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Xiaomi Mi 9 – Most affordable top3 smartphone camera? – Full Review [Xiaomify]

It’s here: the Xiaomi Mi 9! In this review I’m looking at what’s new, the tech specs, look at the photo quality, audio quality and more. Let’s find out what’s to like about this phone… Let’s go!

You can find the Mi 9 (all models) on Gearbest here: or on Banggood here:

The Mi 9 is the latest successor in Xiaomi’s flagship range of smartphones. The Mi9 is one of the first smartphones to feature the all-new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor; one we will see in a lot of upcoming flagship phones in the coming year. This new CPU means it’s not only much faster than it’s predecessor, the Mi 8, but it should also be much more battery-friendly.

The main upgrades, besides the CPU and GPU, is the (improved) in-glass fingerprint scanner on the front of the phone. This reacts much faster and results in much less failed unlocking-attempts than the Mi 8 Pro.

Very welcome is the addition of Qi wireless charging that’s supporting 20W Qi Quick charge. The 20 watt Qi chargers that Xiaomi recently released are very popular and have been consistently sold out since their launch; so I have not been able to try that out.

The battery is slightly smaller, as the Mi9 comes with a 3300 mAh battery, as opposed to the 3400 mAh battery found in the Mi 8. However, the Mi 9 should give you much better battery performance due to its new CPU and GPU.

The triple camera setup is probably one of its highlight features; considering that has been given a DxO-Mark score of 107 which puts it just below the collective number one spot of Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro, P20 Pro, and Samsungs Galaxy 10 Max.

The camera is really impressive. The regular camera shoots up to 48 MP (downscaled pixels merge it into 12MP output) and these photos come out great! The additional 2x zoom lens and the super-wide angle lens (117˚ field of view) make this a very versatile camera rig which is the first time for a Xiaomi phone.

The video shoots 4K UHD at 30 fps per default and has very impressive image stabilization. At night I did encounter a few times where the focus would abruptly shift, but this was mostly when shooting at 60fps, and felt more like a software bug than an actual problem with the camera.

Overall, both the video and the images I have taken with the Mi 9 are very impressive and I tend to do a full Mi9-camera-video sometimes soon. (Let me know in the comment section if that’s something you would like to see!)

Both the speaker and microphone seem to have slightly improved when comparing to the Mi 8, making it a better performing phone overall.

To conclude; I find the Mi 9 to be a very good upgrade of the Mi 8. It has some of the features I personally missed on the Mi 8, like Qi Charging, and it has improved on all fronts. Also, the significantly smaller notch for the front-facing camera is a change that many will be very pleased with.

Especially when taken into consideration that this is the first phone sporting the Snapdragon 855 processor, that it has a top-3 (or top-4) DxO-mark performing camera AND that it is the most affordable phone from the list: The Mi 9 is probably THE smartphone to look at early 2019: it’s a really well-performing beast of a phone for a very (very!) competitive price!

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21 meter 2019 Aluminum Trawler Motor Yacht For Sale full walk through video

M/Y FOMALHAUT 20 m is a successfully custom-built Aluminum High-Tec system equipped motor yacht. She will accommodate 6 guests in three staterooms and offers spacious guest areas.
FOMALHAUT is a 2019 built by OZSAY GROUP following the aim of building a strong boat with top edge technological and electronical systems. She has accommodation for 2 crew members in separated living area.

For more info contact:
Eliad Hagilady
+ 90 543 9538678

Main Features:
LOA – 20,45 m
Beam – 5.70 m
Year – 2019
CE certification
Guests – 6 in 3 cabins
Crew – 2 (in separated living area cabin)
Main Engines – 2 X VOLVO PENTA D6-435
Cruising Speed – 10 knots
Range 1,500 NM
Flag – Turkey
Type: Displacement Motor Yacht
Hull and superstructure: Aluminum
Year of Built: 2019
L.O.A 20,45 m
LWL 18,70 m
Beam 5.70 m
Draft 1.2 m
Displacement 36 tons
Classification & Registration
CE certification
Registration – TURKEY
Max. Speed 15 Knots
Cruising Speed 10 Knots @ 2200 RPM / 38 Liter Per Hour (2 Main Engines)
Economic Speed 9 knots @ 1800 RPM / 34 Liter Per Hour (2 Main Engines)
Range 1,600 NM

Main Engine 2 X VOLVO PENTA D6 with 435 hp
Main Engine hours 20 hrs. (January 2019)
Generator 1 X KOHLER 20EFOZD 20KW
Generator hours: 15 hrs.

