LifePO4 VS Lipo Charge Voltage

This video is about LifePO4 VS Lipo Charge Voltage differences. I will be talking and teaching about the different voltages between LifePo4 and Lithium battery cells as well as the specifics in battery chargers and why they are different for each battery cell.


dual battery charging station,home made

How to make a dual battery charging station .Had some dewalt battery chargers that where given to me. I decided to make a home made double dewalt battery charger.
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Tutorial!! How to make auto cut 12v battery charger high quality

I will show you how to make auto-cut 12v battery charger by using non ct transformer and kiprok as well as some additional tools such as wires, solder, isolative, etc. Yes it’s that simple to make 12v battery.

On this occasion, my friend will be demonstrating it. His facebook link

If you wanna make 12v battery charger above. We need a transformer and a regulator.

Step by step to make 12v battery :
1. ……before we have to determine first the positive and negative pole of this kiprok foot. If the needle moves to the right, it can be ascertained that the kiprok’s feet with the black probe attached to the transformer, while the kiprok’s feet with the red probe attached to the positive battery. Ok, now let’s reverse the probes, and look at the multitester. If the needle does not move, it means kiprok still good and still worth wearing. This kiprok legs to ground from transformer to battery negative.
2. …..

If you want detile steps, let’s watch the tutorial video above..

thanks. For watching. I hope you enjoy

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#DIY(Review) DIY 5V 2A Solar Panel Power Bank USB Charge Voltage Controller Regulator Module 6V-20V

I wanted to see how good this module was, I am using a 5V Solar Panel rated at 2.5W which is 500mAh. Not sure how accurate that spec is but will find out in this video.

So the goal is to make a effective Solar Charger not just something for show.

5v 2A Solar Panel Power Bank USB Charge Voltage Controller Regulator 6V-20V

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Wireless phone charging cheap for your car

Concept how to retrofit your #car with wireless charging option cheap – for less than $10. This #DIY project is going to work in all cars, even if there was no wireless charging option. Also all phones are supported, even if wireless charging is not supported by your phone.
You will need: emitter for your car, receiver for your phone, case to hide the receiver, USB charger or 12V-to-5V step down converter and a micro-USB cable.
Basically all you need to do is connect the transmitter to your car and hide it under a flat surface that you’ll place your phone on. As soon as the device is in the right place it will start to charge the battery.
In this video I tested it in BMW X1 (E84) and iPhone 6. I also tested the transmitter with iPhone 8 and iPhone X.
Depending on how much free space you have in your car I would recommend to use transmitters with many coils to make sure that the charging area is wide and it’s easier to put the phone in the most efficient place to charge the battery.

Basic transmitter:

Main page



Convoy Flashlight & Liitokala Charger – Ita sub En

In this video we take a look on power flashlight and a battery charger that Gearbest send me for free.

Convoy S2 + L2 T6 – 4C LED Flashlight

Liitokala Lii – 500 LCD Battery Charger

Flsun12V 20A DC 240W Switching power supply with universal regulation 12V 240W LED Driver

3-Channel Mini Servo Tester for RC Helicopter and Airplane and Car Parts

LiitoKala Lii Battery – 26A 18650 Li-ion

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KCamel TPU Flexible Soft Rubber Filament

Sunlu 3D Printer Filament PLA 1.75mm – 300m

Sunlu 3D Printer Filament ABS 1.75mm – 400m

Sunlu 3D Printer Filament Wood 1.75mm Noctilucent Function – 330m

Sunlu 3D Printer Filament HIPS 1.75mm – 400m

Tronxy 1.75mm PLA Filament for 3D Printer

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Helibug 1400W (2500Max) 12V/24V/48V Low RPM Axial Flux Alternator/Wind/PMA/Dynamo/Battery Charger/EV

I dont manufacture these anymore.


DIY Computer Power Supply To Battery Charger Very Easy Way

DIY Computer Power Supply To Battery Charger Very Easy Way

how to make 12-volt battery charger

how to make a charger

very easy way to make a charger
How to Make 12V Battery Charger At Home


How to Make 12 Volt Battery Charger at Home

How to Make a Battery Charger from Scrap – Homemade

How to make 12v battery charger at home.
How to Make a 12 Volt Battery Charger

How to Make a 12 Volt Battery Charger

convert atx power supply to bench power supply, ATX PSU hack 13,8v, 14,5v Alf

How to Charge 12volt Bike Battery with 5volt Mobile Phone Charger

How to Make Mobile Charger at Home in One Minute | creative ideas

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Wiring a 12 volt cigarette lighter plug to an external battery

Today I wire an extra 12 volt cigarette lighter socket plug into the back of our van to our external battery, for our 12 volt cooler.

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