diy usb lipo battery charger

diy usb lipo battery charger

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18650 battery pack for ebike using Spacers | Diy Homemade lithium battery pack | DNA TECH INDIA

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From DNATECHINDIA Maharashtra based indian seller-

18650 Battery spacer:

Samsung 18650 batteries:

Samsung 25R battery:

LG MJ1 battery:

LG F1L Battery:

Fitit solderless battery kit:

This video shows how to use the battery spacers in order to make the 18650 battery pack and then you can either spot weld or solder the cells together and add an bms board to the pack , sealing it with a heat shrink tubing and soldering the output terminal your battery pack will be ready…

Although battery spacers are available on AliExpress in quarter the price but thier shipping takes too long and also the product that arrive at your doorstep from china can’t be fully trusted.


How to Make a Emergency Mobile Phone Charger || DIY Homemade Power Bank is a online platform for technicians, Makers, Enthusiasts, Kids to buy electronic and electrical tools

How to Make a Emergency Mobile Phone Charger
DIY Battery Power Bank make at Home

Things Required –
1. Plastic Bottle Caps
2. Female USB Port
3. L7805 Voltage Regulator


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Discount 2x 18650 USB Mobile Power Bank Battery Charger Box Case DIY

Hello, Now i want to Reviews about 2x 18650 USB Mobile Power Bank Battery Charger Box Case DIY Kit For MP3 iPhone Z17 Drop Ship.

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DIY Ultimate Power bank with QC 3.0 – Adjustable Power Supply

List of material :
Link Shopee :
XL6019 :
Quick charger 3.0 board :
3s battery capacity board:
DCJack :
Switch :
3S battery pack :


DIY Power for Astrophotography

The problem I want to solve is supplying 12v dc power to my astro setups away from mains/grid power, for example, a 110v ac line running from the house. I want enough storage to last a full night with everything–even the big power drains like thermo-electric cooling and dew control covered by the system. Of course there are off-the-shelf solutions for this, but I wanted a little more versatility, a system that I can upgrade, add more batteries if needed, and this is much cheaper than the portable power options out there. It’s also specific to my needs: a handful of 12vdc devices, with varying current requirements. (I don’t need a built-in flash light or an inverter to power AC devices–things that plug into a wall socket).

Here’s what I’ve put together and successfully tested so far:

I bought a small deep-cycle 35 amp-hour lead-acid (AGM) battery, which will get me completely through a night of astro-imaging: through evening setup, an entire night’s imaging run with a cooled camera (TEC set to -20C) and dew control running the whole time. In my first tests I discovered I would not go any smaller than the 35Ah @12v dc battery, because I ended the night with it pretty close to completely discharged. Keep in mind the charging cycle with AGMs is a gradual process that uses lower power. Absorbent Glass Mat batteries are safer to use, but require a slower, steadier charging cycle.

Everything I purchased for my power box was perfect except I went underpowered on the charger. The NOCO chargers are awesome ( I bought the NOCO Genius G1100 (1.1 amp) and I should have gone with with the G3500 (3.5 amp)–for $20 USD more. The G1100 will charge my NPP NP12-35Ah AGM battery from dead to full in 18 hours. Yeah, see the problem? That’s not going to work with more than one clear night in a row. The G3500 will charge the battery in less than 6 hours.

I have everything housed in an old milk crate–an original from the early ’80s. But you can buy similar containers today–at Amazon, the Container Store. I attached two pieces of scrap acrylic to two sides. I have my Fanless Windows 10 box secured to one, and I drilled out the other side for my battery power cut-out. I added this so there was no draw on the battery–even minimal. The three switches on the rocker panel are lit when they have power, even when they’re off. They have a small LED bar that shows that the switches are functioning, and a brighter red LED when they are powered on. The cut-out also allows me to completely separate the lines running to my gear from the NOCO charging line, if I want to.

Tools: wire cutters, wire stripper, soldering iron + solder, and the crimping tool for the connectors (link below)

NOCO chargers

NPP NP12-35Ah Rechargeable AGM Deep Cycle 12V 35Ah Battery with Button Style Terminals

Rocker Switch Panel

NOCO GC018 12V Adapter Plug Socket with Eyelet Terminal

NOCO Genius G3500 6V/12V 3.5 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer

Car Battery Switche MAX 50V DC 50A

Insulated Wire Electrical Connectors Assortment
Ratcheting Crimper Tool – for the connectors above

Primary Wire, 14-Gauge Bulk Spool, 100-Feet, Red & Black

3 x 6ft 2.1mm x 5.5mm Extension Cable, 18AWG for 12V

Power Pigtail Cables, 12V 5A Male and Female Connectors



DIY charger from grandfathers times

JLCPCB Prototype for $2(Any Color):
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Buy chargers ัƒัั‚ั€ะพะนัั‚ะฒะพ
Top simple charger circuits

My laboratory equipment
Laboratory power supply

Multimeter 1

Multimeter 2

Multimeter 3

Multimeter 4

Current clamp

Capacitance and inductance meter

Universal Signal Generator


Transistor tester


Frequency meter

Electronic load

Intelligent Chip Tester

Soldering Iron





DIY Lithium Battery "Active Cell Balancer" Explained and Tested. Great for LiFePO4!

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How to make (diy) 12 volt DC 6A Battery charger at home in urdu

Assalam o alikum dosto aj hum 12v DC 6A k battery charger bnana saikhey gy k ap khud sy ghr ma apni battery k liya kis trah aik acha battery charger bna skty ha

12+12 Transformer . Max 6 Amp

Diodes value. 10A10 (2)

Battery Clip 12v Normal size

Capacitors value. 35v 3300uf (1)/ 35v 4700uf (1) Any

Main Ac Cable

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DIY wireless charging Chevy Truck $13 or less

There is a part 2 for connecting power to the back of the console

DIY wireless charging Chevy Truck $13
This is the one that i used in this video
CHOE Qi Wireless Charger Kit 7.5W Fast Charger

If you have any questions feel free to ask them
here is a link to the charger that i used you might even find it cheaper.
Link: (Choetech Charging Pad) Or
CHOE Qi Wireless Charger Kit 7.5W Fast Charger
if your phone has wireless charging capabilities this will work.
also if you want to skip the step with the tie wrap i found out that you can just pull the under side off the console by prying them apart there are no screws that hold them together. see the next video and you can see where i took it off. Part 2
i want to give credit to bulajim for the grate tips that were provided. thanks bulajim for taking the time to support me.
a couple tips…I got the same charger but it was a bit big compared to this video…I trimmed the board with nail clippers. also, the charger doesn’t allow the rubber mat to go through one of the holes in the tray. had to trim off the larger rubber “fin” on it but the other fin will keep in place when raising lid. trimming the plastic of the mini USB connector is key to making it fit too…I protected with electrical tape once it was gone. mine does charge thru a case…Samsung s7 with speck candy shell case…doesn’t charge very fast but does charge.

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