Digital Battery Charger Unboxing | Sirius 2 | 12 Volts | 2 Amps

Ideal for all motorcycles, vintage cars, lawn tractors, atv and more…
The microprocessor manages automatically selection of multiphase charging cycles of all type of lead batteries and also lithium batteries (LifePO4)
In case of electricity failure SIRIUS 2 turns off and continues the charge at the point that was last memorised by the microprocessor when electricity returns.
Sirius 2 has CAN-Bus bypass, It is also protected against reverse polarity, short circuit and it is waterproof (degree of protection IP65)
Equipped with cable with clamps 30A and cable with rings.

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Experiment Connecting Four Chargers At Once to Smartphone “Fast Charging Test”

What happens if you charge phone with 4 chargers. Fast charging? Experiment, connecting four chargers at once.

This experiment supouse to show, whta happens after connecting multiple chargers at once to smartphone.

My previous video about smartphone charging

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How To Check Mobile Charger Ampere Urdu/Hindi

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Hi friends aaj ki is video may hum apko yeh btay gay k aap kisi b mobile charger k ampere ko kis trah sy test kar sakty hy k wo real hy k fake,
is video may detail sy step by step apko 3 triqy btay jaay gy jin ki madad sy aap kisi b charger k ampere ko check kar sakty gy,
umeed hy apko yeh video pasand aay gi,
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Google Pixel Stand Review: Best Wireless Charger?

The Pixel Stand from Google does more than most wireless charging pads, as it should for the price of $79. It can turn your Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL into a Smart Display, complete with a photo slideshow feature, always-listening Google Assistant, and Sunrise alarm. Do you think these added features justify its relatively steep price?

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Charger or Cable? Who is at Fault? Smartphone Charging!!!

Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse Smartphones charging ke baare mein baat ki hai. Fake Chargers aur Fake Cables kaise problem dete hai Mobile Phones ko charge karte time.

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How Does Fast/Quick Charging Work? [QUICK CHARGING EXPLAINED] (SuperVooc, Samsung, Apple, Qualcomm)

How Does Fast/Quick Charging Work? [QUICK CHARGING EXPLAINED] (SuperVooc, OnePlus, Samsung, Apple, Qualcomm)
If you’re a TechHead you’ve probably heard about the term Fast Charging at least once in the past few years and if you’re just getting into tech, you’re probably wondering what it is. Well, That’s what this video is for. Welcome to Brainy Tech, and This Is How Fast Charging Works.

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Quick/Fast chargers will fill your battery with juice in less time than the standard charger that probably came with your phone. That’s what makes them different and why so many people decide to use them over their standard charger. A Faster charging time and therefore a shorter wait for a full battery.
Your phone includes a built-in regulator to prevent pumping too much power into the battery and frying it. So, how fast your phone can charge is limited by what its internal regulators allow. This of course is affected by the charger your using to charge your smartphone. For example, Your charger, may put out 2.0 amps at 3V but a typical USB 2.0 port will charge at 0.5 amps. So a USB port will charge it more slowly than the charger that came with your device. Even without branded “quick chargers”, some chargers can fill your battery faster than others.
The charge controller in your smartphone protects against dangerous spikes in current. This controller chip regulates the overall flow of electricity into and out of the battery. Lithium-ion controllers define the current (in amps) at which the battery charges by measuring the battery’s cell current and voltage, and then adjusting the current flowing in. Some use a DC to DC converter to change the input voltage, and fancier integrated circuits adjust the resistance between the charger input and the battery terminal to ramp the current flow up or down.
Now that we have the basics down, let’s talk a bit about how fast charging works.
Many USB 3.1/USB C devices take advantage of the USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) specification, which has a maximum power output of 20V/5A (100W). Smartphones don’t regularly draw that much power, so therefore manufacturers commonly use a lower amperage (like 3A).
Fast charging standards like Qualcomm’s Quick Charge and Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charging purposely exceed the USB spec’s voltage parameters, that’s why your phone is able to recharge in minutes, rather than hours.

There are also a many promising quick charge standards such as Apple’s Quick Charge, Samsung’s Quick Charge, Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 1.0-4.0,Oppo’s Super VOOC Flash Charge, OnePlus Dash Charging and Huawei SuperCharge, which all run on the same concept as the rest, Just with varying charging speeds.
One thing to keep in mind though is that with quick charging more heat is generated during the charging process. The more power you push through a device, the more stress it puts on a battery and the more heat it will eventually generate. While Quick Charge devices are built to be safe, they can still get quite hot.

