How to Properly Pick an Electric Screwdriver

Any home-owner or maintenance professional understands just how important it really is to build a tool chest. Choosing the correct electric screwdriver is important to your toolbox which is a procedure that needs lots of consideration. The torsion and turn created by electric screwdrivers is great making it easier for you to unfasten and fasten screws in comparison to the traditional screwdriver. These points can be bought at your local hardware store and you could buy them for a good price.

Take the Contour into Consideration

You should always take the form of the screwdriver under consideration. The main reason is because screwdrivers in various shapes can be utilized for assorted situations. Handgun shaped screwdrivers are best used for screws which are in difficult to reach spots and unusual slants. Rod shaped ones are perfect for standard use regardless of the angle you are dealing with.

Look at the Voltage

Most electric screwdrivers are operated via battery power. You ought to understand that whenever the voltage increases, the energy rises as well. This is actually the reason why the product’s voltage really has to be checked first. An example of the how the average home-owner must work with a 3 volt screwdriver while an electrician requires a 7 volt one. Always make certain your electric screwdriver has adequate voltage inside to satisfy your tastes.

Look at the Speed Settings

You can correct the motor speed in certain screwdrivers for their manual settings. When looking for an electrical screwdriver, make sure to take a look at the speed options. Screwdrivers with speed settings will be best for people that prefer to work with various types of screws.

Look for Extra Components

There may be some extra components in your screwdriver worth checking out. Trigger locks are an excellent safety measure to possess whenever the screwdriver isn’t being used. Torque knobs are also good for adjusting your drill bit’s handle. Simple jobs will merely call for a modest quantity of torque while commercial ones will need a larger amount.

Check the Warranty

You should assess the guarantee because you can’t ever know what could happen to your own screwdriver. Most electrical screwdrivers have a one-year warranty that lets you return the merchandise in case it gets busted or in case that it has any defects in it. Warranties can make returning the product hassle free. You need to get an electric screwdriver with a two year warranty in case you really plan on utilizing it routinely. It is certain that you would not experience any inconvenience together with the merchandise. Next time you search for an electrical screwdriver, be sure to have these tips in mind.


An example of NZ Electric Vehicle Fast Charging (DC) Infrastructure

Stopping on State Highway 5 (SH5) en route to Napier to inspect an ABB EV charger which had 3 options – two via DC (CCS and ChaDeMo at 50kW) and Type 2 Mennekes AC at 22 kW. These chargers were accessible by RFID presumably via subscription to Unison Energy in NZ. We saw at least 2 of these well signed roadside EV chargers on the drive between Rotorua and Napier. Hopefully one day, we will have as many fast EV chargers dotted throughout Australia and NZ as there are currently service stations.

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Alternative Commuting – Electric Scooters

The variety of electric scooters and bikes can be overwhelming to anyone trying to choose one.

There are models solely for the little ones through to models that should only be for the disabled and elderly.

Many of these scooters (bikes are generally exempt anyway) do not require you to have a license, insurance or registration.

From Brands You Recognize

The common stand and stand/sit models like the Razor, GoPed and Super Turbo series are fun and easy to ride for anyone with a bit of balance. They are simplistic in there make up and are really just electric versions of the original kick scooter.

Honda, Yamaha, SYM, Kymco and a whole host of other brands are making their electric scooters based on many of their current gas powered step through’s. In fact if you don’t know what to look for it is hard to distinguish them apart.

Need For Speed?

The cheaper stand up versions are powered by brushed electric motors using sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries as there source of power. The range and travel speed of these models is very short and not that fast. Range for most is 15 – 20 miles (25 -35km) and speeds from 7 – 25mph (12 – 40km)

The larger sit down/step through models are more often powered by some of the latest technology brushless motors drawing from lithium (LiPo, LiFe)batteries, with capacities unheard of a few years ago.

These models easily achieve speeds of 35 – 50mph (50 – 80km) and can achieve ranges up to 100 miles (160km).

Affordable to All

As technology has advanced and become more readily available, the price to produce electric vehicles has dramatically reduced.

