Fuel Micro Charger 2 – World’s Smallest EDC Emergency Battery Bank.

If you’re ever in a situation where you just need a quick charge on your phone to make an emergency phone call or keep it powered on long enough to check a map and figure out where you are, this little mini battery bank is an excellent EDC option.

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The Olight Universal USB Battery Charger: A Quick Shabazz Review

The Olight Universal USB Battery Charger is a brilliant little idea to charge your flashlight or vape batteries, which is a perfect travel charger. It may not be the fastest charging solution, but it’s light, easy, and $9, and makes a stellar gift.

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Jackery Giant USB Battery Review

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VBlog #38 2018-10-10 GoPro 7 mod #3 – Battery Charger

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Charging of battery 18650 Li-Ion 3000mAh for Vape with Armytek Handy C1

The new battery charger Armytek Handy C1 charges a fully discharged battery for electronic cigarettes 18650 Li-Ion 3000mAh for 3 hours!

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Ravpower 26,800mah Portable Battery/My Thought On The Brand So Far – Preparedmind101

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Recharging Options for Electronics While Hiking

In this video, I look at my power options now that I’ve been upgrading my gear over the last few months.

I realized that unlike my previous generation of tech, I had chosen devices that used AA batteries, especially when it came to GPS & Satellite communicator. In the event that I ran low on power, I could swap batteries and extend the life of these. It also meant easy resupply of batteries by carrying just a few extra AA’s around in possibles bag.

However, most new devices have internal rechargeable batteries and I need to change my ways and get a few pieces that will be able to recharge these device.

My current electronic gear is composed of the following:
– Garmin fenix (GPS navigation, tracking)
– iPhone 5s (camera, mp3 player, communication)
– Delorme inReach SE (communication)

For the most part, I use my smartphone as a camera since cell reception is partial to non-existent in many of my hiking areas.

The new piece of gear I got which would allow me to recharge is an ETON FRX2 emergency crank radio. This unit has a little battery pack and USB outputs for charging. It has a small solar panel strip. I haven’t really used this much other than the radio.

But the next piece of gear I’ve just started to test out which is a GOAL ZERO Adventure kit; Nomad 7 solar panel and Guide 10 battery pack.

The battery pack can be charged using the solar panel or via USB. Which means easy charging at home before leaving or in the car as you drive out to the trailhead.

Guide 10 battery capacity appears as advertised as. I was able to top up all three device to 100% when they all were around 50%.

I just started testing charging a device directly from solar and the Garmin fenix was topped up to 100% (from 50%) in under 2 hours on a clear day.

Provided that you have clear skies these two charging options could extent your devices by a number of days.
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What batteries you can charge in Armytek Uni C2?

Battery Charger Uni C2 of Canadian manufacturer Armytek supports IMR, Li-Ion 4.2V, Li-Ion 4.35V, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd and Li-FePO4 with diameter 10..32mm and lengths 30..70mm, for example : AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D, 10440, 14500, 16340, 18350, 18650, 18700, 26650, 32650.

You can buy Armytek Uni C2 here:


Olight UC (Universal Charger) Review / Dead simple battery charging

The Olight UC is a dead simple charger with good build quality and a very reasonable price.

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