Car+Vehicle Jump Start Guide EverStart 100 Electric Battery Charger

How to use a battery charger/jumper to start a vehicle. EverStart Starter 100 Battery Charger Directions.
Step by Step guide! Just what you need!

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1968 Dodge Charger Ray Barton Hemi For Sale

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Vin: XS29L8B104942

There’s nothing but raw power inside this Charger! Born as a real R/T 440 Charger, this rotisserie build left no bolt un-turned! Since the 4 – year rotisserie restoration was completed in 2011 there have only been about 300 miles clocked on this black beauty. The previous owner only brought her out about 3 times a year, each time making sure to wax the undercarriage! In total, the previous owner held onto this monster for 18 years before they decided to pass their dream onto the next lucky owner. Additionally, a friend of the previous owner owns a Mopar restoration shop in his local town, who assisted with the build from beginning to end. Under this custom hood, which by the way has 100+ man-hours into it, was made to appear factory original. All the power comes from the Crate Ray Barton 528ci motor, pumping out 650hp/600tq. Bolted up to the power-plant is the original 4 – speed manual A833 transmission.

The Original Build Sheet is Included in sale!

Call us today and let VMS park your dream in your driveway!

Go to to see over 100 HD photos and our in-depth video for this 1968 Dodge Charger and over 200 other classics!


Crate 528 Hemi Ray Barton Hemi
– Aluminum Heads
– Aluminum Valve Covers
– 650 Hp 600 ft lbs
– Engine # P5153843
– World Products Block
– Serial # 0803114A446 P5153862 VP
Holley Demon 4150 4 Barrel
– Downleg Boosters
– Mechanical Secondaries
A833 4 Speed Manual
– Transmission # PP8332195 0003
Front Torsion Bar Suspension
– Tubular Upper and Lower Control Arms
Rear Leaf Spring Suspension
Dana 60 Rear End 3.54 Posi
– Dual Exhaust
– Dynomax Mufflers
– X Pipe
Wilwood Brakes
– Front Disc Drilled and Slotted
– Rear Disc Drilled and Slotted
Wheels and Tires
Front Wheels: 17”
Rear Wheels: 17”
Front Tires: Cooper 225/45R17
Rear Tires: Cooper 255/45R17
Key Features:
– POWER Rack & Pinion Steering
– Vintage A/C Setup
– March Pulley Setup
– Polished Aluminum Radiator
– Red Top Optima Battery


Jet Black Paint Finish
Chrome Is In Excellent Shape
Grille Is In Great Shape
Custom Hood and Scoops
All Gaps and Lines are Nice and Even
Stainless Is In Great Shape
Vent Window are In Great Shape
Door Handles Look New
Doors Operate Nicely
Door Lips and Jams are Clean
NASCAR Fuel Fill
Inside Trunk Is Clean
– Spare Tire Looks Great
– Jack
– Trunk Floor is Nicely Coated
– Gutters are Clean
– Rubber Seals are In Great Shape
– Backside of Lips on Deck Lid look Good


Bucket Seats
Center Console
Floor Shifter
Door Panel Are In Great Shape
Wood Grain Steering Wheel
Upholstery In Overall Excellent Shape
Front and Rear Seat Belts
Head Liner Is Nice and Tight
Gauges are Clean and Clear


New Gas Tank
New Exhaust Tips
Stainless Gas Tank Straps
Cross Members are Solid
Frame is Beautifully Painted
Floor Boards are Beautiful
New Brake Lines
K Member is Nice and Clean
Core Support looks Great
Wheel Wells Painted Nicely

Don’t miss out! Call Tom 7 days a week 248-974-9513


23 August 2018 | Huge Queues In Australia For Model 3, Ford In No Rush To EVs and IONIQ…

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Well good morning, good afternoon and good evening, wherever you are in the world, hello and welcome to the Thursday 23rd August edition of EV News Daily. It’s Martyn Lee here with the news you need to know about electric cars and the move towards sustainable transport.


Thank you to for helping make this show, they’ve built the first marketplace specifically for Electric Vehicles. It’s a totally free marketplace that simplifies the buying and selling process, and help you learn about EVs along the way too.



