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Download Movies and TV Shows For Your Zune Or IPod – At What Cost?

The Problem: You finally got that 160GB iPod you've always wanted. Now its time to vent out to the internet to download some movies right? Yes. But what is the best choice? How can I download high quality movies for my new iPod without spending a fortune? In the next few paragraphs I will discuss the different methods and the legality of them.

Millions of people own an iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP and many other gadgets that play music and videos. Where do they get the content? Well there are many sources out there though some are really expensive and some of them may get you into hot water.

Solution 1 Itunes and Zune.Net (Very Expensive but High Quality):

One way to get media for your new device is to use the service from the maker of your device. In the case of an iPod its iTunes. The only problem with iTunes is that it can get quite expensive. The price to download a movie, or download a tv show from itunes ranges from $ 2.99 – $ 9.99. Depending on the title or weather or not you want to keep it. In the case of Zune you are pushed to use Zune pass, which is better but you pay a monthly subscription fee to download movies and download music. The only problem with Zune Pass is that you can only play the downloaded files on your Zune. Not between Zunes, or on your PC. The other devices have similar services with similar problems.

Solution 2 Peer to Peer and File Sharing: (Very Taboo)

Another way people have been obtaining media for their media players is by downloading movies using P2P networks such as Bittorrent, LimeWire, or BearShare. While it may be legal to use the programs, in some countries, its not legal to use them to download copyrighted works such as DVDs, MP3s, and Feature Films. While it may seem like a good idea at the time to use the P2P networks, be VERY CAREFUL. The FPAA, and the RIAA has been known to imposes fines of up to $ 4000 per file downloaded. You may think that you have done everything to anonymize yourself but your ISP will rat you out in a heart beat. Best bet is to stay away from this method. Do not say I did not warn you.

Solution 3 Download Subscription Services:

The best alternative is to use a reputable download subscription service. There are a ton of these out there on the internet. The offer the Unlimited downloads of latest Movies and TV shows. Some of them even offer games for you iPod, PSP, and Zune.

Now you have a good idea of ​​the different choices when it comes to downloading movies to enjoy on your new media player. Enjoy, have fun and be safe.


Download Unlimited Music – Online Music Guide

Download unlimited music is a dream come true for many music lovers. If you happen to be one of the millions who prefer to fill your MP3 player with only your favorites and not want to buy the whole album, then signing up for music subscription service is the right choice for you. There are practically hundreds of services you can subscribe to that offer you millions of song choices. It is so convenient to download unlimited music onto your computer or MP3 player.

It was only a few years back that legal online music became available to use. Many people are aware of sites like iTunes and Amazon, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other music stores where you can download unlimited music easily. These are direct distribution channels of music record companies or have obtained the permission and rights from the music companies to sell music through their websites. Just to quote a few examples, there is Bleep which shares music from Warp records, offering a wide range of electronic and indie music. Connect, which is Sony's in house pay-per-track music service carries music from all major record labels. EMusic is a global music subscription service where you can download up to 40 songs per month at a price of $ 9.99 per month.

Now, these are just some of the many choices you have to download unlimited music. It's hard to decide which one is the best, but there are handles or things you can consider before you choose a music download site.

1. Pricing

Expensive does not equate to good. Some sites charge lower fees for per track or subscription service because they have much lower overhead and advertising costs than the more famous sites. This gives them a competitive edge over the big boys in the music industry.

2. Music Quality

Is the music quality good? You will be surprised that there can be some slight differences in song quality downloaded at various sites. There is a lot of science that goes into this such as the compression format and bit rates. Check out samples offered by these sites to hear and differentiate.

3. Music Format

You need to check the format of music offered for compatibility with your PC or MP3 player. MP3, OGG, AAC, WMA, ATRAC are some of the more common formats. I have to caution you here because not all formats are playable on your PC music client application or MP3 player. Take for instance; ATRAC3 can only be played on Sony's Connect players. There is no point to download unlimited music if you can not even listen to them.

4. Read the Reviews

Do a quick search online and read the reviews of each site where you can download unlimited music.

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