twitter. All of these are created by a large community of developers working everyday to make the market ever-expanding.

Android is continuing to grow and expand it’s hold in the mobile device arena. With the power of Google behind it, this platform may reach new heights in the future that we can only dream of today. Keep your eye on the new devices that are released with this Android platform. New devices are consistently popping up with this amazing platform and the new versions are rolling along as the platform continues to develop.


How to Optimize Your Android Device: 7 Steps Analysis

The smartphone is the simplest form of communication source available today. It allows you to communicate with others via calls and chats. It offers you many other services as well like sending emails, clicking pictures, listening to music, running multiple useful apps and lot more. This form of communication source has definitely made the life of common man easy. Despite offering lots of services and features smartphone has some limitations too. Speed ​​and performance issue is one such limitation of smartphones which naturally holds your work and causes due to various reasons. Let's discuss some tips to free up storage space on your Android device for better performance and enhanced speed.

Update your device regularly: This is the simplest way to boost up your android device. Keep your device up to date with latest firmware updates. Regular OS updates will help you improve the performance of your device. At the same time, it ensures stability and better performance.

Clear Cache: Your device generates lots of cache memory over time. This cache data holds your storage space and affects your system speed as well. To clear cache on your device go to Settings> Storage> Internal storage> Cached data.

Disable Bloatware: Bloatware includes pre-installed apps and programs by your manufacturer. It includes a carrier and third party apps. These apps consume a lot of your device's storage space and run in a background to affect your device performance. Unfortunately, you can not delete these pre-installed apps, unless you decide to root your device but you can disable such apps. To disable these apps, go to Settings> Apps> Disable.

Delete unwanted apps & files: It is the truth of every device where it is piled up with many unwanted apps and files on it. These apps and files eat up your device's storage space and slow down it. It is better idea to remove all such piled up data to make some breathing room for your device.

Extend device memory: Transfer your device data by inserting external storage cards on it. Once you shift your data to external storage space you provide additional space to your device RAM to perform better. You can use these cards in the range between 2GB to 32GB to support high-speed read and write operations.

Avoid animations: Animations and live wallpapers on your device consume more CPU cycles to run and drains more battery. Every time you activate your mobile live wallpapers on it consumes system resources to run. So it is advised to avoid all such animations on your device for better performance.

Stop Syncing: Sync services consumes a lot of internal memory of your device. Here certain apps sync all the time while others do not. Sync service can cost slow speed of the device. Use sync only when required to improve the performance of the device.

Android devices in today's time are more efficient and user-friendly. There are certain issues which affect its performance. Apply above mentioned steps to improve speed and performance of the android device.


Things You Must Know About Teletracer Car Tracking Device

Many people have heard of the concept of a GPS surveillance gadget. GPS stands for global positioning devices that will identify your car's current location and reports can be accessed through the internet. For instance, if you have a GPS system made by Brickhouse Security, reports can be accessed using their Bolt Server. This type of device is different from Teletracer car tracking device. Teletracer tracking device will help you track down your car once your car has been stolen. This means that it serves as an anti-theft gadget for your vehicle. But you have to watch out for this product in terms of its price. This product is a bit expensive than others and will charge the owners with a subscription fee. The price of the product alone is around $ 600 and then to e followed by a monthly subscription fee. Your car equipped by this gadget can be tracked down by the police department within your area.

It's essential for you to create set up points where the permissions can receive the tracker's signal. Upon receiving the tracker's signals, they can go to the location where your car has been bought or hidden. Although this can be helpful within your police department's area, the problem comes when the Teletracer car tracking device is already out of your police department's coverage. Basically, car thieves will not only lurk within your area and once stolen, they may send out signals that are outside local police's covered area. Here, there's a limitation in terms of getting assistance for theft apart from the price being too much for your budget.

Using a Nano GPS tracking gadget, you can leave it inside your car's hidden location like inside a glove compartment. You can pay Brickhouse Security's Bolt Server to track down your vehicle and whereabouts. But just like Teletracer car tracking device, they charge monthly subscription fees but the difference comes in terms of the limitation when it comes to being detected by the local police. These gadgets are helpful in helping you track down your car for any theft incidents but you must know their pros and cons to find the most beneficial for you.


