3D Print Farm Making Universal Phone Charging Battery Cases To Sell

DocLoc 3D Prints utilizes 3 Creality Ender 3 Printers and 3 CR-10 Printers to make DocLoc phone chargers. Each DocLoc takes 11 hours and 36 minutes to print and with 6 printers the farm can produce a humble 12 DocLocs a day.

A “DocLoc” is a 3D Printed, Universally Attachable Phone Charger/Battery Case that fits all iPhones, Androids, tablets,
controllers or anything USB powered.
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FARM SHOW – How To Convert A Lawn Tractor To Electric

You can mow a 2-acre lawn for pennies with an all-electric lawn tractor. Brian Edmond’s DIY Electric Tractor Conversion Kit lets you take a lawn tractor headed for the scrap heap and make it mow again.

    “I put together a complete kit for converting a 38 to 42-in., gas-powered lawn tractor to 24-volt all electric drive,” says Edmond. “You can convert almost any lawn tractor of that size.”

    Edmond recommends checking with local repair shops for tractors headed for the scrap heap. He advises looking for tractors with 18-in. rims to match the gear ratio of his transaxle. Deck size is also important, as he has sized the electric motors to 19 to 21-in. blades.

    Once it has been stripped down and parts resold or discarded, the frame should be power washed. He estimates the repower could take as long as 40 hrs., depending on experience levels. He provides complete plans, including videos and diagrams.

    “Standard hand tools and basic electrical skills stripping and wrapping wires are all that are needed, aside from a small amount of welding,” says Edmond. “A local welding shop can easily handle that.”

    With the exception of batteries, the kit contains the most difficult-to-get parts. The transaxle with brake and drive motor come in one unit. The kit also includes individual motors with mounting flanges for blade drives, electronic motor controller, control relays, digital amp/volt meter, circuit breakers and more.

    Edmond selected components for their energy efficiency. “Other conversion kits are out there that will run for 15 to 20 min., but my kit will cut as much as 2 acres of grass on one 50-cent charge,” he says. “Another difference is battery placement. Instead of under the hood, I put the batteries under the driver’s seat for traction. Without the extra weight over the drive wheels, you can spin out on wet grass.”

    Safety is a big feature with Edmond’s kit. He focused his 41 years of experience with electric motors and instrumentation on making his kit not only efficient, but also safe.

    “Take your foot off the accelerator pedal, and the tractor slows in 1/2 a second, stops and applies the parking brake,” explains Edmond. “Without a mechanical drive, the cutter blades stop within 2 seconds. You could fall off, and the tractor will come to a standstill and the blades will stop before they could hit you.”

    Other safety features include the mower deck itself. In order to activate the blades, the deck has to be lowered and the tractor has to be at rest with the operator’s foot on the brake pedal.

    “You can’t activate the blades when the tractor is moving,” says Edmond.

    Stopping and restarting on a hillside is also safer than with a mechanical drive. Stop on a slope, and the parking brake engages. Step on the accelerator pedal, and the parking brake disengages. The tractor begins moving within 1/10 of a second.

    “With a mechanical drive, release the brake, and the tractor will begin to roll as you let out the clutch,” says Edmond. “With my kit, the mower won’t roll back more than an inch.”

    Minimal maintenance is an attractive feature of Edmond’s converted tractors. Not only are there no oil or gas levels to check, but there are also no filters, belts or pulleys to replace.

    Removing the entire mower deck can be done by pulling 2 pins and a steel bar at the front. Even the blades are easy to maintain. Remove 4 pins to pull the blades for sharpening or replacement. Again, safety is paramount.

    “Power to the motors on each blade is delivered via a plug-in cable,” explains Edmond.

    The kit is available at an introductory 22 percent discount of $1,247 U.S. or $1,597 Canadian. It uses standard 6-volt golf cart batteries and can be recharged with a standard battery charger in 4 to 5 hrs.

    “You can go on eBay and find a battery charger from an electric wheelchair. They are all smart chargers,” suggests Edmond. “They will shut off automatically, extending battery life.”

    Edmond estimates annual operating cost for cutting 2 acres 22 times a year with his repowered mower at about $11 plus $57 towards replacing $400 batteries every 7 years. He compares that with the $366 estimated cost of operating a gas tractor (fuel and service) the same amount of time.

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The Various Usage Of Electric Fencing For Your Farm

Those of us who own a farm usually take certain steps very seriously. Now whether one need their farm to make a living or it a hobby, there surely comes the question of protecting the animals present there involving certain investments which people make. One of the ways to start is to make sure that livestock and other farm animals are safe. An electric fence will certainly keep the animals in with the potential predators out. In case of the animal, when they are shocked they will stay away from it. They work with veterinarians which will ensure that the animals will be safely protected by electric fence.

