How to Make Automatic 12V Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit Board

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In this video, I will show you how easy it can be to design your own Automatic 12V Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit Board and have them manufactured professionally at JLCPCB is the largest PCB prototype enterprise in China and a high-tech manufacturer specializing in quick PCB prototype and small-batch PCB production.

You can use this circuit to charge12V 1A ~ 12V 7A Battery.

List of Components:
R1,R3 = 1K
R4,R5 = 1.5K
R6 = 10K
R7 = 1.2K
R2 = 1R5W
PR1 = 50K
Q1 = D882
D1 = 1N4732A
D2,D3,D4 = 1N4007
Relay = 12V
U1 = LM7815
5MM LED = Red,Green,Blue,Yellow
Alligator Clips = 2
Jumper = 1

I designed this circuit to charge your battery @ 70% to 75% only due to some safety reasons. If you want to make it for 100% charging, then remove the LM7815 and connect directly 18VDC supply and set tripping point at 15.8 ~ 16V. and always use 5 to 6 times lower charging current from the maximum value of battery current. i.e 1.2A for a 7AH battery.
*This circuit Has not any current limiting feature.(except 1R5W Resistor)
**This circuit is not 100% Perfect, but it is still very useful for hobby/DIY projects.
***Make it at your own risk.

Circuit Diagram:
PCB Gerber Files:


soldering kit:
Soldering Wire:
Soldering Paste:
Third Hand Tool:
Muktimeter :

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Easy Motorcycle Battery Charging F650GS F700GS F800GS

I use this low cost method to charge my installed F650GS battery. The F700GS and F800GS are charged the same way. You could use this method for most motorcycles.


Iphone Wireless Charger | 10 Best Iphone X chargers 2018 (Make your Charging Easy)

In this Video you will see 10 best iphone chargers 2018 to make your charging easy.

What is Iphone wireless charger ?
Every one who knows the word iPhone also definitely know about iphone. Iphone is a cellular Mobile phone device which is manufactured by a Company named Apple. Apple uses with letter “I” with every of its product

With the development of technologies cell phone had been changing and developing time to time and their charger and charging technology also had been changing. When the first cellular phone was came out then its charger was so big but with time as phones was getting smaller same as chargers also had got smaller.

Now the time is came that the wireless charger is invented. The term wireless is that a charger without cord but it does not mean that you can charge your phone with out inserting the charging pin or you can charge your phone during walk. yes there are also battery packs are available with them we can charger our i phones during walk.

We have to put our phone on charging pad then our phone will get charge. Many companies are manufacturing iphone wireless charger like Miracase, Baseus, OPERNEE, ESR, VIGLT etc in different styles color and models. You have to choose according to your requirements

There is a list of 10 Best iphone x charging pads in this list there are iphone wireless charger for car, best wreless chergers for iphone x, best iphone chargers 2018 etc

you can see the list Below
10 – Miracase Wireless Charger, Qi Certified Fast Charging Pad, Wireless Phone Charger 10W for 7.5W for iPhone X/8/8 Plus
Amazon Link:

09 – Baseus Wireless Charger, Ultra-slim Wireless Charger Pad Station 7.5W for iPhone X 8/8 Plus, 10W (AC Adapter not included)
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08 – Wireless Charger, OPERNEE 5W Qi Certified Slim Wireless Charging Pad(No AC Adapter) with Resistant Water TPU Case, Standard Wireless Charging for iPhone X/8/8 Plus
Amazon Link:

07 – Wireless Charger, ESR Ultra-Slim Premium Qi Wireless Charging Pad iPhone X/iPhone 8/8 Plus, Metal Frame Fast-Charging (No AC Adapter)
Amazon Link:

06 – iPhone X Wireless Charger Apple Watch Stand Aluminum 3 in 1 VIGLT 10W Wireless Charging Docking Station for iPhone X/8/8 Plus Apple Watch Series 3/2/1 AirPods
Amazon Link:

05 – ONE Dock Duo (APPLE CERTIFIED) Power Station Dock, Stand & Charger with Built-in ORIGINAL Charger for Apple Watch Smart Watch iPhone X/10/8/8 Plus/7/7Plus/6s/6s, iPod
Amazon Link:

04 – Apple Watch Stand, JOYEKY 10W iPhone X Wireless Charger Aluminum Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone X/8/8 Plus, Apple Watch Charging Stand AirPods Charging Docks for Apple Watch Series 3 2 1 AirPods
Amazon Link:

03 – ONE Dock Beat Power Station + Wireless Speaker Dock, Stand & Charger Apple Watch Smart Watch, iPhone, iPad & iPod w/Original [Apple MFi Certified] Lightning Connector (Black)
Amazon Link:

