How to make Hand USB charger for phones – Free Energy 100% Mobile Charging

Charge the battery on your phone anywhere.How to make Hand USB charger for phones – Free Energy 100% Mobile Charging

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free mobile phone charger with magnet

charger free energy with magnet

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12v phone charger, How to convert 12v to 18v, 24v, 35v, 5v with easiest inverter and free FB

12v dc mobile charger. How to convert 12v to 18v, 24v, 35v, 5v easily. My project is to make high performance, simplest and power saving. It is an inverter that uses a properly-calibrated mosfet to power the charger or 24v motor and other devices. That’s the adapter and free ferrite flyback
Channel: Alfred


How to make portable charger for phone and light with 9v battery, use FBT free inverter

How to make portable charger, power bank charger for phone and light with 9v battery, use FBT TiVi for free. It’s just really simple when I’ve researched it. That is a free inverter with a component that I have adjusted very accurately. to give out the best performance. It is best for power saving and does not cause hot mosfet. This is an inverter transformer that acts very smoothly.
Components: IRF z44;
C104 (0.1uF)
C105 (1uf)
R1k = 2,
R520 omh; R220 omh; R560 omh
USB = 1
Led = 1
Channel: Alfred


Phone + charger = power inverter (free energy)

Free energy from the phone using the charger


How to Make a Free Energy USB Charger for Mobile Phone – Homemade (Creative Life)

Hi Friends, Today i will Show you How to Make Hand Powered USB Charger for Mobile Phone at home – DIY | Homemade

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