REVIEW: 22,000mAh battery & USB camera battery chargers from RAVpower

Rich checks out a solution for portable camera battery charging by using a RAVpower 22,000mAh battery and a USB dual battery charging kit.

During the video he also suggests some ways to simplify how you can keep track of your camera batteries.

If you are interested in any of the products the links are below,

Link to RAVPower Father’s Day Giveaway:

22000mAh USB power bank:

Canon camera battery charger:

Sony camera battery charger:

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Unboxing: Hedbox RP-DC100 Charger and V-Mount Batteries

First Impressions

The Hedbox RP-100V Charger provides simultaneous dual charging for two V-mount batteries and can function as a convenient power bank for other devices. The LED Display indicates the status of power, charging, channel, and power bank mode with a red or green light indicator. Located at the bottom is an alternative DC Output that comes with a 4-pin XLR Male to Female cable for charging external devices like monitors or lights and we especially like that it comes with a ventilation cooling system for temperature regulation.


Hedbox RP-100V V-mount Charger

• Digital dual battery charger with zero-volt charging activation
• Intelligent charging systems provide precision control over charging
• LED display screen for status and mode
• Integrated locking support stand
• Power bank mode
• RPC-DC4X4 / 4-pin XLR female to male cable
• DC Out 16.5V, 4.5A /75W

All batteries include:

• V-Mount connection holder
• 4-LED power monitor indicator
• Built-in USB, D-tap, and DC outputs
• Power LED light

Battery models by power capacity:

• Hedbox PB-D100V: 98Wh / 6,600mAh
• Hedbox PB-D150V: 154Wh / 1,0400mAh
• Hedbox PB-D200V:195Wh / 13Ah


Solar Survival Gear – How To Choose

As our world evolves and technology advances through the years it is no wonder that many individuals try to do what they can to help the environment and keep their own personal carbon footprint as minimal as possible on the world as we know it. There are many different options for items, supplies and products that are not only environmentally friendly but also easy to use and reasonably priced.

Whether you are a recreational athlete or someone who just wants to have additional options for their battery-powered devices, the choices for solar survival gear are varied depending on what you are looking for in a product as well as your own personal budget. For many individuals who spend a great deal of time outdoors having the choices for solar powered survival gear is important when electrical outlets for charging devices is not an option.

Solar powered backpacks are great items for those who wish to harness the power of the sun for a number of small devices such as an MP3 player, GPS tracking device, camera, rechargeable batteries or even a laptop computer. Although sunlight is filtered through the panels and sent to your devices, there is no place to store the energy so you are not able to store power for later use and can work intermittently in cloudy or overcast days.

The option for a solar powered tent is great for those who spend a great deal of time outdoors and can use the sun's energy in order to have an electrical outlet for their personal use as well as an individual LED light inside. Many individuals also choose to purchase a solar air vent that helps circulate air through a number of cramped or hard to reach spaces such as tents, boats and other outdoor locations.

Having a miniature fridge can be handy for those who are spending time outdoors and would like the choice of having fresh food handy. With a cooling unit that houses solar panels the sun can actually help your food rather than ruin it. Used by many relief organizations, these types of miniature fridges can actually get cold enough to act as a portable freezer as well.

Another small device such as a solar powered mosquito repeller is a great item for anyone who wants to enjoy time outdoors without being bothered by pesky insects. It uses very subtle sound waves in order to ward off mosquitoes but is undetected by human ears. You can find a solar water bottle that will hold your cool beverages and act as a flashlight after harnessing the sun's energy.

Being able to harness the sun's energy for your own personal use is a great way to limit the amount of natural resources that you consume no matter if you are at home or enjoying time outdoors. Making the right choices for your solar powered gear can be reliably easy if you know what you are looking for in your survival products. From backpacks and tents, to mini fridges or water bottles that act as a flashlight, you are sure to find what you need from a variety of places.


DURABOOST & MEGABOOST Battery Chargers Official Product Overview at Cycle Gear

MEGABOOST Pro Series 4000 Charger & Maintainer

DURABOOST Battery Maintainer 1000

DURABOOST Battery Maintainer 750

No matter what your battery charger or maintainer needs are we have you covered. If you want all the bells and whistles then the MEGABOOST Pro Series 4000 is for you. This charger comes with a battery disconnect for ease of hooking up your motorcycle battery. It also comes with alligator clips in case your battery has already been removed. It fully automatic switching from charge to maintain status on its own. The MEGABOOST has two charge modes (2 amp or 4 amp) and is safe to use on all 12v lead acid batteries.

The DURABOOST Battery Maintainer 1000 is the same as the MEGABOOST just without the dual charge modes and a slightly lower charge rate (1.5 amps). Otherwise this is a full featured charger and maintainer that is safe to use on all 12v lead acid batteris.

The DURABOOST Battery Maintainer 750 is the smaller brother to the 1000 as it only charges at 0.75 amps. In everything else this charger/maintainer is the same as it’s big brother. We have all your battery needs covered with the MEGABOOST and DURABOOST battery maintainer and chargers.


Recharging Options for Electronics While Hiking

In this video, I look at my power options now that I’ve been upgrading my gear over the last few months.

I realized that unlike my previous generation of tech, I had chosen devices that used AA batteries, especially when it came to GPS & Satellite communicator. In the event that I ran low on power, I could swap batteries and extend the life of these. It also meant easy resupply of batteries by carrying just a few extra AA’s around in possibles bag.

However, most new devices have internal rechargeable batteries and I need to change my ways and get a few pieces that will be able to recharge these device.

