Harmony Express Universal Remote Packs Amazon Alexa, Best USB C Charger For Your Laptop, More!

Arsenal Smart Camera Assistant Fail. Android 7+ Now 2FA Security key! Harmony Express Universal Remote: Alexa Built-in!


01:22 Logitech Harmony Express Universal Remote
Logitech’s latest universal remote, the Harmony Express, looks minimalist, “with Alexa Built in,” instead of dozens of buttons and an LCD screen. How well does it work? Do you give anything up compared to traditional Harmony remotes? Watch the video to find out!

11:40 Android 7.0+ Phones Can Now Double as Google Security Keys
We’ve told you that security keys, like a Yubikey, are the most secure way of implementing 2FA/two step authentication on your accounts. Now Google has turned any Android phone running 7.0 and above into a security key. Find out how to set it up in the video, and props to Krebs On Security!

21:46 Battlestation!!!
Orin sent in this week’s battlestation! He emailed ask@tekthing.com, “I thought I’d share my portable battlestation. Laptop w/ 2 Asus ZenScreen MB16AC monitors and 2 iPads. The setup is handy for Search and Rescue when I’m not geeking out watching formula 1.” Check it out in the video!

23:03 USB C Laptop Charger Recco
Alan needs a new USB C charger for his laptop, and writes, “I’ve been looking at Anker Wall Chargers but they come at all different Watt ratings. What does USB-C power charging really require? Are there specific (and small) wall chargers you’d recommend?” All the deets – and some warnings – in the video, including our fave Anker USB C charger for laptops. (Wirecutter has a great recco, too!)

29:12 Skip The Arsenal Smart Camera Assistant
It promises better pictures than the processor inside your camera can deliver, but in our testing, the Arsenal Smart Camera Assistant has some issues. (And judging from the app reviews for iOS and Android, we’re not alone.)

36:17 Thanks Hak5!!!
A big thanks to Hak5 for the studio space! Check out the security and privacy podcasts at hak5.org .. then head over to hak5.org/gear/ such and check out the Plunder Bug… a pocket-sized LAN Tap that lets you “bug” Ethernet connections with USB-C convenience!
Plunder Bug

37:04 Do Something Analog!
Like walk around scottsdale arizona!


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How Facebook Emoticons Can Help You Express Your Thoughts

There's an interesting debate among some members of the Facebook community forum regarding the use of emoticons smileys in expressing one's thoughts and emotions. One side argues Facebook emoticons are just a set of punctuation marks and so can not fully capture human feelings. They say emoticons are not as good as words in expressing thoughts.

But the many fans of Facebook emoticons are quick to defend that these "punctuation marks" are useful, even a necessity, in FB chat. During a face to face conversation, people have body language and tone of voice to help them show, emphasize, and enhance their true thoughts and feelings. In online chat, however, the person you're talking to can not see you. Since your body language and tone of voice are of no use, how do you show your thoughts and feelings, your attitude and mood? There seems to be no better way than through use of smileys emoticons. These little pictures can help deliver your full message.

For instance, a friend tells you you're ugly. You may respond in either three ways.

"I'm not ugly."

"I'm not ugly."

"I'm not ugly."

Since the other person does not see you, there's no way they can tell whether the response is serious or mean as a joke. Adding an emoticon at the end of each message, however, can help clarify things.

"I'm not ugly.>: O" – You are mad that your friend called you ugly.
"I'm not ugly. :(" – You are sad or upset that your friend told you you're ugly.
"I'm not ugly .;) – You are taking the statement as a joke, no offense taken.

Now imagine there are no Facebook smileys and you need to write out your facial expressions or the tone of your voice every time you make a comment.

"I'm not ugly. The statement is said in an angry manner."
"I'm not ugly. I'm saying that with sarcasm in my voice."

As shown, smiley emoticons are essential in Facebook chat because they help relay the full meaning of your statement in a more efficient way.

Expressing Your Thoughts with Facebook Emoticons

Today, there are 26 known Facebook emoticons. Here's the complete list (with their meanings).

Devil emoticon 3 🙂 – This emoticon can suggest naughty thoughts.

Robot emoticon: |] – If you do not feel like sharing your thoughts or when you are in a reserved mood.

Shark emoticon (^^^) – Use this if you want to warn someone of danger or threat.

Heart> 3 or kiss: – * – Add this to a statement if you want to show your love or affection to someone or towards an idea or thing.

Penguin <(") – It can add some amount of cuteness to your message.

Woot emoticon Oo – If you find a statement weird, or if you can not believe what a person just told you.

Squint emoticon -_- – This is a warning that you're getting irate.

Gasp emoticon: O – To show your amazement.

Wink emoticon;) – It can connote several things. One instance of use is when you want to show you understand a statement, you put a wink at the end of a message.

Tongue emoticon: P – If you're feeling a little naughty or cheeky.

Sunglasses emoticon 8- – If life's on the sunny side of things.

Glasses emoticon 8) – If you think a person or a statement is geeky or nerdy.

Smiling emoticon 🙂 or big smile emoticon: D or smiling cat emoticon: 3 – To show you feel happy or contented or pleased.

Kiki emoticon ^ _ ^ – If you are extremely happy.

Sad 🙁 or crying emoticon: '(- When you're unhappy or depressed.

Aiya emoticon>: O – This means you can not believe what someone just said.