Kicking off with some news in brief, and some quick bite-size headlines: The government of India is planning to subsidize EV charging infrastructure to speed up the EV revolution there, describing the situation with the well-worn chicken and egg metaphor, what comes first, the cars or the chargers. OPEL/Vauxhall has followed up their teaser with images of the GT X Experimental Concept – a compact SUV concept with coupe appeal, EV powertrain, with inductive charging and a 50kWh battery. Except it doesn’t because they haven’t even built a concept, it’s a picture. So they can give it whatever specs they want. And the average Sale Price Of Tesla Model 3 Now At $59,000, although that’s not an official line from Tesla, it crowdsources 4,600 Model 3 owners and what they paid, with that price going up due to AWD and Performance options more recently available.  


Tesla has flown in 3 production versions of the Model 3 to let Australian fans have a look around. And boy did they ever! Some people queued for hours to get just a few minutes with the car at showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Australian customers, like all those who paid their deposit over two years ago still have a year to wait before driving their cars. The best guesstimate for local deliveries is production starting in the next 12 months with deliveries to commence in the next 12 to 18 months. Here in the UK we don’t expect RHD model to appear before July 2019. I gather the model on display is the cheapest, long range RWD model, which is $66,610 in local currency before taxes and import duties are applied. Add those and you’re looking at $80,000 drive-away Aussie dollars The queues don’t surprise me because there’s a pent up demand to see it in the flesh. When I went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed earlier this year it’s such aa different experience to studying photos.  


Recently on the show you and I went through the newly official EPA rating of the Hyundai KONA EV, or at least the long range 64kWh battery version, which is the only one being sold in North America. And I even mentioned it was more than the Chevrolet Bolt but I didn’t connect enough dots to make this statement. The KONA EV is the longest range of any electric vehicle currently on sale that isn’t built by Tesla. So the KONA pack stores 4kWH more energy than the Bolt, and as we’ve seen with the IONIQ Hyundai are getting a reputation for building efficient EVs. In terms of charging the KONA i want to say again, Hyundai have this really confusing way of describing it online and on press releases, they give the charge time of 54minutes when connected to a 100kW charger. However please remember, with the current of 200amps on the battery pack, and even 200amps being the max current on the current CCS plug, the theoretical max charge speed is ~72kW. I’ve been guilty in the past of saying it’s capable of 100kW charging but that’s an urban myth for some reason. That’s still a great speed by the way, 54mins to 80% at that speed, 75 mins on a 50kW charger and 9.5hours on the 7.2kW onboard.  


“Hyundai are planning to deliver electric N Performance models after the current crop of N cars, with the Hyundai Ioniq EV N looking to be in the frame.” says “Hyundai’s N boss Albert Biermann, speaking to Automotive News, says the N Brand won’t be able to avoid electrification past 2021, and he seems to have a clear idea of what could be done. He said: “As an example, we have an Ioniq EV. Were we to find a nice battery, a bigger motor and inverter, we could make an Ioniq EV N with a nice chassis and more power. Something like that is not fully crazy.”  

Read more here:



“Ford will continue to take a cautious approach to the introduction of electric vehicles in Australia. That is despite the blue oval’s new local boss, Kay Hart, being promoted to the…


Yellow Top Battery Install for the Jeep Wrangler – Optima All The Things!

In this video on the build up of the AutoEdits 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JKU, I show you how to install an Optima Yellow Top Battery and why it is a very important upgrade for any of your automotive applications!
Here are some really interesting details on all the different Color Coded Batteries from Optima:

REDTOP Starting Battery: Use this for normal engine starting where an alternator immediately monitors the state of charge and provides energy to the battery whenever it is needed. This would describe most stock vehicles.
Also use for:
-Automotive and RV under-hood starting
-Heavy equipment where starting is the primary function
-Diesel-powered vehicles with no aftermarket electronics