The Fence Charger

Start the process by choosing the right fence charger. There are different chargers which cover different amounts of acres and miles. The energy is measured is joule. It will measure the shock which the animal will feel right from the output of energy.

There are chargers with low impedance. In this method, shock will be delivered to the animal even if weeds or vegetation are in contact with electric fence.

AC Electrical Fence Charger

Another alternative is AC chargers which are known as plug-in chargers which are used for connecting to a 110 volt or 220 volt outlet. They are constant as well as cost-effective as they are constantly connected to a power source. They will also produce maximum power.

Now if you do not have a proper power outlet then there will be two kinds of chargers. Now if you want to bear it out, then they will need high power electric fence charger.

Battery Powered Electric Fence Charger

There are also battery powered chargers which use 12 volt, 6 volt 4-volt or D-cell batteries. The bigger batteries will surely make more volts and will make it last longer. These battery powered fence chargers will offer less power but certainly great for remote areas where one do not have access to outlet.

If one is using a battery powered charger, then try to keep a backup battery just in case. There is requirement to change the batteries and then keep an eye on the power levels. One may also want to invest in volt meter as they are helpful in checking batteries.

Solar Powered Electric Fence Charger

As suggested by the name itself, the electric fence charger gives least power. They are surely the convenient choice as they last longest. Just make sure that the charger is in place getting four to six hours of sunlight every day. Use a solar powered unit for small area.

Post Insulators

Insulators will surely keep the fence from shorting between wire as well as posts. Try using high quality insulator which is right design for the fencing materials being electrified. Most of the insulators are usually made of porcelain or plastic which surely do not conduct electricity. Porcelain insulators last long and are certainly costlier. Corner posts and post usually withstand greater tension. Try using insulators.


IT WORKS! (New Solar Power Fence Charger) – The Farm Life

Today we are relocating the Cornish Chicken Coop & Testing out a new Solar-Powered fence Charger!
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In today’s family farm vlog we are moving the portable chicken coop so we can put out a new batch of cornish broilers chickens & we also got a new solar-powered fence charger for the movable electric poultry netting that I cannot wait to test out!
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Why Are Farm Tractors Important?

During the ancient times, everything is manual, from the use of fire to cook food, the use of bare hands to pulverize and grow crops, to the conventional way of digging and planting crops. Everything needs to be done manually. As the world develops, farm equipment were invented and brought to life to cater on the needs of the growing society.

We realize that food is man’s basic needs. Without food, we are nothing. We can’t sustain our everyday activities. From that realization, man invent the things that will develop and enhance the farming process. Take a guess what is the equipment that has a big impact to the farming process until nowadays.

Tractors are built to cater on the farm processes.

They were invented primarily to aid the farmer’s needs for farming. Planting crops like rice, corn wheat, and cotton is not that easy. Imagine yourself planting cotton annually in a hundred hectares of land. By the end f the day, you can’t make the hundred-hectare land planted with crops yet you end up exhausted. It might take you a year, maybe? Now, you are worry free on how long it takes to have the entire piece of land planted.

All you have to do is to purchase the most efficient tractor available, and have your tractor do the job. It is some kind of an investment, since you will end up using it every step of the way. You don’t have to worry about the days wasted. Specialized farm tractor can do it for you in no time. Aside from speed, it is accurate and convenience. All you have to do is hire a competent operator, run it against the field, and in minutes, it could cover a wide area of field.

Farm tractors have specifications. Let’s take a peek of some of the most conventional processes of farm tractors. The basic tractor is in charge of plowing, pulverizing, and treating the farm field. Its basic function is to make the lad ready for the seeds. Take note that farmers have a lot of considerations before resorting to planting the crops and dropping the seeds. Another form of farm tractor is in charge of laying the seeds.

At some point where manual intervention is required, the farm tractors serve as an on hand guide. Irrigation tractors now come to life. Once the land is subject to planting crops, the tractor in charge of water supply takes its turn. There are also specialized farm tractors whose job is to maintain the growth of the newly planted crops by pulling out weeds and unnecessary subjects within the crops. During harvest, the tractors are the ones collecting the harvest and sending the bulk of harvest to the dealers. They are also the ones transporting it from the farm to the market.

Well, it is how farming works. It is also how farm tractors affect the farming process. Imagine farming without those farm tractors to assist our farmers. The importance of farm tractors in the farming process is far beyond compare. Quality of human life is partly dependent on how well farming is because it if how life is sustained.


Piece of junk NAPA battery charger review

Here is my review of a NAPA battery charger that I bought about a year ago.


Charging a Dead Battery – NOCO Genius G7200 Battery Charger

Charging a battery is something everyone should know how to do.
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