Top 3 tips charge phone faster android | how to charge mobile faster in telugu | charge battery fast

Hi friends welcome to my channel. My name is itham prasad. here are Top 3 tips charge phone faster android. In this video I will tell you how to charge battery faster and to increase the android mobile battery life. You can charge android mobile faster telugu. I hope you got how to speed up charging android. Friends please do subscribe my youtube channel for more videos. aluminium foil does not charges mobile faster. That’s fake. They will try to increase their video’s view count. You can also use third party charger if in case your charger was damaged or lost. But the configuration must be the same. Use reputed branded chargers for best results. Keep your mobile in airplane mode or switch off while charging.


Use Fast chargers. Fast chargers are available in all e-commerce sites.use the fast charger and keep your smartphone in airplane mode or switch off so that mobile charging will be much faster.

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Every phone battery has life cycles. if you charge from 0 percent to 100 percent, that’s called as one life cycle. Mobile batteries might have 1000 life cycles or more. Keep your battery charging between 20 percent to 80 percent to keep your smartphone battery healthy and long life. It’s best for the battery life.

Don’t play with your phone while its charging. Do not plug to computer or laptop for charging purpose. Turn off bluetooth, wifi, gps and all other networks while charging to increase the battery life. Reduce the mobile brightness, disable the adaptive brightness. And also reduce the display sleep time.

Reboot your android mobile or phone once in a week. Turn on the Stand by battery saving mode in settings. turn off the auto-update option in the playstore for all apps. If your display is amoled then use the black colored wallpaper to increase the battery life. If you have TFT or IPS display then do not use animated wallpapers that is, live wallpapers. just use static wallpapers.

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Which charging method is faster? Quick Charge 2.0 vs Turbo Charging !

In this video lets do a charging time test between Quick Charge 2.0 provided by Qualcomm vs Motorola’s Turbo Charging (Based on Qualcomm QC 2.0) Lets see whoi wins!
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Charge You Android Phone Battery Faster | Quick Charging Tips

Charge You Android Phone Battery Faster Best Tips For You

If your android phone battery charging slowly & It’s take too much time or it’s not proper storage the power then this video is will be helpfull for you i have some best tips for you mobile to charge it faster Yes after use these tips you can charge your phone battery faster just try it,Let’s Watch this short video.

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iPhone power adapters tested: Charge your iPhone faster

We test five different power adapters on three different iPhones to test their performance and find out if the new iPhone fast charging is really worth it.

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How To Charge Your Android Phone Faster In 2019?

If you want to fast charge your Android smartphone, then there are many factors responsible for it. For example, whether your phone supports a dedicated fast charging technology or you’re using the correct charger.

And if you’re charging your Android phone via your PC, then whether you’re using the USB 3.0 port or not. So watch this video and learn some more useful tips that can help you charge your Android phone faster.

If you have something to add, then do let us know in the comments down below.

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How to Charge Your iPhone Faster

In this video, I check out some of the fastest ways to charge your new iPhone. The first 500 people to sign up via this link will get two months of Skillshare Premium for FREE!
This video was sponsored by Skillshare.

I am using the iPhone XS Max fro this charging test. And the chargers I am using are the 5watt standard charger which comes in the box, 7.5watt fast wireless charger, 12 watt iPad charger, 18 watt USB-C Power Delivery charger (comes with the new 11 and 12.9inch iPad Pro), 18 watt Xiaomi power bank, and 30watt Apple USB Type C charger with Power Delivery.
I timed all the chargers and checked how ling does it take for each charger to get the iPhone XS Max from 1-100%.

Chargers used in the video-
12W charger-
Amazon India:
Amazon US:

18W USB C Power Delivery charger-
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30W USB C Power Delivery charger-
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Randall M. Rueff unwraps a battery charger and Duracell rechargeable batteries (Faster)

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Cool Ways to CHARGE Your Phone FASTER!

COOL Ways to CHARGE Your Phone FASTER. In this video ill show you guyz some new ways which you can try while charging your android smartphone and it will boost the charging speed.

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Newly unveiled EV Charger claims 3X FASTER charging than Tesla’s

// Do you think the newly announced charger will really be able to charge 3x faster than Tesla’s?

Highlight From Teslanomics Live on December 17, 2018. View the full video at

// Porsche and BMW unveil EV charger that’s three times faster than Tesla’s:
New 450 kW charger prototype in Germany
100km (62mi) in 3 minutes
Tesla currently at 120kW and reportedly 250kW next year
No cars can really handle it yet
Still not fast enough for parity with gas cars
Elon hints there could be a Tesla pickup truck next year:
Blade runner like
Wild specs
Hope the look is more normal
Will it come faster than Rivian?

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