DIY VE Direct cable for Victron Chargers and how to install it on different machines and OS

DIY VE Direct cable for Victron Bluesolar chargers and devices, how to install it on different machines and OS , even Android. Using Victron Connect on my phone to control a Victron solar charge controller.


NEW Optima H6 Yellow Top with More Power and Direct Fit Installation! Plus Digital Charger Review

This is the NEW NEW Optima H6 Yellow Top Battery with PureFlow Technology and it is a direct drop in fit for many OEM applications like the AutoEdits Jeep Wrangler Rubicon you will see in this video!

The H6 is a huge improvement over stock batteries and even improves on the workhorse “six pack” Yellow Top.
Here’s a link to the Optima page with all the details on this battery:

I’ll also give a quick overview of the two chargers that Optima offers, the Digital 1200 and the Digital 400. It surprises me how many people don’t realize that an AGM (absorbed glass mat) battery can benefit from a charger specifically designed for it.

And this is the link to the 65 Corvette test drive video:

Thanks so much for watching!

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Ryobi 40v battery charging problem / FIX – direct warranty replacement department – 877 655 5250

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the charging problem with my Ryobi 40 volt Lithium batteries. They were only 2 years old… Flashing red and green light on the charger…. both of them, and neither would charge. I didn’t have the original receipt from Home Depot where I purchased them… So I spent countless hours trying to get them to charge so I could mow my lawn. I finally just went to Home Depot and bought a third one for $100 (ouch) so I could get the job done. Later on I found out that Ryobi has a 3 year warranty on the battery and charger…. and you DO NOT NEED the receipt in order to get them to replace the charger and/or the battery for FREE if your still in the 3 year replacement window. Save your self some time / pain and suffering and call them at:

1 877 655 5250


Eneloop Rechargeable AA AAA Batteries Review | Cameras Direct

Why are these Eneloop batteries so highly regarded ?

You can buy the Pro AA batteries online here

and the lesser staying power Eneloop AA batteries here this link goes to all the Sanyo Eneloop products –

You can also watch our Video Review of the Sanyo Eneloop Chargers and Battery packs here


Alternating Current Vs Direct Current Transformers

Most of the people may have heard about alternating current and direct current, they are nothing but two ways in which electric flows flows frequently. A simple term in which you can differentiate them is the direction by which the electrons flow. Voltage can be explained like the moving electron with a recitalist such as a wire that has been connected for power supply.

When electrons float gradually in a particular direction or especially in forward direction, it's called direct current. Whereas, in alternating current they will not go steadily instead keep changing directions, sometimes flowing forwards and next moment going backwards. For example, the voltage that comes from the wall pipelines in several buildings including our house & office is the common type of AC. So the power that reaches to our destination is still AC. At present, it is being passed across the nation in wires far more proficiently compared to DC where the electric power is permanent.

Electric tube light, bulb and flames can work on 230 volts of alternating current and some other household items like televisions has an in-house electric supply which changes the 230 volts to a low down current current that is out of harm, safe and tolerable to the electronic coils. Alternating current slowly substituted DC progression system because it was introduced much safer to transmit over the long miles and save more voltage.

In a power plant, alternating current that comes from a generator can be step up or down by a different machine named as transformer. Transformer is device generally set up on the electrical pole at the side of road corners. They have the capacity to transform high voltage into low electricity which is suitable for your home electrical apparatus such as light, television and refrigerator etc. Alternating voltage can even be changed to DC by an adapter that you can be used to charge your laptop battery. Most of the people are aware about the function of electrical transformers; they are being used to convert voltage from one stage to another and typically from high electric power to a lower voltage.

This process is carried out by using the theory of magnetic stimulation between circuits to transfer voltage and change the existing levels. Usually transformer has a number of key characteristics of voltage and magnetism to transform Alternating current. Direct transformers also exist now, but they will not replace AC converters.

It has been seen that DC can not be altered with the pattern of the transformer, it's all because direct current will not be modifying in a similar manner as AC does. This was the major reason that AC rated high over DC at the time when voltage began to be utilized all over the world. As all are using AC, it is now very late and not possible to alter to DC system.


Camera Battery Grips | What is a Battery Grip and What is it used for? | Cameras Direct Australia

This short video demonstrates how a battery grip can benefit you photography. See how battery grips are used and the advantages and restrictions by adding this product to your camera.


Sanyo Eneloop AA AAA Battery Chargers Review | Cameras Direct

Sanyo Eneloop Chargers … use them for Eneloop AA or AAA NiMh Batteries or ANY other brand of NiMh AA AAA Rechargeable batteries.
This link is for the AA charger with 4 AA batteries
this is to the fast charger

There is also our review of the Sanyo Eneloop AA AAA Batteries at this link …


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