The Solar Battery Charger – Free, Clean, And Renewable Energy

One of the most annoying realities of our electronic lifestyle is that so many of our electronic must-haves are battery operated. And depending on how often we use them, the life of their batteries can be from a single day to a couple of weeks. While a package of disposable batteries, depending on their size, usually costs less than $ 5, if they are powering an addiction forming device lie a GameBoy, you may burn through them the way a chain smoker burns through a pack of cigarettes.

While TV remotes, flashlights, and smoke detector batteries may only need changing once or twice a year, GameBoys, MP3s, and cell phones are different stories. Not only that; some of the most-used battery-powered devices require not one, but two batteries. The simple truth is, even disposable batteries can make a dent in the entertainment budget.

Environmental Issues

Not only that; actually disposing of disposable batteries has become an issue, and many landfills are no longer taking them because of the danger they pose to groundwater. Fortunately, many battery manufacturers have been ahead of the environmental curve in addressing this issue, and are now marketing rechargeable batteries to replace disposable ones. And they have gone one environmental step further by creating the solar battery charger.

Advantages Of Solar Battery Chargers

A solar battery charger has two advantages; Unlike wall chargers, it does not use energy which you have to pay for to recharge your batteries, and unlike wall chargers, it does not require an electrical outlet. A solar battery charger has built in solar panels which, when placed in a sunny locations, gather the sun's rays, which the charger connects to free electricity and feeds to your rechargeable battery or batteries.

As long as you have sun, you'll have a way to keep you electronic devices up and running; and a solar battery charger can get your batteries fully recharged in as little as three hours on the brightest days. Most rechargeable batteries are equipped with a light to let you know when they have reached their full charge.

A solar battery charger is not large; in fact it is easily transportable so that you can move it to whatever location will provide the best sun exposure. With a solar battery charger and rechargeable batteries, you need never worry about running out of power for your electronic device again. And even better, you will be powering them with free, renewable, clean solar energy, stored in rechargeable batteries which require no environmentally-threatening disposal!


Free Energy MobilePhone Charger

Free Energy generator for phone Charge
Free Energy Charger for Mobile phone

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Free Energy Magic Charger

Magical Free Energy Charger for Mobile phones

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5 Clutter Free Wireless Charger To Save You From Cable

5 Clutter Free Wireless Charger To Save You From Cable

1. elago Charging Hub –
Power your phone, your smartwatch and your wireless earbuds with the elago Charging Hub 3-in-1 Dock for Apple Devices. With clean curves and a compact design, this charging dock helps you top up your devices overnight.

2. Legrand Radiant Wireless Charger Wall Plate –
Legrand radiant wireless charger Qi certified, first in-wall wireless phone charging solution for iPhone and Samsung

3. Sanctuary4 Charging Station –
Sanctuary4 is a four-port multi device charging valet for tablets and phones. With 4-amps of power, there is plenty of juice to quickly charge multiple devices at the same time.

4. HyperCube Wireless Charger Sleep Aid –
HyperCube is a patent pending, award-winning wireless charger. Packed with more than 13 smart features, HyperCube also acts as a sleep aid, wake-up light and alarm clock – all while wirelessly charging up to 3 Qi-enabled devices at once.

5. HoverCharge –
Fast Qi Wireless Charger, 7.5W for Apple & 10W for Android. Anti-Gravity, No Magnets, won’t block NFC, for Car, Home, Office & more.


Free Blogs Are Not Free

Right now, if you're reading this, you probably have a fantastic idea for a blog and not too much else. Am I right? You do not know how to start or even where to starting looking and that's okay. Every single person who has a blog online right now has, at some point, been in your shoes. What a lot of budding bloggers end up doing is starting with a free blog, a free domain name and free hosting. Sounds great, right? I'm going to suggest you not do this.

How Free Blogs Cost You

There are thousands of places online you where you can start a blog hosted by someone else. Within about 2 minutes from now you can be happily typing away on a blog for nothing. Well, it's not really nothing. It may be free as in you do not pay any money for it but it does cost you. You will not have control over your blog, you will not have control over the domain, there may be ads on the blog that you do not get revenue from, and you must obey their policies and rules and so on. It's not yours. What happens if you violate a rule? Or they change the rules? Or decide they no longer want blogs about the stuff you blog about? Your site can get shut down in an instant. It happens.

Why are they Offered for Free?

There is always a catch when something is offered for free and probably so online. Why would anyone out there offer free service to anyone who wants them? It's not an inexpensive thing to do on a large scale. There are servers, employees, software, insurance, and security and so on just like any other business. So why are the people giving these things away? It's simple. They are going to make money from your efforts. It could be something as simple as showing ads to your visitors. It could be they offer you a basic blog for free but for advanced or custom options that charge you. It could be they simply want all that data and web traffic. Think about it. If you had hundreds of thousands or millions of blogs out there, that you controlled but other people worked hard to put their content on, you've got one heck of a lot of data and traffic flow.

Take Away

Very often bloggers who start out on free blogs will ever abandon them and create a self hosted blog with their own domain name and their own hosting account. It's amazingly cheap to do. My suggestion to you, even though it may sound complicated (it's not!), Is to blog on your own website with your own domain name. Skip this first step with the "free" blogs and do your own thing.

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Teleseminar Marketing Funnel Number 2: Free Telesummit to Paid Class, Upsell to Private Coaching

If you have a keen following for your blog, newsletter, tweets or forum posts, here's a way to channel that following into lucrative teaching and coaching services. It involves the use of multiple teleseminars, which are free or paid topical conference calls, as well as the leveraging of other people's expertise and followers.

You might well wonder why experts agree to participate in such teleseminars without getting paid for their presentations. The answer is that experts know that a well-promoted and well-executed telesummit exposes them in depth to people who have not heard of them yet, who then can opt in to their marketing list, buy their books and other products and become theirs new avid followers.