Fuel Capacity: 6.000 liters
Lubrication Oil: 500 liter
Dirty lub. Oil: 500 liter
Fresh Water capacity: 950 liters
Black water tank capacity: 450 Liters
Grey water tank capacity: 450 Liters
Steering & Propulsion
Rudder System: Data Hydraulic Systems 1 X DDS-ESC 24 VDC
Gear Box – ZF RG HS85IV 2,45×1
Shafts – 2 X AKSOY TORNA 80 mm
Coupling: Aquadrive CVB 42
Propellers: 2 X UNLU PERVANE 660 mm 4 Blades
Air condition system: MARINCO 71.000 BTU
Water maker: 1 X AQUABASE YC3-230 180 liter/hour
Bow Thruster: SIDEPOWER SEP210
Stern Thruster: SIDEPOWER SEP210
Shore Power: 380 V AC
Boat power: 230 V AC / 24 V DC
Service Battery capacity: 24 VDC, 800 amper/hour (MASTERVOLT GEL)
Battery chargers: MASTERVOLT
Separated battery group for each engine and generator
Dedicated special batteries in separated groups for bowthruster and sterntruster
Generator: 20 KWA
PMS system for auto/manual shore & generator power management (touch screen command)
Power monitoring via MASTERVOLT C-ZONE network (with displays on main stations)
Lighting Automation
Interior lighting is controlled from many easy to reach points on every cabin. Dim is applied.
Hidden light is applied around the beds for soft lighting.
Exterior lights consist on 10 groups, including hidden leds.
Lights can be controlled via touch panels and smart tablet application. Dim is also applicable.
Back-up manual command panel is applied for use in case of digital automation function fails.
4 x Underwater lights AQUALUMA FF24
VHF radio – Furuno 1 X VHF FM – 4721 (main unit on console, remote near captain and fly bridge)
Internet LTE DATA Cellular Modem
Wheel house
Chart Plotter: 2 x Furuno TZT15 Touch NAVNET (with manual additional controller)
Radar: 1 X FURUNO DRS6A_XClass Open array 3,5 ft 6 KW
Deep Sounder: Furuno Fishfinder DDF1 with 1 KW transducer
Auto Pilot: Furuno NAVPILOT 711C
Smart sensor: AIRMAR 220WX (multi-data)
Thermal camera: FLIR (Thermal Camera only, 2 zoom scales)
2 x Furuno TZT12 Touch NAVNET (with manual additional controller)
Auto Pilot: Furuno NAVPILOT 711C
Safety & Security
Fire extinguishers: 1 x FM-200(engine room), 5 x CO2 (fixed)
Horn: Yes
Electric bilge pumps: RULE
Camera CCTV system: DAHUA
Satellite TV antenna, INTELLIAN I6W
Internal Library for Audio & Video on demand
Salon and each cabin own I-POD control for entertainment system
Four music zones; salon, aft, bow and flybridge playing separately and all together on party mode
Domestic Appliances, Equipment & Laundry
Stove: MIELE
Microwave: MIELE
Fridge/Freezer: MIELE
Freezer : MIELE
Dish washer: MIELE
Washing machine: MIELE
Dryer: MIELE
1 x Anchor 45 kg
1 x Anchor Chain 130m
1 x BESENZONI Passarella
1 x BESENZONI hydraulic platform


Axiom e rickshaw 48 volt battery charger 6 month warranty charges full details in Hindi

I am Gopal barai
Aaj ki is video mein hum Bataye hai axiom charger ke baare mein yea charger kahan ka product hai Kitna Mahina warranty rehta hai Kis Tarah Se kharab hone par warranty nahi rehta hai yeh sara Baat aaj ki is video Mein Hum full details me bataya |


DIY 24v LiFePO4 Solar Battery Bank! Beginner Friendly, 2.4 kWh, Cheap, Full Tutorial!

