The Garmin 1490LMT – A GPS With SuperPowers!

After you have owned the Garmin 1490LMT and have used it in your car for a few weeks you will wonder how you ever managed without it. It makes driving so easy and so efficient, you will save both money and time and can drive with confidence in any city or town in North America.

There are many features on the Garmin 1490LMT that you may not expect on a GPS and they serve to make this little device a wonderful travel assistant.

If you have ever struggled with complicated intersections on the highway or missed your turnoff then with this GPS you will never make those mistakes again. The Garmin 1490LMT gives you turn-by-turn voice announcements for roads on your route so that you can drive without distraction and you never over shoot your turnoff.The advanced lane assist function allows you to navigate upcoming lane changes with clear voice instructions given in advance and large screen shots of the highway signs to help you avoid any errors. These clear indicators make missing your highway exit a thing of the past, you can drive to any destination confidently and without distraction, you can be sure of arriving at your destination in a timely fashion, without wasting your travel time making wrong turns or missing exits . No more wasted money on gas driving those extra arrows to get back on route because you made a driving mistake

One of the very best features of the Garmin nuvi 1490LMT is the lifetime map and traffic updates completely free! You never have to invest a single cent in updating the changing traffic systems in your city or any other – for years to come. This is an awesome saving in time and money. You can be completely confident that your GPS will have current maps for you to follow and that you can navigate accurately around any city or town in the US, Mexico or Puerto Rico whether you are walking or driving.

You always know where you are – just touch the screen and you are provided with your exact location plus the hospitals, police station etc in your location.
The Garmin nuvi 1490LMTis the perfect travel companion it provides a currency converter, a travel clock with world time zones.

It also provides 3 hours of battery time with its lithium battery a pedestrian guidance system if you feel like walking instead of driving. This alone can be a very useful aspect of the device- if you are on vacation and visiting a city that you do not know, take your Garmin nuvi 1490lmt with you and you will never get lost. With 1,000 waypoints and up to 6 million points of interest to guide you toward interesting and useful destinations the Garmin 1490LMT will not let you down.


Garmin Rino 520 Handheld GPS – Review

Have any of these things every happened to you?

* You are on a hike trip and you have lost a friend. Storm clouds are looming and they are now to be found.

* You have taken your family on an outing at an amusement park. It is closing time but you can not find one person.

* You are on the boat and you want to make sure you are going in the right direction, whether its north, south, east or west.

Garmin's RINO 520 portable GPS navigator can solve all of those problems. These two-way radio systems are equipped with a GPS navigator that can help you find your way and lead your group as well. The patented GPS receiver allows other members of your party to tell you where they are as well as showing them your location.

One of the best features on the RINO 520 is its display. With bold colors, it is easy to see and interpret. You will never need to look at a large map from an atlas again after using the RINO 520. Garmin's Rino 520 handheld GPS units not only have built-in base maps of North and South America, but you can choose optional City Select software. These can be adapted to almost any trip, hike or boating excursion you plan to take. This GPS navigator unit allows you to customize your route, complete with turn-by-turn directions and alert tones. No more getting lost on the trails or at sea. If you are just on a sight-seeing trip, the RINO 520 makes finding a hotel or restaurant that his nearby easy. This GPS navigator unit can map points of interest along your route

If the sea is your passion, this portable GPS unit can be customized with Garmin's exclusive optional cartography that includes the fishing hot spots on recreational lakes in the United States. The built-in calendar can show you the best fishing times. If you like to hunt, this portable GPS unit can also tell you the best hunting times for snaring your prey.

What are some of the other outstanding features of the RINO 520? The RINO 520 unit has 56 megabytes of internal memory so that you can quickly download personalized maps for your use onto your portable GPS. The two-way radio has five watts of power, allowing you to contact help from as far away as 14 miles. The portable GPS unit has a WAAS enabled, 12 parallel GPS receiver. It has a bright color display and a rechargeable battery that can last up to 16 hours. Priced at about $ 482, Garmin's RINO 520 is one of the best buys of portable GPS systems on the market.


Garmin Nuvi 255W GPS Navigator Review – Pros and Cons

The Garmin Nuvi 255W is currently one of the best-selling GPS navigators in the market thanks to its competitive pricing and ease of use. Here is a quick review of this GPS device.

Cons: For the sake of a fair assessment, we will list down a few of the flaws that we have noticed on the Garmin Nuvi 255W. The truth is, we had trouble finding any major defects on this device. Most of the flaws listed here are pretty minor ones.

For instance, this model does not come with a lifetime of map updates (not many models do). This model ships with a vehicle power charger, but not a regular power socket charger. It also does not come with a USB cable.

Feature wise, this model does not have many road preference adjustments and so not as customizable as we would like it to be. Some customers have reported that it was not easy typing on the touch screen. Then again, this is after all an entry-level model.

Pros: The price of the Garmin Nuvi 255W is very competitive, especially for a huge 4.3-inch display. It currently costs around $ 160 each. For that price, you even get a text-to-speech feature that reads out street names.

The menu layout was very easy to use and intuitive. Even the most non-tech-savvy person will have no problems using this device. It was also very quick and responsive, giving prompt directions and recalculating routes quickly. You can also use the Garmin Nuvi 255W to access MSN Direct services to receive live traffic updates, check the weather or current gas prices. Although the Garmin Nuvi 255W is far from being a flawless device, it is one of the best entry-level GPS navigators around.