BioLite Camp Stove 2 Charging with Fire!!

A few improvements over the original Camp Stove include four fan settings vs. two, a 50% increase in charging capability, led indicators and a built in 2600 mAh battery bank. A great stove for camping or to include in a bug out bag or survival kit.

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IMAX B6 Balance Charger Unboxing | Review | How to use

Hey friends in this video i will unbox and review IMAX B6 Balance Charger

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Lemon powered Supercar- WORLD’S LARGEST Lemon Battery

I was challenged by VW to make electricity to support their electric Supercar at Pike’s Peak. The CRUSHED the course record by 15 seconds in the race. I got a little help from William Osman and some kids and without hurting any feelings one was better than the other.

Check out William’s video here:

The battery used to store and deliver the lemon, zipline, and solar power is a Mobi Gen built by FreeWire Technologies

0:01- Arrow- Andrew Applepie-
1:09- Run- Andrew Applepie-
1:56- Keep on Tryin- Andrew Applepie-
2:42- Cereal Killa- Blue Wednesday –
5:48- Danijel Zambo- Riding through the hall of the mountain king-
6:24- Joakim Karud- Almost Original
8:46- Berlin- Andrew Applepie-
9:35- Danijel Zambo- Devil in Diguise-
11:35- Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-

Summary: I was challenged to charge VW’s electric supercar for the upcoming Pike’s Peak race. I first built a lemon battery with William Osman. Then we tried a regenerative zipline. Then we tried solar power with a twist.

They are soft-



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BAT-SAFE LiPo Fire safety box for battery charging – BEST FOR LESS

Living in an apartment, I have always been worried about how to manage my LiPo batteries – especially since I started performing my extensive battery tests.

There are plenty of examples online in which simple LiPo bags fail to provide enough protection in the case of a fire. Don’t forget that the flames themselves are not the only danger in these cases: heat transfer can ignite nearby objects and the toxic smoke can both harm yourself and fill the area with nasty substances.

Alternatives such as DIY ammo boxes with filters and holes work fine as well, but heat transfer through the box remains a serious issue. On top of that, I couldn’t find ammo boxes cheap enough locally, to make it worth the DIY effort. It is definitely a more spacious option though.

Just to be clear: I bought 2 BAT-SAFE boxes on my own, out of my own pocket, for peace of mind and safety. I use them both during charging / discharging, as well as for storing temporarily LiPo batteries in-between and after my tests. And I will probably get the XL version as well.

This is BEST FOR LESS: BAT-SAFE LiPo Fire safety box for battery charging – Let’s go!

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Bat-Safe (HobbyKing)

Bat-Safe XL (AmainHobbies)

XT60 to XT60 extension (Banggood) (Ebay)

Banana connectors to XT60 extension (Banggood) (Ebay) (Banggood)

Balance cable extension (Banggood) (Ebay) (HobbyKing)

Parallel board (basic, with fuses) (Banggood)

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Sneak Peek: LiPo fire safety box, field chargers, VTX and battery tests, RFExplorer and quad parts

I received some interesting new stuff during the last few days and I thought I should give you a Sneak Peek of what is going on and what is coming up next.

Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more sneak peeks, every now and then. There are a lot of products I buy/receive and try but don’t have the time to show, which you may be interested in as well.

This is Sneak Peek (pilot :P) – Let’s go!

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Acehe 650mAh 2S 75C XT30 LiPo battery (DSKtec)

GNB 260mah 1S 30-60C LiHV battery (Banggood) (Ebay)

GNB 350mah 2S XT30 LiPo battery (Banggood) (Ebay)

Turnigy Nanotech 1S 350mah 65-130C JST LiPo battery (Ebay) (Hobbyking)

BAT-SAFE LiPo safe box (Ebay) (Hobbyking) (Amain)

Boldclash P01 charger (1S) (Tmart) (Ebay) (Boldclash)

ISDT Q6 Lite charger (2-6S) (Banggood) (Ebay)

RFExplorer 6G Combo (SeeedStudio) (J3-RFExplorer)

Matek FCHUB-VTX VTx (30.5×30.5mm) (Banggood) (Ebay) (Matek)

Furious FPV Stealth RACE VTx (Banggood) (Ebay)

HGLRC XJB TX20 VTx (20x20mm) (Banggood) (Ebay) (HGLtech)

AKK FX2 VTx (30.5×30.5mm) (Ebay) (Amazon) (AKKtek)

AKK X2 (MMCX) VTx (Ebay) (Amazon) (AKKtek)

AKK X2 (Pigtail) VTx (Ebay) (Amazon) (AKKtek)

3B-R 100 frame kit with 1105 6000KV motors (Banggood) (Ebay) (3B HOBBY)

Flycolor Raptor-S 12A 20x20mm F/C + ESC stack (Banggood) (Gearbest) (Ebay) (FPVmodel) (Flycolor)

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Crushing Power Bank with Hydraulic Press | HUGE EXPLOSION!