My current electronic gear is composed of the following:
– Garmin fenix (GPS navigation, tracking)
– iPhone 5s (camera, mp3 player, communication)
– Delorme inReach SE (communication)

For the most part, I use my smartphone as a camera since cell reception is partial to non-existent in many of my hiking areas.

The new piece of gear I got which would allow me to recharge is an ETON FRX2 emergency crank radio. This unit has a little battery pack and USB outputs for charging. It has a small solar panel strip. I haven’t really used this much other than the radio.

But the next piece of gear I’ve just started to test out which is a GOAL ZERO Adventure kit; Nomad 7 solar panel and Guide 10 battery pack.

The battery pack can be charged using the solar panel or via USB. Which means easy charging at home before leaving or in the car as you drive out to the trailhead.

Guide 10 battery capacity appears as advertised as. I was able to top up all three device to 100% when they all were around 50%.

I just started testing charging a device directly from solar and the Garmin fenix was topped up to 100% (from 50%) in under 2 hours on a clear day.

Provided that you have clear skies these two charging options could extent your devices by a number of days.
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Anton Bauer Digital Battery & Dual Charger

First Impressions

For many of our productions, we rely on Anton Bauer’s V-mount batteries to supply efficient power to our handheld cameras and other digital devices, such as client monitors, to help reduce cable usage. The compact design of the Digital V 90 batteries and Dual LP2 V-mount charger will fit easily into our camera kits and travel safely with the built-in temperature control sensors. The additional LCD display on the side of the battery monitors run-time in hours or minutes when connected to a device and percentages when charging or disconnected from any other devices.


V90 Battery

• V-Mount
• Lithium-ion
• 14.4 volts
• 93 Watt hours
• 2.4 lbs
• Power Tap
• LCD display for accurate power supply status

LP2 V-Mount Charger

• Low profile design enables stackability for storage
• Charging algorithm is 40% more efficient than traditional
• Multi-chemistry charging of the fast chargers reduces cost while
maintaining performance
• Automatically detects which battery has the strongest charge and
prioritizes to ensure a battery remains full at all times


EBL (EBL-999) 12 Bay LCD AA AAA 9V Battery Charger – Gear Review

► EBL (EBL-999) 12 Bay Battery Charger:

Keep your photos and videos safe & secure:
► Ashampoo Backup Pro 11 – Prevent Data Loss:
► Ashampoo Burning Studio 19 – The Multimedia Genius:

Looking for a exceptional good battery charger for all those speedlite batteries? Perhaps the EBL-999 is for you. This charger is priced very low, yet has many of the features of high dollar chargers and is also built very good. In this gear review I cover those features and what I think of this battery charger.

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EBL 12 Bay (EBL-999) LCD AA AAA 9V Battery Charger | Gear Review


Top 5 Best Digital Gear Bags

Top 5 Best Digital Gear Bags

TOP 5. ALLOYSEED Portable 40pcs Disc CD DVD Wallet Storage Organizer Case Boxes Holder CD Sleeve Hard Bag Album Box Cases with Zipper

TOP 4. HEONYIRRY Waterproof DSLR Camera Bag Camera Backpack for Video Lens Mochila Fotografia Double Shoulder Bags for Nikon Canon

TOP 3. Car Charger For DJI Mavic Air Intelligent Battery Charging Hub Mavic Air Car Connector USB Adapter Multi Battery Car Charger

TOP 2. Cap For DJI SPARK PTZ Camera Cover front 3D sensor system screen integrated protective cover For DJI Spark accessories

TOP 1. Mini EVA/PU Square Storage Case Headphones Bluetooth Earphone Storage Case Box Headset USB Chargers Cables Storage Bag

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admin LiPo Safe Bag – Charging and Traveling Battery Bag

Check out the LiPo Safe Bag. The perfect solution to store all of your Airsoft, RC, and other hobby batteries:; Home of the World’s Largest Airsoft Showroom Store
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OUTXE Savage 24000mAh Rugged Solar Charger-Best gear for you outdoor life

Best Gear ever for your outdoor life!
want more information, click here:

Who wants to run out of battery when you’re out exploring?

No charger? No problem!

Manufactured with military grade materials, OUTXE 24000mAh is the one you can always rely on, no matter the weather. You no longer have to worry about running out of battery fast…

Or dropping it on a rock…

Or spilling water on it…

Or getting some dust in it…

Or having a bear chew on it …(ok, we haven’t tried this last one yet)

OUTXE 24000mAh is Specifically Designed for Outdoors Trips, Built to be Nother Nature-resistant!


Dependable in Harsh Conditions: Eco-friendly silicone rubber and ABS protects the battery from rain, dirt, and sudden drops. The USB ports are further protected by rubber caps
Fast Recharging: Dual input provides the fastest overnight re-charge time (about 6 hours), 60% recharging time-saving. Never worry again about having no time to recharge
Supported Quick Charge: Charge compatible devices up to 4 times faster than conventional chargers, saving charging time while on the go
24000mAh High Capacity: Just one enough on-the-go. Charge an iPhone 8 8.5 times or a Galaxy S8 5 times. That’s a whole week of charging without needing to plug into the wall
2W Solar Panel: The efficient solar panel means that you’ll always have access to emergency charging power
Bright LED Flashlight: 3 light Modes (Normal /SOS /Strobe). Perfectly in darkness, especially for an emergency
Easy to Use: The auto-charge feature means no buttons to push—simply plug your device into the USB “out” port to begin charging