The cost of buying an electric scooter now matches or beats their fossil fuel burning counterparts. Or if comparing the kick type electric scooters, these are often cheaper than a cross country mountain bike.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m not a tree hugger but technology really has to move past the internal combustion engine. Electric may not be the replacement but it is a good stepping stone.

Prefer to Exercise?

In the same category as electric scooters, there is electric bicycles. The real difference is the bicycle still has pedals and when the battery goes flat you still have a means of transport.

Alternatively thinking, you can still get your morning exercise by pedaling but opt for the electric cruise home in the evening.

Electric scooters and bikes are popular in many countries and are welcome in bike lanes and pathways.

When you consider your purchase think of things like where you live, do have to lift it and where will it be stored. If storage is tight there are many folding electric scooters and bikes available.

For me my Super Turbo 800 Watt Elite is the perfect balance of fun and commuting.


Self-Charging Electric Cars, Ford EVs and Tesla Model 3 price update | Fully Charged

A mildly manic news update, with some sad stories, some mad stories and and all electric Ford Transit. In a couple of years.

00:33 Ford EV report from their recent Amsterdam launch event including Ford All Electric Transit but their frustratingly absent Mustang inspired electric SUV.
04:47 ‘Self-charging’ hybrids, electric cars and lies.
08:14 Scientific study of long-term mental health impacts of air pollution:
09:45 Classic car tragic mishap: “Couple poisoned in car storage bag”.
11:58 Tesla Model 3 cheap deal in the USA, sort of.
15:01 Patreon supporter shout out, thank you!

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How to Build an Electric Bike

Today, most of us own a bike. They are fun to ride and faster than going for a walk. Bikes do not pollute the environment and are effective for moving from one place to another. Kids enjoy riding them and it is very entertaining to teach youngsters how to ride a bike. Bikes are highly beneficial and exist in mobile and non-mobile versions to help exercise and keep in shape. Employers are adding showers in their buildings so that commuters can go to work by bike and then take a shower to get ready for work, save gas and help reduce traffic pollution.

Riding a bike contributes to a whole range of benefits from better health to lower cost. However, it is understood that riding a bike to work or for shopping takes more time than driving a car. Bike fans have found a solution! The solution is an electric bike. They are more expensive to buy and commercial ones do not have very much power according to some bike fans. What if you could build your own? There are many online sites and information on how to build an electric bike.

An electric bike is still beneficial as you still have to pedal but it is not noisy, does not use gas or oil and does not need a lot of maintenance. The electric bike can be used on short trips when driving a car does not make a lot of sense or on long trips for recreation. Riding an electric bike is an amazing mode of transportation, particularly in large cities with limited and expensive parking spaces and traffic congestion.

Research some of the interesting web sites to learn how to build an electric bike. It is not easy task and is very time consuming but if people are handy, find the right parts and tools, they can complete the task successfully. Most of all, you need a regular bike to convert it to electric. You need some major parts first: a motor, a motor controller, batteries, a throttle and a chain for linking the motor to the wheel or pedals. Other parts are needed for the task: metal plate to attach the motor to the bike, a master link, a rear rack for the batteries, a single and a multi-speed chain and connectors and clamps. The compatibility of the parts is important. Individuals should select a web site that provides instructions and pictures. The idea is to put together the motor with the controller and the batteries, test it to see if it works and then attach to the bike.

An electric bike allows for healthier living and more time outside in the environment. It is recreational and there is no air pollution. It may not be easy for everyone to build an electric bike. However, if you search online, you will be able to find many instructions and pictures on how to build an electric bike.

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Benefits of Electric Lawn Mowers Over Traditional Gas Lawn Mowers

Are you one of those people who are just sick and tired of mowing the lawn with their traditional old lawn mower, and are looking for a better option? Electric lawn mowers are a new alternative that offer many benefits over conventional gasoline powered lawn mowers. Traditional mowers have an engine that runs on gasoline fuel. In contrast, electric mowers are powered by electricity, either directly from a cord that you plug into a socket like any other appliance, or by using a rechargeable battery that fits in the deck of the mower.

