Digipower TC-U400 Universal Battery Charger Review

A universal battery charger that will charge lithium ion batteries of different shapes and sizes for cameras, phones and other electronic devices. It will also do Ni-CD and Ni-NH AA/AAA.


DigiPower TC-U400 Universal Li-ion Battery Charger

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Energizer Universal Battery Charger with smart LED (a quick look)

A quick look at a Energizer universal battery charger (model CHEUF). Recharges NiMh batteries size AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V. Reasonably ‘smart’. Shows you when it is charging and says it stops when fully charged. Also says it tells you when a battery is bad. It’s a 2 channel charger rather than 4 channel, meaning you have to put batteries of same size in in pairs (left or right). So far I am finding it worthwhile at the price.

Amazon USA search ‘universal battery charger’ : http://goo.gl/Oh3ZBR
Amazon UK search ‘universal battery charger’ : http://goo.gl/S3RYhB
Amazon UK page I bought this charger : http://goo.gl/8nhz2R


Energizer Rechargeable Battery Charger For AA & AAA Ni-MH Batteries For Best Portable Charging

A reliable rechargeable battery charger is important for those that rely on rechargeable batteries like AA and AAA battery cells on a daily basis. This includes Ni-MH as well as Lithium battery chemistry types (http://amzn.to/28LBKvV – Quick Link to the Energizer Compact Charger With 4 AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries in the video).

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There are the normal charging devices as well as the rapid chargers that can be plugged into a normal AC wall power plug or a car 12v cigarette light adapter for recharging the spent battery cells. Energizer, among other brands make some great reusable products when it comes to batteries and battery charging. Of course, they’re not the only ones that have taken to this technology as an alternative to normal alkaline power cells. The great thing about big brands like Energizer and Duracell is that even their rechargeable batteries and mini chargers can be found in local stores in the battery section. This makes it very convenient to go out and pick some up without having to make a special trip to an electronics store or having to wati fro an online shipment.

The chargers shown in the video are both the normal and rapid charger. The faster one takes only 15 minutes to charge in comparison the hour or so for the other ones. This goes for both AA and AAA batteries that can be used with the chargers. Many companies now make rechargeable C, D and even 9 volt batteries. To save money on battery cost over the long run, these reusable products are the way to go. It’s stated that they’re good for over 1000 charges. When you do the math of buying the equivalent normal batteries, the savings are evident. The only drawback is that power will drain faster as time goes on, so for use in critical situations like for professional work, keeping an eye on battery charge is a must and having a few sets on charge on different rechargeable battery charger units is a good idea as well.

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Energizer 1Hour Battery Charger Fast-charging Rechargeable Batteries Review HD

I purchased these rechargeable batteries from amazon a month ago and they have been great, they take around a hr too charge the batteries back too full capacity. They also support the charging of AAA batteries. They can be used in your magic mouse and wireless keyboard. I bought these instead of buying apple’s rechargeable batteries. They include an indicator to let you know when they are fully charged. NOTE THEY CONTAIN 4 BATTERIES two of them are in my magic mouse :)Thank for watching.


Duracell 15 Minute Fast Battery Charger – Review

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Duracell 15 Minute Fast Battery Charger.

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Energizer Basic AA Battery Charger

I purchased mine from Meijers here’s a link:


Features Automatic shut-off when charge is complete.

Charges 2 or 4 AA or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries in 8 hours.


Energizer Universal Battery Charger Review

In this video I review my new Energizer Universal Battery Charger.



EVEREADY By Energizer AA & AAA Battery Charger Review, Works Great & Batteries Hold Good Charge

EVEREADY By Energizer AA & AAA Battery Charger Review, Works Great & Batteries Hold Good Charge
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