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Real Me 2 Pro VS Honor 8x Vs MI 8 Lite Battery Drain & Charging Test Hindi

Hello brothers & Sisters,

Yeh Video Battery Drain & charging test hei
Honor 8X Vs MI8 LITE VS Real Me 2 Pro ka
Agar koi doubt ya question hei agli
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Xiaomi MI 8 Lite Unboxing

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बिना बिजली के मोबाइल चार्ज करने का सबसे Best तरीका# best way to charge mobail without light

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yaha par humane Bina light ke mobail charge krne ke tarike bataye hai jis se ki apko help mil sake

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Redmi Note 5 Pro vs MotoRola one power # Speed#internet#battery 100%Drain/charge

0-100% charging time 100-0% discharging time Speed Test gaming test 7 Heavy Graphics Game Play
charging/drain#internet speed test


How to Fast Charge Any iPhone or Android Device – Complete Guide

Good Charging Practices:

1. Use the correct charger that was supplied by the manufacture OR a reputable Companies like (Anker and Belkin).

2. Chargers from Convenience stores or those under 10.00 are most likely insufficient – Best to check reviews first.

3. Use the correct cable – very important. Quality cabling affects data transfer speeds and charging. Cables greater then 3 feet (1 meter) such as the 15 foot or 4.5-meters charging cables should be avoided.

4. Consider keeping your phone up to date as new patches and features can aid in preserving battery control and enable better power management

5. Keep away from heat sources

From direct sunlight, near heaters, away from exhaust fans from laptops, desk lamps
Best Charging ambient temperatures, with 62° to 72° F (16° to 22° C) 
In a glove box, vs in direct sunlight if charging in a vehicle
Charging your device when it’s inside certain styles of cases may generate excess heat, which can affect battery capacity in the long run.  

Fast Charging Scenarios:

Scenario 1 Time More then 3 Hours. Example: Overnight Charging, no rush, constant charging is available, night stand charging

First be sure to adhere to the above Good Charging Practices.

Can charge with computer cable for Android and Apple Phones. Since Time is greater then 3 hours.

Wireless charging is a good option here as well, as it charges the phone at about the same rate as the original 5W adapter.

For Android: Use a charger that says 2A (2 Amps) or greater. Unlike Apple, phones that are designed for fast charging includes the fast charger with the phone.

For Apple iPhones:
For this scenario the original white cube charger will be sufficient. No need to use a more powerful charger. Like ground shipping you have time on your side. The White cube charger from apple will charge a depleted phone in about 3 hours at 5 Watts

Scenario 2 less then two hours but more then one hour of charging time. Example: Have a Date! Event Planned – Anticipate Lots of pictures and movies.

First be sure to adhere to the above Good Charging Practices written above.

In this scenario its best practice to stay from wireless charging as well as charging your phone with your laptop.

If your battery is below 20% consider placing your phone in airplane mode prior to charging.

If your expecting a call the considering enabling low power mode. Either way I recommended you don’t use the phone while it is charging as the power supplied to the phone for charging is partially diverted to screen and computing power when your using it while charging.

Android: use included quick charger or equiviant charger 2A or greater.

For Apple: Advanced Quick Charger is NOT included. You can either use an alternative charger from Anker, Belkin, or another good company (Be sure to check reviews). The included square white cube charger is insufficient for quick charging.

Quick charging options for Apple include:

Use your iPad USB charger [12W ~2Hrs & 20 Min ] (if you have one) as long as you have a USB to Lightning Cable. Apple will gladly sell the cable for 19 dollars as of 10.11.18.

Use reputable chargers from Anker:
Range from 10 to 40 bucks, depending on what cables you have. Each USB or USB-C is at least 2A.

For Apple (Fast Charger 30Watt) ~ 2 hours AT ~50 Dollars

Notice that double wattage does not mean double charging speed. 87 Watt Adapter for Apple MacBook which can charge iPhone if you have the correct cable will not charge the phone in 20 minutes, continues to take about 1.8 Hrs.

Scenario 3 Less the 45 Minutes. Example: Have a Date! Event Planned – Anticipate Lots of pictures and movies. NEED MORE POWER

First be sure to adhere to the above Good Charging Practices available in the notes.

Follow Scenario 2, be sure that you are using a charger that is 2A or greater.

Wireless charging or charging by a laptop here is not optimal.

What else can you do?

1. Most effective – Shut phone off. Prevents background apps and keeps phone off. Keep the phone cooler since it is off.

2. Effective: If you can’t shut phone off – airplane mode as soon as you can. If you are expecting a call – low power mode as soon as you plug in the phone.