Cheaper to Run

While the initial upfront cost of an electric mower can vary and may potentially be more expensive than a gas mower, there are long term cost benefits to be gained. There is no need to buy gasoline fuel or fuel storage containers, and you’ll never have to make a last minute dash in the car to get more gas when your mower runs out of fuel.

Easier to Maintain

When it comes to maintenance, keeping an electric mower running smoothly is a lot simpler than a traditional gas mower. You don’t need to fill or change the oil, or replace spark plugs or air filters – only keep the battery charged as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Many models have a durable non-metal deck casing, which won’t rust over time and can be easily wiped clean as you won’t have any greasy oil or gas stains to remove.

More Lightweight

Most electric mowers are lighter than traditional mowers because they do not have a heavy gas engine or a tank full of fuel. Cordless electric lawn mowers can be heavier than the corded models due to the weight of the battery. Being lightweight and easily manoeuvrable makes electric lawn mowers ideal for use by people who have difficulty pushing a bulky, heavy mower when mowing the lawn.

Safer to Use

There are also health benefits to using an electric mower as opposed to a conventional gas mower. Being relatively lightweight reduces the risk of injuring or straining yourself while pushing or lifting the mower. And because they are powered by electricity, you are no longer breathing in toxic fumes and exhaust every time you mow – now that’s a breath of fresh air! If you opt for a corded model you will need to take care not to trip or mow over the electric cord, or you can avoid this risk altogether by opting for a cordless model that uses a battery instead.

Environmentally Friendly

Finally, electric lawn mowers are much more environmentally friendly than conventional mowers, simply because they do not run an engine that burns gas (fossil fuels). At a rough estimate, an hour of mowing with a gas mower is equivalent to driving 350 miles in terms of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted into the atmosphere! Electric mowers can help to significantly reduce carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.


17 Apr 2019 | Politicians Use EV Scare Campaign, Aston Martin Rapide E and An Electric Barn Find…

Show #446

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening wherever you are in the world, welcome to EV News Daily for Tuesday 16th April 2019. It’s Martyn Lee here and I’ve been through every EV story I could find today, and picked out the best ones to save you time.

Thank you to for helping make this show, they’ve built the first marketplace specifically for Electric Vehicles. It’s a totally free marketplace that simplifies the buying and selling process, and help you learn about EVs along the way too.


“[EVgo] announced that it has completed or has in construction 14 battery storage systems located at 11 fast charging stations.” reports Petrol Plaza website: “This is the largest deployment of battery storage systems at public fast charging stations in the U.S. Battery storage systems can offer relief to demand charge rate structures that inhibit fast charging deployment and EV adoption, accoring to the company. Although EV fast charging stations do not always require a grid upgrade, as station sizes and power rating increase, energy storage will become an important tool, offering load balancing and mitigating distribution grid upgrade costs. With more than 1,100 fast chargers in 34 states, EVgo electrified more than 75 million miles for electric vehicle drivers across the country in 2018.”


“The EU is making road transport cleaner by setting strict new carbon dioxide emissions standards for cars and light commercial vehicles. The aim of the regulation adopted by the Council today is to ensure that from 2030 onwards new cars will emit on average 37.5% less CO2 and new vans will emit on average 31% less CO2 compared to 2021 levels. Between 2025 and 2029, both cars and vans will be required to emit 15% less CO2. These are EU-wide fleet targets. The CO2 reduction effort will be distributed among manufacturers on the basis of the average mass of their vehicle fleet.”


“A recent flyover of Gigafactory 3 has revealed that the upcoming electric car factory continues to follow an incredibly rapid buildout, with the first phase of the project seemingly entering the roof paving stage.” according to Simon over at Teslarati: “Compared to previous videos taken of the site, more roof trusses are now in place, and some workers are now paving some areas of the general assembly building’s steel roof structure. More steel foundations appear to have been laid as well, and the framework of what seems to be a multi-story section is currently being built. This pace serves the project well, considering that Shanghai official Chen Mingbo has given the project a May 2019 target date for completion.”