02 – iPhone X Wireless Charger, ZOEVIEW Qi 10W Fast Ultra-thin Foldable Wireless Charger Charging Pad Stand (No AC Adapter) Standard Qi for iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus
Amazon Link:

01 – Bestand 3 in 1 Aluminum Apple iWatch Stand, Airpods Charging Station, Qi Fast Wireless Charger Dock for iPhone X/8/7/6s Plus and other Qi-Enabled Devices, Silver
Amazon Link:

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How To Make 12 Volt Battery Charger Indicator At Home Easy

In this video i will show you
How To Make 12 Volt Battery Charger Indicator At Home Easy


Easy to Follow First AGM Battery Bank Parallel Configuration 2 qty 12V 35 AH VMAXTanks AGM Batteries

This video will show you how to connect two VMAXTANKS 12 volts 35 AH AGM Batteries using Parallel Configuration with charging cables. I also wired charging cables to the batteries. This video will also show you how to charge multiple batteries using one charger or maintainer. After wiring the batteries using the parallel configuration, the charger, as far as it can detect, it will treat your batteries as one unit. The catch… get the appropriate amperage for the charger you can afford for fast efficient charging. Pay attention to the manufacturers recommendation. VMaxTanks recommends a 3 amps to 7 amps chargers – DO NOT Exceed 7 amps.
I got the 5 amps Model 1205 VMTanks Smart Charger. This smart charger falls between better and best (based on AH). Smart Charger 1207 is marked “best” for 45ah to 75ah

Parallel Configuration keeps the batteries’ voltage at 12 volts but doubles amp hours (two identical battery configuration). These VMTanks AGM Batteries will be used as a power source for my new Newport Vessel 55 trolling motor.
My first AGM Battery Bank 2 qty 12V 35 ah VMAXTanks Deep Cycle AGM joined using parallel configuration
With 2 qty of 12v 35ah joined using parallel configuration, I ended up with 12 volts 70 ah

Application: These VMTanks Batteries will be used for my 55 lbs Trolling Motor and as a backup power source for my travel trailer.
While in the trailer, the charger will be charge using the smart chargers connected to AC power in my travel trailer.


SkyRC B6 Nano battery charger: Scan-to-Go with mobile APP for easy charging – BEST FOR LESS

If you like the small and very capable ISDT Q6 chargers, you will definitely like the B6 NANO charger from SKYRC!

The form factor is similarly small, the max charge current is higher, it has 3 discreet touch-sensitive buttons and a clear and simple screen layout.

Paired with a mobile device via bluetooth and using their app, you can control the charger from your phone or tablet, create charging / discharging presets and also print out QR Codes for the Scan-to-Go feature!

You can also monitor the charging progress from a distance, through the device, but you are of course not advised to charge unattended by any means 😉

This is BEST FOR LESS: SkyRC B6 Nano battery charger: Scan-to-Go with mobile APP for easy charging – Let’s go!

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SkyRC B6 Plus charger: (Banggood) (Ebay)

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“Safe” parallel & daisy-chainable charging boards: (Hobbyking) (Ebay)

ISDT parallel charge board: (Banggood) (Gearbest) (Ebay)

Cheaper & simpler parallel boards: (Banggood) (Ebay)

50A DC power supply: (Hobbyking) (Ebay)

Another beefy power supply: (Banggood) (Ebay)

and smaller DC power supplies: (Banggood) (Banggood)

XT60 extensions: (Banggood) (Ebay)

Here is a great LiPo-Safe battery box if you were looking for one 😉

and here is how to make your own car cigarette lighter to XT60 adapter:

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OBS Cube Kit – Why Do I Kinda Love It?!?

So…kinda loving this little kit from OBS! The Cube kit delivers, and it’s a good looking device on top of that. Let’s take a look….

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For more information on the Cube Kit:

OBS Official Site:

MyVPro (Detroit):

HeavenGifts (China) and code AVTC15 gets 35% off till September 29th:

I’ll give you more links when available.

