Self-Charging Electric Cars, Ford EVs and Tesla Model 3 price update | Fully Charged

A mildly manic news update, with some sad stories, some mad stories and and all electric Ford Transit. In a couple of years.

00:33 Ford EV report from their recent Amsterdam launch event including Ford All Electric Transit but their frustratingly absent Mustang inspired electric SUV.
04:47 ‘Self-charging’ hybrids, electric cars and lies.
08:14 Scientific study of long-term mental health impacts of air pollution:
09:45 Classic car tragic mishap: “Couple poisoned in car storage bag”.
11:58 Tesla Model 3 cheap deal in the USA, sort of.
15:01 Patreon supporter shout out, thank you!

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Ford Edge battery/Failing voltage regulator/charging system diagnostics on two 2011s

I recently purchased the SOLAR BA7 battery and charging system tester. (Link Below) I have been having battery issues with one 2011 Ford Edge Limited without remote start. The battery registered as weak and had some strange charging lights that I will have to work on and see if it is just the battery or if the issues are deeper than just a bad battery. The other 2011 Ford Edge limited with push button start and remote start had no issues and check out great. I also tested the battery on a 2011 Toyota mini van and it failed all the tests and registered as bad, which is what I thought it would do. It is the mini van for my church and was just helping out.

BA7 battery tester:


Ford Ranger EV Charging with AVCON connection (plus thermal video)

I charge the Ford Ranger EV for the first time. This 1998 OEM factory-built electric truck used an AVCON charging connection. It’s similar to what we use now, the J1772 “J-Plug”, only it’s boxier and rectangular. Fortunately, some EV charging equipment was included with the truck! As best I can tell, the AVCON charging system was just an earlier version of our current J1772, so it should be no problem to build a simple adapter for charging at public charging stations!

The truck charges at up to 6,000 watts.
I also got out my thermal camera and filmed the heat signature of the charger while it was running.

While the company, Avcon, is no longer in business, it was originally in Franklin, Wisconsin – about 35 miles from where I live!

I used a FLIR brand phone attachment thermal camera in this video:

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Ford Mustang GT BULLITT Wont Start! | Best Car Battery CHARGER

Today we tried to start up the 2008 Ford Mustang GT Bullitt with no success, but thanks to the help of the Ship N Shore Speed Charge car battery charger we where able to start it up and get it running. The Mustang Bullitt was sitting in my garage for almost 3 weeks without any attempts to start it, but since I finally got the registration done on the car, I will start to use it much more often. No, my Dodge Challenger SRT 8 has not been sold yet, but hopefully it will be very soon.



2012 Chevrolet Volt High Voltage Battery Charging

Weber State University (WSU) – Automotive Technology Department – Advanced Vehicle Systems Lab. A brief description of the 360V Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery charging procedures for the 2012 Chevrolet Volt Extended Range Vehicle. This vehicle combines an Electric Vehicle (EV) for trips 25-52 miles in length with a gasoline powered generator (40 mpg+) for trips with no length restrictions.

There are several battery charging options available for the Volt:
1. LEVEL 1 CHARGER: The 120V charger that comes with the vehicle, just plug it in to a power socket in your garage; it can take up to 10 hours to charge a fully depleted battery.
1. LEVEL 2 CHARGER: The 208V – 240V charger that you must purchase separately. These chargers must be professionally installed. There are federal tax credits for the chargers. These chargers can take 4.75 hours on 240V or 4.5 hours on 208V to charge a fully depleted battery. Chevrolet Volt charger options can be found at

Be aware that some chargers are only for the Chevrolet Volt (15 Amps) and others support the Society of Automotive Engineers SAE J1772 standard which will charge many different electric vehicles (15 – 30 Amps) including the Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus EV, Toyota Prius PHV and RAV4 EV, Honda Fit EV, Tesla Vehicles, and etc.

Be sure to see our two other Chevrolet Volt videos:
1. 2012 Chevrolet Volt Overview
2. 2012 Chevrolet Volt Energy Efficiency

We teach advanced vehicle technologies to our automotive students at Weber State University and online. For more information visit:

This video was created and edited by John D. Kelly at WSU. For a full biography, see Donate to the Department of Automotive Technology at Weber state University here:


StarkPower iSparQ 600A Jump Starts Ford F150 with V8 Engine

10% OFF USE VOUCHER CODE: YTOCT – valid until 31st Oct The Experts demonstrates StarkPower iSparQ 600A Jump Starts a Ford F150 with a 5L V8 Engine.

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TACKLIFE T8 800A Car Jump Starter + USB Charger Power Bank

TACKLIFE T8 Car Jump Starter

• The enhanced safety indicator will notify you of any wrong operation with blinking lights and buzzing to prevent you and your vehicle from injury. No worries about sparks. All-metal and ergonomically constructed clamps require less effort to open, and it’s durable enough to use for a long time
• This portable jump starter cranks 12V cars, SUV, truck or van up to 30 times after a full charge (in 4 hours). It comes with a nice protection case as well as chargers, you can easily pack them up and place it into your glove box
• Equipped with an ON/OFF switch and automatic power off function, it features double energy-saving that enable it to be stored up to 12 months without using. Just be sure the power switch is off. Important: The switch MUST BE ON, or it won’t charge
• There are dual smart charging ports and one is 5V/9V quick-charge that can charge your phone, tablet or Kindle at 3.6 times faster speed. It can also power your 12V air compressor with an included cigarette lighter adapter
• The super bright LEDs make it an emergency flashlight when need and the red warning light can remind the passing cars if there is an accident. And it’s a multifunctional life-saver with strobe, SOS signal lights, and a built-in Compass. Also, the digital LCD screen shows electricity clearer


I Fixed Some Really Old Battery Chargers

I dug these out and needed to use one, but I had a look at them all!

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Car+Vehicle Jump Start Guide EverStart 100 Electric Battery Charger

How to use a battery charger/jumper to start a vehicle. EverStart Starter 100 Battery Charger Directions.
Step by Step guide! Just what you need!

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