Hair Regrowth Now Available Using Low Powered Laser Device

Most people suffering from hair loss carry out intensive research into all the different solutions available to them. They discover that there are both surgical and medical solutions. They may even visit a hair loss clinic and consult with a doctor to see whether hair transplant surgery could help in their fight against losing what is left of their hair. People are now discovering that there is yet another possible solution available for those suffering from the loss of their hair.

There has been a lot of interest in low powered laser devices and their effectiveness in the treatment of thinning hair. Recent research indicates it has a stimulatory effect on the hair follicles. This may make it an effective secondary (ie additional) treatment for hair loss in men and women who suffer from baldness or thinning of their hair. It is also likely to be effective in seasonal increased hair shedding (a moult).

A relatively new device called Lasercap, applies 224 laser lights continuously to the patients scalp in the comfort of your their home. The Lasercap uses rechargeable batteries that recharge in as little as 2 hours. You just plug in the charger into your wall socket and then plug the charger into battery pack with battery pack switch to the 'off' position, then you simply wait until green light appears on the charger and its ready to go! It can be worn under a cap or a hat and is used at your convenience. It's completely portable while you use it. Imagine, being treated for your hair loss while you watch TV, travel to or from your work, or even while you are at work, as long as you are allowed to wear a cap! Your hair loss treatment will continue, unnoticed.

However, the delivery system and dosing is extremely important to the chances of success. It has been shown that it is very important to follow the manufacturer's directions closely in order to see optimum results. The suggested dosage schedules is 15-30 minutes only every second day. Follow their guidelines closely and you could see hair regrowth, and thicker, fuller hair in a reliably short period of time – about 60 days!

You can also use the Lasercap in conjunction with other treatments such as Rogaine (Minoxodil) or Propecia (Finasteride).

The major advantage of this device, when compared to available hand held devices, is that the correct energy level is continuously applied to the scalp. A hand held laser device only applies its energy for a very short period of time if used to the manufacturer's instructions.


FLOUREON Solar Power Bank Portable Solar survival battery device charger

spec’s ❶Power Bank Solar Charger – Large capacity 10,000mAh made of rechargeable grade A Li-Polymer cells, in compare to universal power bank ours combined power bank and solar charging functions which allows emergency charging via solar power especially outdoor hiking, camping etc. (Note: Highly recommend fully charged by electric source and that will be faster than solar power)
❷Dual USB 1.0A/2.1A Max – With 2 Charging output allows you get two phones fully charged simultaneously, no pressure on charging iPhone 6 3+ , iPhone 7 Plus/Galaxy S7 2+ times, power your life all the time.
❸Ultra Compact Portable Phone Charger – Physical size 5.4”(L)X3.0”(W)X0.75”(H)/0.29Kg, and convenient hook deign makes it very convenient to hang on your backpack – Best partner in your daily activities- Camping, hiking, traveling and shopping.
❹Strong/Strobe/SOS LED Flashlight – There is 5-LED indicators keep reminding you the amount of power left and the status of charging, Strong/Strobe/SOS LED emergency LED light can help you find the direction and keep your safety.
❺WARRANTY – 60 DAYS MONEY BACK & 18 MONTHS EXCHANGE – We guarantee you’ll love this FLOUREON Solar Charger Power Bank and if you aren’t absolutely satisfied, returned it within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked. this was the specs and if you like this video please hit the like share and subscribe so we can make america hillbilly again

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Covering the Electronic Logging Device Mandate

The ELD (Electronic Logging Device):

An ELD (electronic logging device) is an electronic quick fix that allows expert commercial vehicle carriers and truck drivers to conveniently track and record their hours of service.

The Advantages of an ELD:

ELDs assists to avert any un intentional or deferred HOS (hours of service) breaches, as well as any penalty to the driver due to a lapse in documented logs. Improved consent with HOS guidelines assures drivers have acceptable rest to run commercial vehicles carefully.