For the Lucky Bird juice:

MojoVapor (San Diego):

Blue Bird Is The Word:

Trusted sponsor links for sites I personally trust:

– Vape Happy is a great site everything vape, and they’re out of Las Vegas:

– MyVPro is a another great site, in the US, for vape buys:

– Golisi has some great batteries and chargers! Check em out here:
And the batteries have been tested by Mooch, with results here:

– Element Vape is a site I’ve used for a looooong time. Out of California, check em out:

– Direct Vapor has 15 day returns, 60 day warranty, FREE shipping on all orders, price match, and even 24/7 free live phone support:

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DIY Computer Power Supply To Battery Charger Very Easy Way

DIY Computer Power Supply To Battery Charger Very Easy Way

how to make 12-volt battery charger

how to make a charger

very easy way to make a charger
How to Make 12V Battery Charger At Home


How to Make 12 Volt Battery Charger at Home

How to Make a Battery Charger from Scrap – Homemade

How to make 12v battery charger at home.
How to Make a 12 Volt Battery Charger

How to Make a 12 Volt Battery Charger

convert atx power supply to bench power supply, ATX PSU hack 13,8v, 14,5v Alf

How to Charge 12volt Bike Battery with 5volt Mobile Phone Charger

How to Make Mobile Charger at Home in One Minute | creative ideas

4 Awesome Smart Life Hacks

Amazing Life Hacks

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12 volt battery charger
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smps to battery charger how make at home
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YOUR “1ST” FPV BUILD – The fastest way to get started on your 1st FPV racer build. Justin Davis from Drone Camps shows you how simple and cheap can be. With parts listing and links. Helping one new pilot at a time in the hobby.

BUILD LIST and LINKS below :

Step 1. – Pick a frame. 200 class is the standard size in racing.
Recommended frames. Low cost and crash parts available.

Furibee Fuuton 200 (3K Carbon fiber) Frame:…

GEPRC Fairy – IX5 200mm DIY Carbon Fiber Frame Kit :…

ZORO Race 220mm Carbon Fiber DIY Frame Kit (GOLD) :…

ZORO Race 220mm Carbon Fiber DIY Frame Kit (SILVER) :…

Economic frame kit choice: GB190mm Frame Kit: Under $50
and still made of 3K Carbon fiber :…


MOTORS: ( I always order 5 in case I damage one flying. )
1st Choice :
EMAXX RS2205 2600KV (RACE SPEC) Motors :…

Also the cheaper EMAXX RS2205 2300KV Motors are very powerful
and smooth running. You’ll need 2 Clockwise (CW) and 2 Couter-Clockwise (CCW) :

EMAXX RS2205 2300KV CCW Motor :…

EMAXX RS2205 2300KV CW Motor :…

We recommend the new HGLRC 28Amp DSHOT Escs for your build.

HGLRC 28A DSHOT BLheli-S Escs. ( You need 4 ) Again I buy 5 in case I burn one up flying. So I have a back up.

HGLRC 28A DSHOT BLHeli-S Esc link:…

NOW to choose an “AIO” or “All in One” flight controller.
We recommend the HGLRC F3 Vers 4 because it has a built
in voltage regulator, OSD, Betaflight, Buzzer, and PBD. And it’s under $60. Also very easy to solder up as shown in the video.

HGLRC F3 V4 Flight Controller :…

Which ones we like and recommend.

Runcam Swift 2 (Orange) :…

Runcam Swift 2 (Black) :…

More affordable but good fpv camera…
Original FuriBee 600TVL Camera link here:…

Battery Chargers:
Which battery chargers we like the best.

iSDT SC608 150W 8A Balance Charger / Discharger…

imaxRC X80 AC / DC Intelligent Balance Charger…

Video Transmitter Antennas:
Furibee 5.8Ghz RP-SMA Antenna :…

Affordable 4S 1300mah battery:
ZOP Power 4S 1300mah Battery link:…

ZOP Power 4S 1500mah Battery link:…

PROPELLER CHOICES: We love the Furibee 5040 5″ Yellow props.
They are $3 for 4 and they fly super smooth.

5040 Furibee 5″ propeller set :…

Also a great deal on the single bladed KingKong 5040 props:
You get four sets of these for $5.…

Affordable Fpv Goggles picks:

FURIBEE VR01 5.8Ghz Fpv Goggles :…

KDS Kylin 5.8Ghz Goggles:…

Extra Goggle battery:…

Use coupon code: DRONECAMPS
for discount on your order.

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Drone Camps RC

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In today’s video we build a fully functional Lithium Ion Battery Charger that has the built in feature of an audio buzzer that sounds when charging is complete. We go over the complete schematic and the mechanical build from start to finish. Hope you enjoyed it. All comments are appreciated. Thanks for watching.


Here is the Parts list: (This list is also in the schematic download below!
Qty Description
2 TP4056 Charging Modules
1 Active Buzzer
1 100mm x 60mm x 25mm Project Box
2 Li-Ion Battery Holders
2 3mm Red LEDs
2 3mm Blue LEDs
2 IRF9540 P Channel MOSFETs
2 10KOhm Resistors 1/4W or higher
2 On/Off Swithes, I used 1 DPDT for both
Li-Ion Batteries

Here is a link to the schematic:

Here is my last video !!

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