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These are the BEST DEALS on GUITAR GEAR and FIREARMS ACCESSORIES that I know of this year. Lots of companies reached out to me to promote their black friday sales, but I only chose two companies to promote because I really believe in their products, customer service, and especially, the price! Here are the deals:

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The “MOSWRONG” Custom Mosrite style guitar – $799 this weekend only!


How to Charge Honda Civic Hybrid IMA battery in “L” Mode / Gear

How to Charge Honda Civic Hybrid IMA battery in “L” Mode / Gear

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Sany Eneloop USB Rechargeable Battery Charger – Gear Review

A difference piece of gear, a USB powered AA/AAA battery charger. Great for USB battery packs or some other form of USB power source.

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Macquarie Shopping Centre Electric Car Charger is tricky to find

There are two ChargePoint Type 1 J1772 chargers located at the Macquarie Shopping Centre carpark. These chargers are difficult to reach as they are ‘hidden’ behind the valet parking area. This video shows you how to get to these chargers (without having to pay for valet).


NRMA Electric Car Charging Network (Oct 2018 Update)

The NRMA is rolling out 40 electric car charging locations across NSW and ACT as part of its Social Dividend Reinvestment Strategy. The plan is set to cost the NRMA $10 million dollars and will account for 95% of road trips taken by NSW and ACT motorists. Each charger will be spaced at most 150km apart on major roadways. The latest location to go online is Mittagong, located at the Mittagong RSL Club carpark. All NRMA chargers are supplied by Australian company Tritium Veefil who have also supplied charging networks across Europe, USA and locally in Australia. Tritium chargers are rapid DC chargers using either ChaDeMo or CCS2.

More details:
NRMA installs charger in Southern Highlands:

The Path Taken by Mixaund |
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How to Charge Electronics in the Backcountry

One of the biggest challenges of filming in the backcountry is charging camera batteries. These aren’t AA batteries, these things are huge and take hours to charge. And as we all know there are no outlets in the mountains. Until now….

Field producer Marcus Hockett explains the solar charging solution that he has found to work best for charging these beasts of batteries. Obviously, you can use this solar charging for anything that has AC or DC power. So go ahead and bring that blender or any electronics with you on your next backcountry trip with this solar charging solution!

We have not tested the below setups, but they are the closest things we can find that are currently on the market.

Chargetech Battery:
Solar Panel Equivalent:

Here is a smaller, less powerful AC Power Setup:


Also, Chargetech now has a panel offered on their website, but again, we have not tested it.

Solar Panel Charger for AC Battery Packs

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Unboxing: Hedbox RP-DC80 and RPC-4X Power Adapter

First Impressions:

The RP-DC80 charger has a large LCD display, and it comes with two backlight colors to give users the ability to view charging details in lowlight conditions. This charger is powered with a two-prong cable and has an additional USB output to charge or power a second device. A D-tap power adapter cable is also included with the charger and can be easily exchanged with the Hedbox RPC-4X power adapter cable to charge camcorders or other 4-pin XLR compatible devices.



• 1.6-inch LCD display
• Backlight dual color (Red or Blue)
• Battery charging mode
• Powering LED light
• USB power output
• RPC-DT battery charge (D-Tap) adapter power cable
• 110V-220C AC power cord


• Designed for Hedbox RP-DC80
• Supports constant power supply mode
• Powers units through a 4-pin XLR connections
• Provides constant power of DC 16.V/5A and 90W (Max)

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Unboxing: Hedbox RP-DC30, RP-DC40, RP-DBPU, RP-DFM50 and Batteries

First Impressions

As we unbox more power supply units from Hedbox, we appreciate how adaptable and effortless each of their products perform on live productions or on the go. The Hedbox RP-DC30 and RP-DC40 are interchangeable chargers that can supply power to various batteries with Hedbox’s collection of adapter plates that include the RP-DBPU, RP-DLPE6, RPDFW50, and RP-DFM50. Each of these adapter plates connect to a specific battery or multiple batteries and offers extra flexibility on set.


• 2-step LED Indicator Display
• Exchangeable power plugs (EU-Euro, US-America, UK-United
• 12VDC car power cable
• Interchangeable battery plates

• Large digital LCD display screen
• Implemented back-light
• 12VDC car power cable
• USB Output
• Interchangeable battery plates

RP-DBPU: 1500mAh/16.8V

Compatible with: Hedbox RP-DC50 battery charger

Designed for:
• Hedbox | RP-BPU80; RP-BP85D; HED-BP95D; HED-BP75D
• Sony | BP-U30; BP-U60; BP-U90

RPDFW50: 1500mAh/8.4V

Compatible with: Hedbox RP-DC50, RP-DC40, and RP-DC30 battery

Designed for:
• Hedbox | HED-FW50
• Sony | NP-FW50

RP-DFM50: 1500mAh/8.4V

Compatible with: RP-DC50, RP-DC40, and RP-DC30 battery chargers

Designed for:
• Hedbox | RP-NPF550; RP-NPF770; RP-NPF970; RP-NPF1000
• Sony | NP-F550; NP-F770; NP-F970; NP-FM91; NP-QM91
• Panasonic | AG-BP25; AG-EZ30P; VW-B202; VW-VBD5; VW-VBDR1
• JVC | BN-628; BN-628U; BN-V812; BN-V812U; BN-V814; BN-V814U

RP-DLPE6: 1500mAh/8.4V

Compatible with: RP-DC50, RP-DC40, and RP-DC30 battery chargers

Designed for:
• Hedbox | RP-LPE6
• Canon | LP-E6