The Electronic Logging Device Mandate:

FMCSRs (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations) were revised by the FMCSA to upgraded design and performance standards for ELDs.

The Final Rule or ELD mandate states that operators of commercial vehicles will need to use ELDs or electronic logging devices. Drivers and carriers must all have ELDs in their trucks by December 18, 2017.


  • Allows the driver of a commercial motor vehicle to sign in and select Off-duty, Not Driving and On-Duty, or On-duty.
  • Get connected to an engine of the vehicle to track when the vehicle is in action.
  • Get authorized on the website of FMCSA.
  • Provide information in a regulated layout that can be addressed to law enforcement in distinct formats ie in USB, wireless web solutions, or Bluetooth.
  • Illustrate a record of work status so that the driver can promptly forgive the hours of service in a day.

The Legislative History of the Electronic Logging Device:

  1. Law enforced by Congress on July2012
  2. Proposed rule circulated by DOT on March2014
  3. Final rule enforced by DOT in Dec 2015
  4. Start of ELD application on Dec 2017

The Distinction Between EOBRs, AOBRDs, and ELDs:

AOBRD, ELD and EOBR are used interchangeably on a regular basis and they have distinct features that exclusively separate them from one another.

  • EOBR: Electronic Onboard Recorder is used when referring to the device that stores electronic logging implications.
  • AOBRD: Automatic Onboard Recording Device is used when defining an electronic gadget that matches conditions to be utilized rather than documented log books .
  • ELD: It is utilized as a segment of the recent language to define the systems in the fresh mandate. Electronic logging devices converge with a vehicle's engine to track motion and power status, driven miles hours, while AOBRDs and EOBRs do not.

Acknowledge If Your Vehicle Is Influenced By the ELD Mandate:

The mandate applies to all vehicle drivers who are currently required to have documentation RODS. The vehicle drivers use Electronic Logging Devices, to reserve RODS in seven or more days out of every single month. The FMCSA assumes these mandate will influence 3.5 million drivers.

A Wireless Device or a Smartphone to Be Utilized As an ELD:

Any wireless device or a Smartphone may be utilized as long as the gadget matches the technical needs and is registered and certified with the FMCSA.

The Exceptions to the ELDs Mandate:

  • While this mandate will affect number of commercial drivers, there are circumstances that are immune from the mandate:
  • Drive away – tow away affairs: If the commercial vehicle is being managed as part of the freight (the vehicle is the product being transited).
  • Short-haul drivers: Drivers who utilize the 150 air-mile radius exception or the 100 air-mile radius exception.
  • Pre-2000 vehicles: Models of the vehicle dated 1999 or before based on the VIN (vehicle identification number).

The Hurdles Yet To Face:

· Sharing ELD information from truck cab to roadside law enforcement.

· FMCSA Public Meeting in May.

Saves The Industry Money And Time:

The FMCSA evaluates that the common vehicle driver fills out around 230 RODS each year. And as a consequence, the mandate is proposed to save each vehicle driver about 18+ hours utilized to complete and send documented driver logs. Moreover, paperwork for documentation savings for each vehicle driver every year is counted to be approximately $ 700.

The ELD mandate will more over assist the industry by:

  • Lowering fuel prices: By controlling excess vehicle idle times, organizations can develop incentive schemes for drivers that assist fuel usage.
  • Cutting truck spare time: Fleet administration system users can acknowledge complicated downtimes of a vehicle by approximately 16-17% and enhanced vehicle usage by 14%.
  • Boosting safety: Drivers utilizing ELDs have an extremely low total crash rate (decline of 11.5%) and an avoidable crash rate (decline of 5%) against fleets not utilizing ELDs.

Final Speculations:

There are certainly more questions out there regarding the ELD, we believe this article asserts you to get a better understanding of the devices and the way it will influence the industry.


Car Battery Booster Charger Booster Power Bank Starting Device

Car Battery Booster Charger Booster Power Bank Starting Device

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