DIY Auto cut off 12 volt battery charging when Full

Automatic charging off when battery full (12 volt battery)

1. 4 1k ohm
2. 2 led
3. relay 12v

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DIY SOGO Solar Panel Mobile Charger 6V Urdu, Hindi

Dear viewers today i bring video about a Test and Review of SOGO Solar Panel Mobile Charging Device. This Solar Panel is 6V 3W . Easily you can charge mobile without electricity. Very Easy to make at home. Watch this video till end. Very informative video for all. Thanks to watch.

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How to Make a Battery Charger | DIY Amazing Battery Charger

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“How to Make a Battery Charger | DIY Amazing Battery Charger”
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Mini Unpack. Φορτιστές QC3, Universal φορτιστές μπαταριών, εργαλεία DIY, τρίποδα, και άλλα…

Άλλο ένα Mini unpack, με πολλά και διάφορα πράγματα, χρήσιμα και άχρηστα, για να κάνουμε φασαρία και να το δούμε λίγο πιο διαδραστικά.
Τα περισσότερα προορίζονται για προσωπική χρήση και ανάγκες.
Ας τα δούμε μαζί γιατί, ίσως κάτι να είναι χρήσιμο και σε εσάς.
Όλα έχουν έρθει από Gearbest και Ebay.
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QC3 .0 USB Wall Charger Adapter Fast Charging

Stainless-steel Anti-static Black Tweezers 6PCS – Black :

JF-855 Mobile Phone Battery Wiper Slice – Black:

Folding Z Shape Camera Stand Holder Plate Gopro Desktop Tripod – Black:

Microphone Pop Filter Double Mesh:

Photography Camera Tripod:

KZ Original 3Pairs Noise Isolating Memory Foam Ear Pads:

Battery Charger for Nokia BP-4L BL-5J BL-4D BL-4U BL-5K BL-5F BP-5M BP-6MT BL-6F:

NP-F550 Camera Battery + Charger:

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DIY: Super Simple 18650 Battery Charger | V2

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Hi YouTube in This video I’m Going to Show You How

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1. TP4056 Module:
2. Battery Holder:
3. Soldering Iron:
4. EPAI Metal Base:
5. PCB Standoff:
6. XT30 Connector:
7. Male Pin Header:

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1. TP4056 Module:
2. Battery Holder:
3. Soldering Iron:
4. EPAI Metal Base:
5. PCB Standoff:
6. XT30 Connector:

1. TP4056 Module:
2. Battery Holder:
3. Soldering Iron:
4. EPAI Metal Base:
5. PCB Standoff:
6. XT30 Connector:

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18650 Charger
Homemade 18650 Battery Charger
DIY 18650 Battery Charger
18650 Li-ion Battery


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Multi-Meter –
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How to build a Capacitive Battery Charger (Part 2) DIY

How to build a Capacitive Battery Charger. To purchase parts to make your own, or, to purchase complete finished Chargers, please call 414-852-7526
Build it Yourself Recommended Parts List!
12 Hr Timer:
Multimeter/Volt Meter:
Extension Cord:



RC Battery Phone Charger Power Supply DIY Simple Hack

Using R/C batteries to charge my phones.
RC Battery Phone Charger Power Supply DIY Hack


External battery charger DIY Advanced – Mobile power bank

How to make external battery charger with 18650 batteries, Z3 module (new TP4056 module mp1405 ), USB step up module, x2 3w LED chip. Mobile power bank. External mobile battery charger. DIY

Parts list eBay:
MP1405 10pcs
Push button
Battery Case
power jack
LED chip
Project box

Soldering wire
Helping hands

Partlist Gearbest:
TP4056 module
MP1405 module
Soldering wire

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DIY 24v LiFePO4 Solar Battery Bank! Beginner Friendly, 2.4 kWh, Cheap, Full Tutorial!

Schematics and pictures of this system can be found here:
Video Table of Contents
Cost of System: 0:42
Lithium Battery Crash Course: 1:56
Overdischarge Protection: 2:25
Bottom Balancing and Balancing Explained: 3:56

DIY Step by Step Instructions: 6:08
Connecting cells together with VHB and Hose Clamps: 7:24
Adding Bus Bars: 9:34
Adding a Balance Cable: 10:26
Connecting the Battery to a Balancer: 12:45
How to Bottom Balance: 13:18
Manually balancing the cells with large resistors: 16:36
Removing balance cable and adding terminal covers and battery cables: 17:46

Recommended Charge Profile Parameters: 18:17
Charging LiFePO4 batteries with an alternator: 19:31
Cold temperature charging methods: 21:07
Shore power charging: 21:46
Parallel vs. series of battery cells, and max number of parallel strings recommended: 24:34

If the cells have a voltage difference of more than .2-.3 of a volt (example: one cell is 2.7 volts, and another cell is 3.5 volts), you should not parallel connect, and instead discharge the higher voltage cell with a 25-50 watt, 2.7 ohm resistor. Just attach the leads of the resistor to the individual higher voltage cell, and wait till it is at a voltage that is closer to the other cells. When they are within .5 volts of each other, then you can connect them in parallel and allow them to equalize. Another way to do this is to charge the lower voltage cells, but 3 volt chargers are not easy to find, so I would stick to the resistor method. These resistors only cost a dollars each, and you can find them at most electronics supply stores.

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DIY backup battery charger | QUICKTIPS

Today I will show you what is inside the backup battery pack and inside the Nokia N8 phone !!!!

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