Tablet computer and power bank vs. our hydraulic press
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Latest LiPo Batteries, Chargers and Accessories from Venom

For the best prices on the latest drones, visit B&H online at:

In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew speaks with Jeff Simon, marketing director Venom Power about the company’s new lithum polymer batteries, chargers and accessories for drones. The first is a simple yet important innovation for fire-resistant lipo bags: replacing the velco strip with metal snaps. The velcro and adhesives can themselves catch fire and burn, thereby spreading the flames. The company has also produced a low-cost replacement battery for the SenseFly eBee, a 180mAH, one cell battery to power the Mini-Whoop revolution, a dual-charger for the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 as well as a new stand up quad-charger with 100 watts of power on each of its four channels, as well as two 2.1-volt USB charging ports.


DANGEROUS! Motomaster Car battery charger – Amp gage melted! Fire hazard – canadian tire

I took this video after opening up my battery charger to check why the amp gage needle was not moving anymore. I ended up discovering the gage had melted in the charger, luckily for me not taking fire.

This charger is a motomaster bought at my local Canadian Tire store.

I had the charger for a bit over 2 years now, while the warranty covers me for 2 years. not sure you can see from the video but I’ve probably used it 3-4 times every year to charge a small 12v battery I have (for RC stuff). I’ve always used the charger as it is supposed to, and as you can see the battery I’m using it with is not really huge.

This is clearly a defective problem and as most people knows this circuit should have been protected with some fuse or something. Amp gages are well known to catch fire (google it up, amp gage fire car).


The Three Types of Fire Damaged Properties in Real Estate Investing

There are basically three types of damage to evaluate when investing in fire damaged properties. The first is what most people see when they look at a property that has been burned. This damage appears to be so extensive that it can’t be repaired. Seldom is this the case unless the roof has caved in and the walls aren’t structurally sound.

Actually, most damage is much less severe and falls into one of the following three categories:

1. There is slight soot or smoke damage throughout most of the property with the major damage contained to one room, usually the kitchen or a bedroom. These usually start when a pot on the stove over-heats and catches fire. The smoke generated is electrostatically charged and adheres to everything including the walls and ceiling. This type of damage is very easily corrected and should cost in the area of $15 to $20 a square foot for the entire living area of the property.

2. The ceiling has been penetrated by the fire and the trusses have been burned. However, the roof is not penetrated or is only slightly burned through. In some cases the roof has been opened by the firemen. Usually a couple of rooms are heavily damaged. This type of damage should be in the area of $20 to $35 a square foot.

3. The interior is heavily damaged and the roof is completely burned through in various areas. This is the most extensive type of damage and could run from $40 to $70 a square foot or more. Be very careful on these properties as a contractor can get started and have trouble finishing the job because he underestimated the repairs and labor needed.

More accurate estimates of these repair costs should be gotten from local contractors who are in the business of rebuilding burned properties. Keep their phone numbers as contacts for your buyers list and ask for referrals to investors who work with these contractors so you can sell them your deals.

The opportunity that exists for even more damaged properties is to put them under a purchase and sale contract or get an option agreement with the seller. Next market them to a buyers list of local contractors and companies that repair smoke damage. Look to buy these properties at about 10% of their After Repaired Value (ARV) and sell them in “As Is” condition for twice what you paid as a wholesale property.

In summary, there is excellent potential to sell wholesale burned properties. Do not worry about the condition of the properties, just get them under contract and wholesale them to investors who know what they are doing. Properties in category #1 above offer super potential as the repair work is labor intensive but only minimal materials are required. A homeowner will generally get a substantial insurance payment from his insurance carrier and whatever he sells his home for is essentially found money. You have no risk except for your deposit with the homeowners so try a few burned properties to see how easy they are to acquire and sell.