YELLOWTOP Deep-Cycle Battery: Use this when electrical loads are higher than average, or when the discharge cycle is more than typical engine starting, such as vehicles without alternators. This also includes vehicles with significant electrical loads that may exceed the average alternator output (for example, aftermarket audio systems, GPS, chargers, winches, snowplows, inverters, drag cars). This can also include vehicles that have a lot of electronics from the factory, such as a minivan with power sliding doors and a DVD player, especially if the DVD player is used when the engine isn’t running.
Also use for:
-Racing vehicles without a charging system (alternator or generator)
-Dedicated drag-racing vehicles
-Diesel-powered vehicles with aftermarket electronics
-Car audio/video applications exceeding 250 watts over the OE system
-Vehicles or heavy equipment with inverters, hydraulics, winches or other accessories
-Electric vehicles

BLUETOP Marine Battery: The BLUETOP starting battery (dark gray case) is to be used when a dedicated starting battery is required; it should never be used for cycling duty. The dual-purpose BLUETOP (light gray case) can be used for both starting and deep cycling; it is a true deep-cycle battery with extremely high cranking power.
Also use for:
-Trolling motors, marine applications with heavy electrical accessories and RVs should use a dual-purpose BLUETOP (which is both a starting and deep-cycle battery)
-Marine applications and RVs when the battery’s only function is engine starting
Note: The difference between BLUETOP and YELLOWTOP deep-cycle batteries is that BLUETOP batteries have both automotive (SAE) posts and threaded studs, while YELLOWTOPS (other than D31T) only have SAE terminals.

If you ever get confused about the colored tops, just remember: If it has a dark gray case, then it’s a starting battery; if it has a light gray case, then it’s a deep-cycle (dual-purpose) battery.
Remember, deep cycle use by any non deep cycle battery may void the warranty.

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Mustang Battery Tender Battery Charger 1965-2014

Every Battery Tender Battery Charger® uses a programmed microprocessor that will correctly charge a battery, and then automatically switch to a maintenance/float mode when the charge is complete. This Battery Tender Plus, for all year Mustangs, is a 1.25 amp battery charger designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers.

Battery Tender Battery Charger 12V Junior:

See more Mustang Batteries from CJ Pony Parts:


Mini Tool Reviews #9: Shumacher SE1555A Wheeled Automatic Battery Charger

You can grab this Battery Charger on Amazon Here-
In this video we go over this battery charger I have been using at the shop for awhile now with great result. Lot’s of features at a great price a clear winner!
BSG Automotive offers Auto Repair services in the greater Chicagoland area.
Catch up with us on-
My company YouTube Channel- BSG Automotive providing repair advice on makes and models other than Ford:


Tech Tips 8: Using an OPTIMA® Digital 1200 Battery Charger & Maintainer

The OPTIMA Digital 1200 12-volt battery charger and maintainer was designed to enhance the performance and lifespan of OPTIMA batteries, as well as all other flooded and AGM lead-acid batteries. This video explains some of the unique features and functions of this product.

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Ford Super Charger

Ford super chargers are provoking their capabilities by giving car owners a chance to enjoy riding their cars at a very fast speed. You can not just increase the speed of your car but you can also increase the efficiency of your car by installing a turbo super harger kit in it.

In the world of cars, ford is a tycoon. The designs and styles that are offered by ford are really incomparable. Many different automobile companies are also offering super chargers that can dramatically increase the efficiency of ford cars. These cars being expensive are used mostly by elite class people. Some people related to middle class families buy some cheaper models of ford and they install electric super chargers in their cars in order to increase the speed of their cars.

The main purpose of universal turbo kits is to speed up the car. They do so by the thermal processes. These thermal processes also provide some of the energy to the turbo sound simulators that make turbo fake sounds to attract the people. But the main purpose of these turbo kits is to enhance the process of combustion and to provide sufficient power to the engine to boost up the speed of the car.

On the whole, we can say that ford car owners have got a great thing in the shape of turbo kits. These kits give them a chance to drive at a high-speed and above all these turbo kits give smoothness to fast driving. It will be worthy to be said that super chargers have become a necessary part of the cars that are meant to run at a higher speed as compared to the other cars. In all, it is a great experience to use ford super chargers.

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