How do I start my motorcycle with a flat battery

Starting A Motorcycle With A Dead Battery. Jumpstarting a bike, especially one that’s been sitting for a long time, is the easiest way to get going with a dead battery, and it’s no different from jumpstarting a car. You’ll need to use a pair of jumper cables to connect your battery to another vehicle’s batteryLarge automotive-type battery chargers, designed to charge a good-sized car or truck battery, can easily overcharge a small motorcycle battery if you’re not careful. Unfortunately, in some circumstances, that may be the only type of charger available. … Yes, it’s a pain, but it’s better than cooking your battery.Push-starting a motorcycle just eliminates the need to use the starting system. Be sure, then, that your battery or starter is at fault. … If the battery has enough juice to shine the headlight fairly brightly, you can probably pop-start your bike.Manufacturers do not recommend attempting to jump start a motorcycle battery from a car. The reason is that car batteries are much larger and have a much higher amperage (more power) and can damage a motorcycle battery.


Charging a Flat Battery With an Optimate Smart Charger

View Optimate charger range here
View CTEK charger range here


Why You Shouldn't Buy a Supercar… Flat Battery Saga

Back from Where’s Shmee, and that means the Ferrari FF and Cayman GT4 haven’t been driven for a while.. and yes, you guessed it, the Ferrari has a flat battery. Unfortunately I don’t have access to a trickle charge socket in my garage but as it transpires the battery is weakening significantly (it’s 4 years old) so will be replaced – let’s see if they do it under the extended warranty. Either way, it’s a pretty insignificant issue.

Additionally, as mentioned before, the McLaren 675LT is also off to the dealer for a post-trip checkover and a small fix to a sensor that controls the lift system, nothing dramatic.

However, the German member of the garage is flawless and running perfectly!

Long story short is that hand-built, limited run cars do need to be looked after – to be honest all cars these days have problems as they get super complicated.

Shout out to Sam for the attempts at jumping the car:

My apologies for the quality in a few clips as they are shot by phone – I didn’t have my camera to hand.

Thanks for watching, Tim



CTEK MXS 7.0 REVIEW AND DEMONSTRATION. Ctek 12V CAR battery Charger/ conditioner –

WE REVIEW THE CTEK MXS 7.0 , AND CIGARETTE 12 V CHARGER ACCESSORY Ctek 12V CAR battery Charger/ conditioner .


BoltPower D28 Car Battery Charger, Jump Vauxhall Insignia CDTi 2.0 from flat

Boltpower was straight out of the box, Insignia was flaaaat!


Se2Ep25 Turon Sofala Wattle flat P2

#nosmallcreator Day9 September Challenge

Well after a night of heavy rain, thunderstorms a fire ban, we pack up and hit the tracks.

First we head back out of turon NP to head down to upper turon river road, via Turon Gates.

We follow this heading towards sofala, branching of at redgum road to cut across to Wattle Flat where we make camp for the night under the shelter, and are welcomed to the million billion star sky.

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How to Jump Start A Flat Battery with a Ring PowerPack

A How To video showing how jump-start a car’s flat battery using a Ring PowerPack.


Midtronics car battery charger and testing tool – ChargeXpress PRO 25, MDX-P300

A demonstration of the Midtronics ChargeXpress PRO 25 and the Midtronics MDX-P300 car battery tester / diagnosis tool.
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Midtronics’ ChargeXpress PRO series is best described as a multi-tasking specialty charger and power
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Specialty chargers
Midtronics ChargeXpress PRO series differentiate themselves
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Midtronics MDX-300 Series Battery & Electrical System Analyzers:

With the Midtronics MDX-300 Series Battery Testers with Integrated Printer, it’s now easier and more economical than ever to determine and present the current state of a battery and electrical system.

A Preventative Maintenance Solution That’s Fast,
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Using patented conductance technology and time-tested reliability, the MDX-300 Series performs a quick and accurate battery or system test in seconds—without heat, sparks or user interpretation. The results can then be printed and reviewed immediately with customers for added impact in preventative maintenance routines and customer service.

Integrated printer
Customizable header on printout
Tests 12 volt batteries and systems for cars and light trucks
Tests starting and charging system voltage and displays results
Bad cell detection
Reverse polarity protection
Tests discharged batteries down to 1 volt
Multiple rating system compatible (CCA, SAE, DIN, EN, IEC, JIS#)
Tests multiple battery chemistries; regular automotive, AGM, and GEL


Shipping Container house – Flat lighting battery & 12v battery chargers

Shipping container house – Recharging the lighting battery with a charger after the lighting battery goes flat.
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The 12v 20 amp battery charger was purchased from an Australian automotive store, called “Supercheap Autos” and cost $200.


How to charge a flat car battery with a battery charger

How to charge a flat battery with a battery charger. I got up this morning and left the side lights on in my van. The result, a flat battery.