Schematics and pictures of this system can be found here:
Video Table of Contents
Cost of System: 0:42
Lithium Battery Crash Course: 1:56
Overdischarge Protection: 2:25
Bottom Balancing and Balancing Explained: 3:56

DIY Step by Step Instructions: 6:08
Connecting cells together with VHB and Hose Clamps: 7:24
Adding Bus Bars: 9:34
Adding a Balance Cable: 10:26
Connecting the Battery to a Balancer: 12:45
How to Bottom Balance: 13:18
Manually balancing the cells with large resistors: 16:36
Removing balance cable and adding terminal covers and battery cables: 17:46

Recommended Charge Profile Parameters: 18:17
Charging LiFePO4 batteries with an alternator: 19:31
Cold temperature charging methods: 21:07
Shore power charging: 21:46
Parallel vs. series of battery cells, and max number of parallel strings recommended: 24:34

If the cells have a voltage difference of more than .2-.3 of a volt (example: one cell is 2.7 volts, and another cell is 3.5 volts), you should not parallel connect, and instead discharge the higher voltage cell with a 25-50 watt, 2.7 ohm resistor. Just attach the leads of the resistor to the individual higher voltage cell, and wait till it is at a voltage that is closer to the other cells. When they are within .5 volts of each other, then you can connect them in parallel and allow them to equalize. Another way to do this is to charge the lower voltage cells, but 3 volt chargers are not easy to find, so I would stick to the resistor method. These resistors only cost a dollars each, and you can find them at most electronics supply stores.

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Charger high Speed with Transformer rewinding and Auto cut off Battery Full charge

Charger high Speed with Transformer rewinding and Auto cut off Battery Full charge

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Full Time RVing – Battery Charger / Maintainer

How I keep my batteries fully charged and ready.


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Patriot Power Cell Full Review: Solar Phone Charger

In this video I’m going to be doing the full review of the Patriot Power Cell by 4Patriots.

You can purchase this device here:

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Mac Book Charger – Keep The Batteries Full For Constant Use

Mac notebooks are one of the most preferred notebooks by the people especially among those working in the industry. This is primarily because of the high end configurations exhibited by these notebooks apart from the extreme slim look of the Mac books. In fact it is the dream of each and every one to have Mac book when compared to any other laptops. You might be bit confused regarding the battery life of these books in case if you are planning to get one. In fact battery life is the most discussed topics regarding any kind of notebooks as these laptops are transported by people to different places for carrying out most of the tasks wherein they may not be able to get sufficient facilities for carrying out the charging of the notebooks. The battery of the Mac book is in fact considered to be long lived when compared to other laptops and you should take certain steps initially in order to increase the life of battery. One of the main step that must be adopted must be to charge the notebook to great level as soon as you open the packet. You should keep your laptop for charging without using it until the battery is full. You should try to use the same charger designed for these books and most of the cases the charger comes along with the notebook other than the case if you try getting the notebooks from black market.

These chargers can be used for charging the laptop at your house as you will only be able to find the sufficient socket only in your house rather than in any other place. If you are involved with regular travel to short distances through flight then you will not be able to make use of these chargers that comes along with the Mac book and you will have to make use of ibook charger designed for Mac use which can be used for charging while on flight. That you should be really careful while traveling and you should never forget to take the separate charger as it is the only way by which you could charge the batteries on these. Also it is advised to keep it safe away from the hot burning heat in order to prevent the Mac books from any dangers that can arise out of the increasing heat.