Portable Power: DroneMax Battery Charger for Drones

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In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew speaks with Kellie Zhang, a marketing executive with Energen about the company’s latest product: the DroneMax portable battery charging station. In development for the past year, the DroneMax will start shipping at the end of May. Their initial products will charge drones that use three- and four-cell batteries, such as the DJI Phantom, Yuneec Typhoon and 3DR Solo. At NAB 2017, Energen showed off a compact charger specifically for the DJI Mavic, as well as an adapter that will allow its its product to work with drones that use six-cell batteries, such as the DJI Inspire.


Energen DroneMax P40 Drone Battery Charging Station Power Bank

World’s 1st Portable Drone Battery Charging Station
Drones are one of the most popular devices available, yet they still suffer from short battery life.
Many enthusiasts purchase multiple drone batteries to extend their flight sessions. For the first time ever, drone pilots can charge their batteries out in the field, thanks to the Energen DroneMax A40, the world’s 1st portable drone battery charging station.

-World’s 1st portable dorne battery charging station customized for Phantom Ⅲ and Phantom Ⅳ.
-Recharges a drone battery 4 times and up.
-Recharges 4 drone batteries simultaneously.
-Dal USB ports for charging USB devices.
-Portable and durable design.
-Aluminum enclosure provides excellent heat dissipation.

DroneMax P40 – Portable Drone Battery Charging Station


ENERGEN DroneMax A40 Portable Drone Charge Station Review – 40,000 mAh Beast!

Enjoy my review of the Energen DroneMax A40 Portable drone charge Station. Get it here http://amzn.to/2zGnB2a

*Sorry guys, the connector bundle I thought was for an Inspire are actually for the Phantom 3 and the other bundle of short cables are for the Yuneec Typhoon and can also power a balance charger for charging race drone or toy drone batteries*

This looks like a great charger for those who need a lot of portable power for charging drone batteries and also USB devices on the go. Charge 4 large drone batteries and 2 USB devices all at the same time!
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Mavic Pro Battery Charger | Fastest Portable Power | DroneMax M10

I went on a mission to find the most powerful, fastest portable charging system for the Mavic Pro. After some testing, I think I found what I was looking for in the DroneMax M10 from Energen. This thing is warp speed ahead of the DJI Charger.

There are a lot of portable chargers out there, but this one had the best reviews, and ultimate customer service. I am quite impressed.

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DJI Mavic Portable Battery Charger Review

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The Dronemax M10 Mavic battery charger from Energen is a dedicated, portable battery charger for the DJI Mavic. This device allows you to charge Mavic batteries as well as USB powered devices in the field. We test the M10 and go through the entire package.