UgoT 2 Battery USB Charge Blister Kit Electronic Cigarette Liquid Replaced Ego

UgoT 2 Battery USB Charge Blister Kit Electronic Cigarette Liquid Replaced Ego Ce4 Atomiaer E Cigs Hookah Ce4 Vaper Pan Smokehot

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RUIDENG HD35: USB Electronic Load : Test QC 3.0, QC 2.0, Samsung AFC 9V & FCP Chargers

यह खोल देगा सभी चार्जर की हकीकत को| बता देगा की चार्जर maximum कितनी वोल्टेज पर कितना करंट दे सकता है, कितनी wattage का है, कौन सी चार्जिंग टेक्निक को सपोर्ट करता है|

#USBLOAD #Trigger #QC4.0 #Fastcharger


This Tester trigger support QC2.0 (QC2.0 5V, 9V, 12V and 20V), QC3.0, Huawei FCP, Samsung AFC 9V . (not for PD trigger)

Use the AUTO mode to detect Quick charge protocols .

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Battery Charger EU/US plug 4 Slots Intelligent Electronic cigarette for 4X 18650

Battery Charger EU/US plug 4 Slots Intelligent Electronic cigarette Charger for 4X 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery

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electronic cigarette battery charger make at home

electronic cigarette battery charger make at home


Advantages of an Electronic Key Cabinet

It’s very important for businesses to keep their facilities, vehicles and other important business property secured.  Most companies will have many keys for keeping their buildings and cars locked.  An electronic key cabinet can help to keep all of these keys organized in one central location and secure within a locked box.  A system can be set up so only authorized individuals have access to the keys.  A key cabinet then is an organizational tool as well as being an important part of the business’ security system.

There are two main forms of key cabinets.  There are locking key cabinets which open and close with a key, and then there are electronic key cabinets.  For personal use or a very small business with only a few keys, a simple locking key cabinet may be adequate.  However for larger businesses or entities which want a greater degree of security, an electronic key cabinet offers several advantages.

The first advantage to an electronic version is that it is easier to provide access to multiple individuals if that is what is desired without having physical keys.  They will just need an access code to the keypad on the cabinet.

Another advantage is electronic key cabinets come with more features and high levels of security.  Access codes can be programmed and re-programmed using thousands of possible combinations.  Some of these cabinets come with an alert that is signaled whenever a wrong pass code is entered and then will deny entry after a certain number of failed attempts.  This makes it virtually impossible for someone who is not authorized to gain access to the cabinet.  There can also be tracking mechanisms which track usage of access to the cabinet and usage of the keys. 

In addition to extra features, electronic versions will generally also give you the option for high grade steel as swell as high security code options, whereas locking key cabinets do not generally have the higher level materials or security features.

Electronic key cabinets generally run on simple AA batteries with a low battery indicator signal.  Even when the batteries are low or die, the access codes will still be active.

Locking key cabinets can work well for simple key storage needs for personal use or small businesses.  These cabinets are inexpensive and can do the job well if more sophisticated security measures are not needed.  However, for larger businesses or entities with the need for higher levels of security and other additional features, the electronic key cabinet is clearly the better option and worth the extra money.


The Advantages of an Electronic Fence For Dogs

Okay, so you let your dog outside and once again he took off down the road. How much fun is it to chase him down every time? Would not it be great if they made an electronic fence for dogs? Lucky you, they have those and they are extremely convenient!

Never again will you have to worry about where your dog has wandered off too because they will not cross the boundary line after you set it up. Setup is easy and it does not require constant maintenance either. Let's visit some of these options to see how they would work in your setting.

The first step is to determine what kind of range you need. If you live in a rural area, you will probably have more room for your dog to roam versus within city limits. For this type of area, you can set the range as far as possible without fear that your pet will be bothering nearby neighbors.

Once you have determined how far you are willing to let him travel, then you decide on the power of the boundary reinforcement. If your dog is stubborn, you might need to have a slightly stronger reinforcement than average. However, if your dog only needs a slight correction to shy away from places he should not be, then you will not need something very strong.

Fitting your dog with a comfortable collar is also very important. It will not be fair to your pet if they are forced to wear a heavy, uncomfortable collar all the time simply to keep them from roaming too far. Making sure your pet is happy with the equipment as well will keep stress levels down on both sides of the issue, for both you and him / her.

Pricing can be an issue but it's reasonable all across the board. The convenience and safe knowledge of knowing that your dog is safe and in a controlled area is worth the price, as is keeping them out of dangerous areas. Most of the time, you can get a really nice setup for slightly less than $ 200.00. You might also check into getting a used set if someone no longer needs one anymore.

One very important factor to keep in mind is the battery consumption rate of the device. If you are changing batteries every few days, then you are paying way more than you should be in terms of power supply. Maybe consider getting a collar that uses a charging station versus disposable batteries. Not only will this save you money in the long run, but you can also have regular maintenance checks on the collar before you set it on the charger.