Putnam: putnam: – This represents Chris Putnam, the person who designed Facebook. You can use this emoticon if you think an idea or a person is intelligent.

Pacman: v- the iconic game character can be used if you feel like jumping for joy.

Err emoticon: / or duhh emoticon> 🙁 – If you want to tell someone, in a cute way, that you're disagreeing with them.

Angel emoticon O 🙂 – If you think someone's like an angel.

42 emoticon -: 42: – this is a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy – 42 is "the answer to life, the universe, and everything."

Facebook Emoticons: Integral Unit of Chat Language

Anything that allows people to communicate efficiently and effectively is certainly a good thing. In FB chat, using smileys emoticons appropriately help bring about good conversation.


Top 5 Best AA & AAA Battery Chargers 2018 | Best AA & AAA Battery Charger Review By Jumpy Express

Top 5 Best AA & AAA Battery Chargers 2018 | Best AA & AAA Battery Charger Review By Jumpy Express

👉5. SunLabz Smart Rechargeable: https://amzn.to/2KCOXth

👉4. Energizer Recharge Power Plus: https://amzn.to/2HPL4TT

👉3. Panasonic K-KJ17MCA4BA 2100: https://amzn.to/2JUS1zM

👉2. La Crosse Technology BC700-CBP: https://amzn.to/2FM3vmp

👉1. Panasonic “Advanced” eneloop: https://amzn.to/2rmWa7J

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It took a lot of time and effort to pick the 5 most efficient and Best AA & AAA Battery Chargers from thousands of them for you. We did it for you to save your time. You can choose any of them according to your choice and requirements.

All five of them are very well tested and backed up with the customer reviews. So there’s no question about the quality and performance of these AA & AAA Battery Chargers. You can easily purchase one of them with your eyes closed with absolutely no doubt.


ChargePoint Express 250: Bolt EV 150 A DCFC Session

I was finally able to log a 150 A session on the ChargePoint Express 250 station at ChargePoint Headquarters. The session went mostly as expected; however, the first step down from 150 A didn’t occur until 54% battery. Also, because this charger is limited to 150 A (the Bolt EV’s maximum charging current), I still wasn’t able to confirm whether the Bolt EV can draw additional power for battery conditioning and climate control when more than 150 A is available from the charger.



MediaTek Pump Express 3.0 battery charging tech goes 0 to 70% in 20 minutes

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Express Beauty With The Tissot Rose Gold Women’s Watch

  • Bringing fashion at your hand, the Tissot T Wave T112. watch is a beautiful one that represents elegance and aesthetic flavour. A decorated time-adjusting crown is placed at the right flank of the case that can be rotated by a lady in changing the time when needed. It’s black dial has been wonderfully composed that has two “wave” signs at it. 30mm steel case of this model keeps it hard and also enduring.

The stainless steel made bracelet is an example of watchmaking brilliance. The hands look amazing when they tick. It’s circular bezel with rose-gold painting makes this piece exhibit the charm of a lady.

  • Accompanying your jovial mood every time, the Tissot T Classic Everytime T109. watch is a perfect one for the bright ladies. Powered by the battery-led quartz movement, this model never stops in reading the correct time. The rose-golden applied and stainless steel treated bracelet is wonderfully tied to the steel made with buckles. It’s white dial gives a clear picture of time.

A push knob at the right part of the case supports the glistening temperament of this splendorous model. Sapphire layered crystal is used in this model to keep it safe from scratches. The rose-gold bezel of this analogue piece provides it with the protection from heat.

  • Be a part of tradition wearing the Tissot T Classic Tradition T063. watch. Crafted for the gentle ladies who wants to hog the limelight, this one has its own charm that can make you joyous.

The shimmering silver dial has a date window at the 3 o’clock position that exhibits the current date of a month. Arabic numerals are there to mark the 12 and 6 o’clock positions. The whole body of this beautiful piece is applied in rose-golden that enhances the appeal of a lady.

  • Revealing the beauty of a leading lady at a party, the Tissot PR 100 T101. watch flows with the changing of time. This rose-gold model is reminiscent of the female paramours. Along the silver dial of this model, you can see the date window at the 6 o’clock position that shows the current date of a month.

Mineral glass is offered to this model that keeps it safe from scratches as well as reflections. The white-on-rose-gold hands are there to enlighten you. 100 meters water resistance function has been facilitated to this piece so that it can become safe from any kind of water caused troubles.

  • A show-stopper in itself, the Tissot T-Lady Lovely T058. watch is every time friend of a scintillating lady who has a gorgeous appeal. The minimal pattern of this model keeps it apt for the cute ladies. This sapphire crystal added model is protected from scratches. The sizzling dial is ornamented with brilliance.

When you look at the bracelet of this model, it has been applied in rose-gold that flexibly embraces the wrist of every lady. Its 19.5mm steel made case gives it the necessary strength. Facilitated by the Swiss-made quartz movement, this piece has a battery that provides it charge uninhibited.

  • The perfect gift for the glamorous ladies, the Tissot CheminDes Tourelles T099. watch is a genius in keeping time. This specific analogue model is offered with date feature. Decorated well for embellishing the charming women, this piece runs well with the 32mm steel made case.

Its leather made strap is suitable for every female wrist which is delicate in nature. A date window at the 6 o’clock position shows the current date of a month. At the right of the case, there is a flaunting rose-golden push knob.

Women are in themselves glamorous and fashionable, so the Tissot watches for women are apt for their style.