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Phase 1 enters roof paving stage ahead of May 2019 target


“MG Motor’s Australian factory distributor has confirmed it will launch a fully electric version of its increasingly popular petrol-fired ZS small SUV during the course of 2020.” writes today: “The Mazda CX-3-sized MG eZS will give the company a rival for the just-launched Hyundai Kona Electric, the Hyundai Ioniq, and the Nissan Leaf in Australia’s fledgling EV market. It will be China’s first EV in Australia, and should be a bit of a marketing coup. The eZS has a 110kW/350Nm electric motor, powered by a 45.6kWh lithium battery pack, with a claimed NEDC driving range of 335km. That’s about 50 per cent less than the long-range Hyundai Kona with its larger 64kWh battery capacity, but thereabouts with the Leaf.”


Staying in Australia “A toxic scare campaign surrounding electric vehicles in the first week of the federal election campaign “flies in the face of fact” and risks seeing Australia fall even further behind the rest of the world, according to the chair of a senate inquiry into the technology.” says website today: “Following the unveiling of Labor’s electric vehicle policy package, which included a target for half of all new vehicle sales to be electric by 2030, a series of government ministers launched a widespread scare campaign against the policies. But Labor’s 50 percent target is just for new car sales, not used and second hand sales, and would lead to about 15 percent of Australia’s entire car fleet being electric by 2030.” Prime Minister Scott Morrison: ““I’ll tell you what, it’s not going to tow…


Electric Vehicle Dilemmas

Electric Vehicle Dilemmas, lists many things to consider before purchasing an electric vehicle. My views have been gained from working for 44 years in the electrical industry and from my general interest in cars. This 1080p video is best viewed on a large screen. I will add comments here in the Description when I receive any updated Electric Vehicle information worth publishing. One day after I uploaded this video Auto Expert John Cadogan uploaded his video to YouTube called,
The truth about Bill Shorten’s proposed electric car future.
And just to clarify the acceleration from 60-100km/hr that I mentioned, that is from a steady 60km/hr. Because the batteries can weigh as much as the rest of the electric vehicle, there is a lot of inertia to get moving from 60km/hr when electric motors don’t have much torque. However, a petrol turbo engine is at its best at these higher speeds from 60-100km/hr, especially when the auto transmission initially changes down a gear or two.
Also, something I didn’t mention about range. Every petrol engine car can travel from Melbourne to Sydney in a day with just one short top-up of fuel along the way. Electric vehicles that don’t have fast charging, could take 3 days to get to Sydney, as they may need 2 long nights along the way to recharge the battery.
And forget about the idea of travelling in something like a Nissan Leaf v1 from Sydney to Perth, or from Adelaide to Darwin in less than a week, even if you can find battery chargers for your vehicle every 100-200km.


12 Build Your Own Electric Car: Battery Charging

In this segment, we look at battery chargers and how to connect them to the car.
For some great ideas on different vehicles converted to electric, check out the listing at the EV Album!

This video is one segment of an instructional video I created in 2010 from a home-built electric car I made in 2008. Of course, battery and motor technology has advanced quickly since then, and affordable, commercially-built, Electric Vehicles are now a reality.

This video series covers ONE low-tech and simple way of converting a car to electric. Many of these same ideas and techniques still apply to go-karts, motorcycles, boats, and lots of other projects. We hope that you enjoy watching these videos and learn a little something from them.

There are still a few copies of the original DVD for sale. Besides the video, the set also has a DVD-ROM with photos, web clips, and documents from the project.
All profits support our work and go towards future DIY Clean Transportation and Renewable Energy Projects.

