How to charge II EV-PEAK C1-XR and GFC Energy B350AC Smart Battery Charger

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How To Make Free Energy Emergency Mobile Charger Using Solar Plate _ Solar Generator

How To Make Free Energy Emergency Mobile Charger Using Solar Plate _ Solar Generator

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Baseus New Energy 4000mAh Power Bank for iPhone | Best Budget Charging Case For Iphone |

Hi,Welcome To Unbox Freaker Youtube Channel.Today We Are Going To Review Baseus New Energy 4000mah Powerbank For Iphone.Its A Very Budget Friendly Charging Case.Its Surely Can Give Significant Amount Of Juice To Your Iphone.Check The Full Detail Review To Know About Baseus 4000 mah Portable Powerbank..

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Renewables accounted for 60% of new energy capacity installed in Q1
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Electric Cars and the Energy Grid – Five Facts to Combat Hybrid Car Charging Myths

Just a few years ago, the idea of electric cars was met with complete skepticism. Oh, sure, people said, the technology is there to make the cars, but drivers aren’t going to buy a car that can only drive 40 miles before you have to plug it in. The argument hasn’t changed much even as ranges increased in mileage. Now that hybrid electric cars are in the mainstream — and their acceptance is growing with each passing day — the conversation is turning to the next hurdle in the acceptance of electric cars. Where the heck do you plug them in to recharge? Here are five facts that help answer that question.

  • Most electric vehicles will get all the charging they need at home.

    • Many of the newest hybrid batteries can be charged from a low-cost 220V outlet, similar to the one used by any electric clothes dryer. Some can even be charged from a 110V outlet. An overnight charge is more than enough to power most cars for their daily driving needs.
  • The driving range per overnight charge is up to 100 miles.
    • The standard wisdom says that most electric cars get about 40 miles to a charge — far less mileage than most drivers typically drive in a day. However, most of the newer vehicles actually get between 70 miles and 100 miles to a full charge – about double the daily driving mileage of the typical driver.
  • Many businesses are planning to install charging stations on site for customer convenience.

    • Whole Foods and McDonalds are just two high profile examples of companies that see the benefits of making it convenient for customers to charge up their vehicles. Some other places you might expect to see public charging stations for EVs include parking garages, mall parking lots, hotels and motels and restaurants. In fact, anywhere that people park their cars for more than half an hour is a good candidate for one or more public charging stations.
  • You don’t need a special plug and expensive equipment to charge an electric car.
    • A lot of older information on the net tells you that you need a special, dedicated plug and costly equipment to charge your EV. That’s no longer true. The newer models of EVs in development can be charged on standard household current.
  • The grid is already ramping up to support EV traffic.
    • California is leading the way in the US, with charging stations installed along hundreds of miles of highway. In Vancouver, zoning regulations require that new apartment construction must include vehicle charging stations to support the tenants’ need for EV charging. Private companies are recognizing that they can attract business by offering charging for electric cars free or at nominal cost, and fast-charging stations – stations that can recharge a battery in 30 minutes or less — are no longer a pie-in-the-sky dream.

The newest developments in electric vehicle technology have overturned some of the most commonly held myths about the barriers to the wide adoption of electronic vehicles. As more people are inspired to buy EVs like the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf, they’ll find that the infrastructure they need to support their new cars is already growing to meet their needs.


Clearway Energy Group powers on Underhill Community Solar Farm



New York allocates $280 million in incentives for energy storage projects



Energy Charger – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Dr.Jhatka invents and energy charging bracelet. He gives it to Motu Patlu to energize them and make them feel lively. John makes an evil plan to steal it. He gets successful at stealing it and uses it to energize people that he has kidnapped so that they work tirelessly for hours in his diamond mine. Will Motu and Patlu be able to find it back? Watch this episode and find out… CLICK – SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, LIKE.

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Alternative Energy Uses In The Military

Most governments and corporations are looking at alternative energy strategies to produce power without the use of fossil fuels, all trying to curb their emissions of CO2. But, you’d be surprised that most militaries are also using alternative energy strategies, and it makes sense because a military moves on its fuel and food for its personnel. Anyone that studies military history knows just how critical this is. Not long ago, a technologist interviewed me and asked about alternative energy exploits for war planners. Let’s talk.

Daniel asks: “Will we see the use of alternative energies in the military industry?”

Yes, of course. A couple of reasons;

(1) The push for Climate Change is sending lots of research dollars into alternative energy, and the militaries of the world need energy, it takes a lot of energy to run a Navy, Army, or Air Force. Hint: Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carriers and Submarines. As these alternative energy innovations come into fruition and can compete with fossil fuels on cost, we will see much more of them, and;

(2) Consider that. like the radar signature on a stealth aircraft, having a smoke stack smoking up a storm on a large ship — like the Russian Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov (old smokey – quite embarrassing) — it gives up its position pretty quickly.

Right now, we must realize that oil prices are low and fossil fuels have a lot of energy packed into those little molecules, and that’s hard to beat for powerful afterburners. If oil prices go back up, that will be reason number 3.

As far as biofuels go, we are a ways off, and the cost is way too high to justify, but who knows in the future, maybe some brilliant genius will take home a Nobel Prize for figuring it out, that would be a game-changer. When it comes to solar, well, the prices have really come down and the efficiency has really gone up. That along with battery performance — improving duration, lowering weight, faster re-charging, and lower overall costs due to scaled up production — we can be assured more use of solar power in militaries across the planet, but only when it makes sense and if it works – remember when it comes to the military it’s all about operational readiness, and a foot soldier who has dead batteries, could end up dead.

Hydrogen Fueled military equipment makes a lot of sense, and yes there are technological challenges there too, but those will get worked out in private industry because there are so many potential applications from transportation to home use and beyond.

Still, at the end of the day militaries need what works, and they need it now, if they want to win, political correctness seems quite trivial when you are fighting a war with life and death in the balance, so reality takes front seat. If alternative energies can do it cheaper, more efficient and require less logistics for a moving army, you can bet they will be part of the mix of technologies, count on it.