Here are the steps to follow for this teleseminar marketing model.

Step 1: Set up and moderate a free teleseminar series, or telesummit, with 6-12 relatively well-known experts related to a theme on which you work. Usually the telesummit sessions take place within a concentrated one-week or two-week time span. Each session consists of a one-hour interview where you ask questions of one of the well-known experts.

You'll need a web site or web page that pitches your telesummit theme and provides photos and bios of the presenters and descriptions of their sessions. The well-known experts are expected to announce the free series to their lists, and you make that as easy as possible for them by providing them with email messages that they can quickly customize and send out to their followers.

Your experts receive agreements on any upsell sales from those who sign up through their link. They also get the opportunity to make a brief sales pitch at the end of their interview.

Encourage attendance at the free telesummit sessions by sending reminder emails prior to each session. You may want to provide links to the records for these sessions for those who missed one or more of the calls.

Step 2: As the telesummit draws to a close, pitch all the teleseminar series participants on a paid class with you that related to the telesummit theme but delves into one topic area in more depth. If all has gone as planned, you have a list of implied and motivated participants, both from your own list and those of the experts who spoke in the telesummit sessions. Those on this list know you and trust you because you adjusted all the expert interviews. Send repeated pitches for the paid class to the telesummit participants until the class fills.

Step 3: When people sign up for the paid class, they are also pitched on expensive private coaching with you on the same topic. Be sure to limit the number of private coaching slots, so this comes across as rare and valuable opportunity for in-depth learning and personal development. After the paid class ends, send additional pitches for the private coaching option.

Someone I observed repeated using this marketing funnel charged $ 197 for a six-session paid telecourse following the free telesummit and $ 1997 for the private coaching upsell. It was very profitable for her and it could well be for you, too!


Charger modification, current increase | how to increase charger current | Free Circuit Lab

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How to increase ampere of a charger

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Charger Voltage increase video:

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Free List of Foreclosed Homes – How to Search Foreclosures Without Paying Membership Fees

Finding high quality free foreclosure listings is one of the most challenging parts of getting started with foreclosed homes. Fortunately, there is a easy way to browse all of the currently available homes in your area, on the biggest, most trusted foreclosure websites, without paying for any membership fees. Read on and you will be a foreclosure pro in no time!

How Do I Find Foreclosures for Free?

If you are thinking about buying a new home, or investing in the real estate market, you will definitely want to check out a list of all your local homes in foreclosure. These foreclosures are owned by banks, which have taken possession of the property due to the previous homeowner’s inability to keep up with their mortgage. Once the bank has possession of the home, they will attempt to quickly sell it, often at a price that is up to 60% below market value.

The best route for finding these deals is to search online foreclosure listings to see what is available in your area of choice. These websites will commonly have millions of home listings, in all cities, states, and neighborhoods across the country. Browsing these websites is by far the best way to locate all types of foreclosures.

How to Access Foreclosure Listings for Free

The main factor that keeps beginners from accessing these websites is that they all charge a monthly membership fee to view their listings. So how can you view these listings without paying for a membership? Well, luckily most of the major foreclosure services let you browse their sites for free by signing up for a 7-day trial membership. This will give you full 100% access to all listings, prices, addresses, and photos for a full week, allowing you to satisfy your curiosity and decide if foreclosures are right for you.


Unlimited phone battery power with Free Energy Generator. Free Energy resonator as phone charger

This is one of my Free Energy Resonators (Free Energy Generators), if you wanna know more info and see more better videos about it, look at my YT channel.

This video is to show you my Free Energy Generators are useful in many aspects, for example for phone battery charging everywhere you are. With this Free Energy Resonator you will never run out of battery.
I tuned up this Free Energy device by coating the antenna with Vanadium to get slightly over 5V, but it doesn’t mean any upgrade or upscale. Is has about 5V but less mAmps than my other Free Energy resonators which has almost the same power as my other 3V resonators.

In this video is also fluorescent lamp to prove I don’t have any tesla coil near this Free Energy Device.


You can also find some more photos and infos on:
My YT channel

Developing of my Free Energy Generators took a lot of time and money and I cannot guarantee you the same result.
I am definitely not responsible for your unsuccess if you decide to replicate it. Don’t blame me for your potential failure. It is not my responsibility.
My videos (generators) aren’t primarily intended to be replicated.



Build a Perpetual Free Energy Machine at Home – You'll Be Shocked at How Power Companies Have Lied

Do you want to create free energy at home?

It almost sounds too good to be true, but thankfully, it is not! In this day of cost and downright dangerous energy production methods, there is no reason to be a part of supporting another crisis.

When I first started researching ways to save money on my utility bills, I was pleasantly surprised by the information I uncovered.

Information that I will gladly share here.

A free energy machine is a giant part of the answer to the rising utility bills and the growing pollution problem.

Using high quality magnets and a few other inexpensive components it is easy to put this portable power generator together in the comfort of your own home.

You will see over a 40% drop in your bill within a month! There is no reason to wait to take advantage of this.

Warning! Be aware of so called "free" instructions to build your perpetual magnetic machine. You need quality information to achieve this. Stay tuned …

Benefits of Magnetic Power

  • Affordable
  • Great for City or Rural Use
  • Operates by itself – no wind or sun necessary
  • Operates in any temperature
  • Runs silently

This generator uses the scientific principal of the polarizing factor of magnets to get energy from the field that is created when magnets are put together. The power that is created is free and everlasting.

Most users have upgraded and built even larger units once they see how powerful this is.

Do not let the propaganda of large energy companies scare you from taking charge and believing that you can create energy for yourself and your family. It is completely possible and hundreds are finding out how every day.

What are you waiting for?