Plug-Side Chat: What do you do when chargers are full?

I was recently asked what I do on long trips when I arrive at a charging site that is full (all the chargers are occupied). This is my take on the situation.

You have three options: Wait for a charger to become available; queue at one of the chargers; move on to another charger.

Waiting is probably the most common strategy, but it also takes the most time away from your trip. EVs already take longer to refuel than internal combustion vehicles, and waiting could mean doubling that time.

Queuing is the next best option. If you are at a site where you already intended on spending time, queuing allows you to maximize that time by allowing you to initiate your session and go have dinner (or whatever you intended to do).

Moving on is, in my opinion, the best option, but it requires you to be able to make it to the next charging site. However, this option requires a redundant charging network, and it requires you to have enough battery left to make it to the next charging site.

Let me know how you handle these situations!



A review of the Nitecore Q6 Quick Charger. A 6 bay charger that is compatible with all the popular batteries in vaping, as well as many others!
#Nitecore #Q6Charger #NitrcoreQ6

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EcoFlow Tech: The Full Story of RIVER

This is the full story of EcoFlow Tech’s RIVER Mobile Power Station.

A new generation of smart mobile power is here. EcoFlow Tech’s first product, River, is a portable battery with 412W output, 11 charger ports, flow-through charging, and a shelf life of 1 year. World’s, most comprehensive array of charging ports ever. Mega-Capacity 116,000mAh/412Wh Li-ion Battery & Total Output of 500 Watts. Ultra-Lightweight (11 lbs). River can be re-charged through car, wall, and solar chargers.

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Nitecore UGP5 – The GoPro Hero 5 Battery Charger with LCD Display!! – REVIEW

The Nitecore UGP5 is a powerful dual slot battery charger designed exclusively for GoPro Hero5 batteries. Utilizing Active Current Distribution (ACD) technology the UGP5 intelligently distributes power to boost recharge speeds up to 750mA per slot. This allows batteries to fully charge in as fast as 1.5 hours, which means more time shooting and less time waiting to record. Built-in battery protection and an easy-to-read LCD display alerts users of any potential issues with batteries and will even automatically terminate charging to ensure your batteries are always protected.

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Full Review – Mavic Air alternative Battery Charger

This battery charger charges 4 batteries and 2 remotes or two phones at the same time in just 1 hour and 20 minutes.

It is a great alternative to the DJI Battery charger bank. You can purchase it in Amazon


12V DC Supply or Battery charger(using full bridge)

Hello friendz i will back with a new video in which i am going to make 12V DC supply from 220V AC supply
Generally we see 12V DC supply in our little or smart Home🏠🏡 appliance such as Mobile Charger,Laptop Adapter, or we can else say digital electronic Devices

So, How this adapter or charge convert 220V AC to 12V DC Supply Let see:
I am just making this DC Supply which also run these same appliances………..🔝⬆⬆🔺

I hope you like
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Efest 18650 3000 mAh Finally A Chinese Battery/Cell That Delivers! Full Test/Review

2 EFEST 3000mAh 35A 18650 At Amazon: Or At Ebay:
2pcs KeepPower 3400mAh li ion protected 18650 battery At Amazon: Or At Ebay:
Olight Battery 3600mAh 3.6V 12.9Wh Protected 18650 At Amazon: Or At Ebay:
Mastech MS8261 Digital Multimeter At Amazon: Or at Ebay:
3500mAh ORBTRONIC 18650 At Amazon: Or at Ebay:
Olight 18650 3400mAh Li-ion Protected Battery At Amazon: Or here At Ebay:
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Orbtronic 3400mAh 18650 protected Li-ion At Amazon: Or At Ebay:
Panasonic Unprotected NCR18650B 3400mAh cell At Amazon: Or At Ebay:
NITECORE i4 Intellicharge universal smart battery Charger At Amazon: Or At Ebay:
Turnigy Accucell 6 50W 6A Balancer Charger At Amazon: Or At Ebay:
Genuine SKYRC iMAX B6 Mini Dual Power 6Amps 60Watts Charger At Amazon:
18650 Lithium-Ion Battery Laptop Battery Pack at Amazon:
18650 Lithium-Ion Battery Harvesting From Old Laptop Battery Pack:


Auto cutoff battery 12V when it is full charge | How to make

Auto cutoff battery 12V when it is full charge | How to make
Auto cutoff battery 12V when it is full charge | How to make
Auto cutoff battery 12V when it is full charge | How to make

-Automatic charging when low battery
-Automatic cut when the battery is full
-Anti-reverse battery
-Anti-short circuit
-Automatic cooling fan

Component List
– resistor 2k2
– resistor 470
– capacitor 470uF
– capacitor 104
– capacitor 47uF
– ic555
– relay 12V
– Led
– Transformer 12V
– diode bridge
– FAN 12V
– rheostat 20K

Download file here:
instructions here :


Smatree TRIPLE GoPro Hero 4 Black/Silver Battery Charger + 1290mAh Battery Test!

Compatible with the new range of GoPro Hero 4 cameras – the Black and Silver Editions – third party accessory producer, Smatree, introduce the first TRIPLE battery charger on the market, along with their 1290mAh Hero 4 compatible batteries. How well do they perform??
Lets take a look at this new kit, along with how the batteries fare against the might of the GoPro originals……®-Battery-3-Channel-charger-European/dp/B00OIOS68W/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1418328813&sr=1-1&keywords=smatree+hero+4

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Canon T2i/550D Battery Chargers – Full Episode Use/Review

Here are two great finds, one from a local Portland store with a dual charger and the other from ebay. Two batteries and charger plus extra from an ebay seller. You guys wont want to miss this one. DSLR video guys, you’ll need more than one battery for sure. Thanks for your support.

20 minutes long, and includes a channel introduction for my youtube channel at the end of the video.