Once you have a reputable manufacturer in mind to consider, and a good affordable price, then you can set up your electronic fence for dogs . He or she will thank you in the long run because you are keeping them from getting hurt by cars or other dangers lurking in the surrounding areas. You will have less stress as well, knowing you are doing all you can to keep your beloved pet as safe as possible, while still allowing them the freedom to roam.


Covering the Electronic Logging Device Mandate

The ELD (Electronic Logging Device):

An ELD (electronic logging device) is an electronic quick fix that allows expert commercial vehicle carriers and truck drivers to conveniently track and record their hours of service.

The Advantages of an ELD:

ELDs assists to avert any un intentional or deferred HOS (hours of service) breaches, as well as any penalty to the driver due to a lapse in documented logs. Improved consent with HOS guidelines assures drivers have acceptable rest to run commercial vehicles carefully.

The Electronic Logging Device Mandate:

FMCSRs (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations) were revised by the FMCSA to upgraded design and performance standards for ELDs.

The Final Rule or ELD mandate states that operators of commercial vehicles will need to use ELDs or electronic logging devices. Drivers and carriers must all have ELDs in their trucks by December 18, 2017.


  • Allows the driver of a commercial motor vehicle to sign in and select Off-duty, Not Driving and On-Duty, or On-duty.
  • Get connected to an engine of the vehicle to track when the vehicle is in action.
  • Get authorized on the website of FMCSA.
  • Provide information in a regulated layout that can be addressed to law enforcement in distinct formats ie in USB, wireless web solutions, or Bluetooth.
  • Illustrate a record of work status so that the driver can promptly forgive the hours of service in a day.

The Legislative History of the Electronic Logging Device:

  1. Law enforced by Congress on July2012
  2. Proposed rule circulated by DOT on March2014
  3. Final rule enforced by DOT in Dec 2015
  4. Start of ELD application on Dec 2017

The Distinction Between EOBRs, AOBRDs, and ELDs:

AOBRD, ELD and EOBR are used interchangeably on a regular basis and they have distinct features that exclusively separate them from one another.

  • EOBR: Electronic Onboard Recorder is used when referring to the device that stores electronic logging implications.
  • AOBRD: Automatic Onboard Recording Device is used when defining an electronic gadget that matches conditions to be utilized rather than documented log books .
  • ELD: It is utilized as a segment of the recent language to define the systems in the fresh mandate. Electronic logging devices converge with a vehicle's engine to track motion and power status, driven miles hours, while AOBRDs and EOBRs do not.

Acknowledge If Your Vehicle Is Influenced By the ELD Mandate:

The mandate applies to all vehicle drivers who are currently required to have documentation RODS. The vehicle drivers use Electronic Logging Devices, to reserve RODS in seven or more days out of every single month. The FMCSA assumes these mandate will influence 3.5 million drivers.

A Wireless Device or a Smartphone to Be Utilized As an ELD:

Any wireless device or a Smartphone may be utilized as long as the gadget matches the technical needs and is registered and certified with the FMCSA.

The Exceptions to the ELDs Mandate:

  • While this mandate will affect number of commercial drivers, there are circumstances that are immune from the mandate:
  • Drive away – tow away affairs: If the commercial vehicle is being managed as part of the freight (the vehicle is the product being transited).
  • Short-haul drivers: Drivers who utilize the 150 air-mile radius exception or the 100 air-mile radius exception.
  • Pre-2000 vehicles: Models of the vehicle dated 1999 or before based on the VIN (vehicle identification number).

The Hurdles Yet To Face:

· Sharing ELD information from truck cab to roadside law enforcement.

· FMCSA Public Meeting in May.

Saves The Industry Money And Time:

The FMCSA evaluates that the common vehicle driver fills out around 230 RODS each year. And as a consequence, the mandate is proposed to save each vehicle driver about 18+ hours utilized to complete and send documented driver logs. Moreover, paperwork for documentation savings for each vehicle driver every year is counted to be approximately $ 700.

The ELD mandate will more over assist the industry by:

  • Lowering fuel prices: By controlling excess vehicle idle times, organizations can develop incentive schemes for drivers that assist fuel usage.
  • Cutting truck spare time: Fleet administration system users can acknowledge complicated downtimes of a vehicle by approximately 16-17% and enhanced vehicle usage by 14%.
  • Boosting safety: Drivers utilizing ELDs have an extremely low total crash rate (decline of 11.5%) and an avoidable crash rate (decline of 5%) against fleets not utilizing ELDs.

Final Speculations:

There are certainly more questions out there regarding the ELD, we believe this article asserts you to get a better understanding of the devices and the way it will influence the industry.


Maypole 8A Electronic Smart Car Battery Charger

Review of the Maypole 8A Smart Car Battery Charger for larger cars (2017).
Very good inexpensive smart charger, maintains battery with no danger of harming your battery.


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How to Check QC mode, Micro USB/Type-C Cable, Charger & Power bank by RD HD 35 Electronic Load

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RD HD 35 Intelligent USB load can be used for the following:
1) To check the micro USB/Type-C cables
2) Any power bank
3) Voltage/current/power in Chargers
4) Quick charge mode of chargers and power banks.
5) Can also be connected with USB tester for many applications.

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