Electric Car Instructional DVDs

For CURRENT electric vehicle, DIY, and renewable energy projects, please visit

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Why the Tesla Semi heavy electric truck won’t happen (plus nuts) | Auto Expert John Cadogan

Why the Tesla Semi heavy hauling electric truck just won’t happen.
Attention-craving, pot smoking Tony Stark wannabe, Elon Musk, has been strangely silent lately on the mighty Semi – and there has to be a reason for that. He’s not hyping it at all, which (I think you’d agree) is oddly out of character.
Musk apologists – the rank and file Tesla Cult members – are conveniently forgetting a couple of key facts on this: For the Tesla Semi actually to happen, on time, there needs to be a network of so-called megachargers in ‘Murica, capable of delivering one megawatt of electrical grunt – to recharge the trucks in the claimed 30 minute window.
If you’re watching this in Retardistan, and you live near an Interstate, kindly do let me know if you’ve seen one of these Tesla Megachargers under construction at some nearby truckstop. I won’t stand by to be bowled over by your Instagram bangers on that.
No word yet, also, on the miraculous new tech that allows the batteries to be charged 10 times faster than Tesla’s current best chargers. So there’s that. And Musk himself is specifically not responding to journalists’ questions about the Semi. And it’s not like the messiah not to talk up this and that – even if he knows he really can’t deliver. He’s turned that into an art form.
Fred Lambert, a journo who wrote a piece on the Semi in earlier this month, said:
“When asked if [Semi] production is still planned for 2019, Musk didn’t respond.”
The only recent Musk statement I can find about the Semi is a March 31 tweet where he says:
“Really looking forward to getting Semi into production.”
“…so mired in production and logistics for the past 18 months.” Did you see that? Sounds like a warm-up for the ‘Semi not happening’ speech. But ‘looking forward to it’ could be true. It’s pretty limp on the ‘enthusiasm’ quotient, but maybe he really is looking forward to it.
I’m really looking forward to getting blown in a hot tub full of cheerleaders. I really am. In fact, this is my default enthusiastic state every morning when I awake. We all need a little something for motivation. But there’s no evidence that’s going to happen, either. Sadly.
The tech that makes the Semi possible did not exist when Musk announced the Semi in November 2017. There’s no evidence it exists today. This is going to be another Tesla house of cards. You mark my words.
If this was going to happen and the deadline was going to be met – the pre-orders from FedEx, DHL, UPS, Pepsico and Walmart were going to be delivered, Musk would be humping it publicly like two rats in a wool sock. Personal opinion.
It might be a good time to get the hammer ready for those Tesla Semi coffin nails – because earlier this month Marku Lienkamp, the chair of automotive engineering at the Technical University of Munich, told Business Insider that the Tesla Semi was (quote):
“…pointless both economically and ecologically.”
That’s unfortunate, but the numbers absolutely stack up, based upon the composition of the European power grid. In fact, if electricity is sourced from a gas-fired power station, the efficiencies of a diesel truck and an electric competitor are exactly the same.
Martin Daum, who heads up Daimler’s truck division, which is a hugely credible engineering R&D powerhouse actively developing its own electric trucks for the future and diesel trucks in production today … well, he’s even more critical of Tesla’s bullshit claims about the Semi’s alleged performance.
“If Tesla really delivers on this promise, we’ll obviously buy two trucks: One to take apart and one to test. Because if that happens, something has passed us by. But for now, the same laws of physics apply in Germany and in California.”
I really cannot imagine a more elegant way to call someone a bullshitter. That’s a really classy way to do it. I mean: you might say it in French. That would be even dirtier and classier. Like wiping your arse with silk. #merovingian.
Martin Wittmer, from the Laboratory for Commercial Vehicle Technology at the Dresden University of Applied Sciences, also appears to use actual facts to conclude battery powered long-haulers like the ‘probably not going to happen’ Semi are little more than a pie in the sky fairy tale.
“Battery-powered trucks are realistic for distribution, the post office, or refuse collection. But today’s lithium-ion batteries are too heavy and too expensive for transporting goods over long distances, and after just two to three years, their storage capacity will already be in significant decline.”
Musk has never made a statement – at least not that I could find – about how he intends to overcome the decline in battery performance that is an inevitable consequence of current battery technology. It is effectively the same as buying a conventional truck with a fuel tank that shrinks, over time.