How To Make 3.7 Volt Battery Charger Using BC547 (LCSC Electronics)

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Components Required…

1] BC547 Transistor.

2] 10k Preset.

3] 14007 Diode.

4] 1k Resistor.

5] 10k Resistor.

6] 5mm Red Led, and green led.


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24 Volt lead acid battery charger: cooling and ventilation of the electronics is essential

24 Volt lead acid battery charger, final video.

Cooling and (could be forced) ventilation is essential to make the charger work for decades, apart from over-dimensioning the components (rectifier, transistors, capacitors, heatsinks, etc).

NOT suitable to charge Lithium cells of whatever kind, risk of explosion and fire (!) Serious warning.

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The video shows how ventilation can be done. Also fine mesh (nylon, metal, whatever) is necessary to make the charger work in tropical or other “worse” conditions: all well laquered components, measures against insects, moisture, dirt, dust, etc.

All these bad influences have to be repelled and kept out of the electronics by proper varnishing of the components and good/special construction methods.

In the past (1950’s-1970’s) Philips Netherlands made radio’s that were specially made for tropical conditions. When you opened such a radio you could find a sticker with the word “tropicalized”.

Had to do with export of radio’s to our Dutch oversees colonies: Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, etc. These “colonies” became independent states in the early 1960’s, due to the UN decisions.

Keeping insects out can be done with a type of mesh (nylon, metal, whatever) that is able to prevent them creeping into, so small diameters.

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Be aware of that, I saw on the internet my circuits reproduced in a poor or even not proper way. I can not help that, sorry. Upload 2 June 2019.


how to repair smps charger? how to repair rickshaw charger? how to repair bike charger? electronics

if you want to repair your rickshaw charger you can watch this video. you can get knowledge for rearing your charger


Marine Safety and Electronics

Taking your boat out in the sea or lake with friends is always fun. The best way to make sure that your boat trip is comfortable and a success is to put safety first. Often, this means that you need to have, in addition to your life vests, your marine electronics in good working order.

One of the more important pieces of marine equipment boats have these days is their GPS. A GPS can track your course, your distance from the shore, and your exact location, especially important in case you need help out at sea.

A quality marine antenna is also an essential safety component for your boat trip. Marine antennas allow you to boost your cell phone signal so you can make contact with land even when you're far out to sea.

Having a marine generator is useful for powering many of the electronics avid boats are used to, without training the boat's battery. A generator can power lights, radars and other small appliances. A marine generator is essential as backup for powering all of your needed marine electronics.

Properly charged batteries will prevent overuse of a marine generator. This means that a top-quality battery charger is essential boat equipment for maximizing battery longevity and durability.

There are other marine electronics such as satellite phones, televisions, fish finders and depth sounders that will make for a more enjoyable excursion, but are not necessarily essential for safety.

Quality marine electronics, proper boating instruments and their support systems are important for a comfortable and safe boat trip.


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how to make automatic cut off 12v charger at home LCSC Electronics

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Add A Battery To Your Vehicle For Charging Electronics

This video shows how to add a second battery to a Honda Element for use charging and powering electronics while traveling.

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Taking Charge of Your Electronics

In the early 14th century, a floor globe would have looked like an alien contraption because Copernicus had not convinced everyone that the world is round just yet. Now, such things are common and every library has at least a basic one, and for the technologically inclined libraries, they may even have one that could tell the time and temperature of the places on the globe. A mere 500 years after finding out that the world does not revolve around the earth, progress has certainly made a lot of leaps, and along with those leaps come portability, and portable chargers.

There's a charger for your mobile phone, another for your MP3 (4 or 5), yet another for your digital camera, and then there's a possibility that you have a portable game console, and the next thing you know, you're struggling with a snake's nest of wires. Not to mention putting yourself in danger of the possibility of blowing a fuse, literally and figuratively.

Modern science is supposed to make life easier, is not?

All the Eggs in One Basket

The solution to that tangled spaghetti of chargers is the electronics charging station, a stationery port that has only ONE wire, yet you can charge up to three electronic devices all at the same place and it can save you a lot of time because you do not ' t have to wait for one gadget to be fully charged before you can use that outlet again, or save you from having to reach in to those tight places for other outlets.

An electronics charging station can look like the space age gadget that it is, sleek metal or smooth plastic or it can be disguised as a night stand organizer, made of wood or leather, and can have many useful drawers that can help organize other little gadgets on your night table or desk, like pens, reading glasses, coins, or even paper clips.

To add to the utility of this charming port, you can get an electronics charging station with a night light in its design, or a vacuum cleaner (yes, a vacuum cleaner). To appeal to the more aesthetically inclined market, one can get a hand painted port that looks anything but an electronics charging station, or one with pastel polka dots for the younger generation, or a nice warm mahogany to blend with your desk and leather desk set .

Wireless Gadgets

There are useful gadgets like the wireless home weather stations that will not take up an extra outlet from your electronics charging station. A home weather station is a lot like a digital alarm clock, but it can tell you the weather inside and outside with forecast icons (clouds, sun, sun behind the clouds, etc.), through sensors strategically placed around your home. It can have up to three sensors feeding the display panel, and a radio-controlled date and time display. Some even have moon phase displays, and clothing suggestions, in digital or full color, or even an animated display.


Electronics Devices And Components

For most of us our day starts with a ring tone of an electric alarm clock. Then as we get ready in the morning we use a couple of other devices ranging from an electric shaver to an electric iron. The point here is that we have barely started our day and most of our morning is spent using various electronic devices and components. The list of electronic products that we use in a week would be so long that most of us would be shocked on seeing the amount of dependence on these products. As you must have realized by now, these Electronic products and components form a major part of our daily life. They either provide us a useful function or they entertain us.

Irrespective of the purpose they perform, we all would agree that we can not survive without these products.

These electronic components have become a major part of our daily life, whether we think so or not. Our dependence on these electronic gizmos is only increasing everyday. Nobody needs to be a technology expert to realize that electronic components play a major role in our lives.

In recent years, the electronics segment has undergone a tremendous transformation. All this has contributed to a new way of life. Miniaturization and integration are the key factors that have fueled the tremendous growth of portable electronics technology. Electronic components & devices have been reduced to hand held devices.

Electronics devices are used for everyday functions. Some of these are the ones that are purely for our interest and entertainment. Electronic devices and components like WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) technology, applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP), web surfing, movie play back, MP3 player, portable gaming devices and camcorders are some glaring examples which provide us entertainment everyday. Items like computers and cell phones are now a necessity rather than a luxury. The consumer electronics segment of devices and components gets improved more and more every year to provide us more functionality, convenience and satisfaction. The gap between entertainment and functionality for the usage of these electronic products and devices is getting closer every day. Electronic devices today are compact, lightweight and functional along with a long life cycle due to the high quality electronic components in their production. The electronic market is changing every day and quickly evolving.

Some of the products being offered today are portable electronic devices such as Portable Media Players (PMPs), Smartphones, & GPS-PDAs, laptop computers, hand-held devices such as cellular phones, personal media devices including the iPod from Apple.