IEGrow Battery Charger Giveaway Winners!

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Here is the product link: The code is 9FADOITY.

David Lewis
TwistedMetals OfTexas
William Gallaher
Jon Hopkins
Michael Bonfiglio
Tammi Ferrell
Jeremy C.
Kristi Doyle
Kat Tinsley

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IEGrow Battery Charger And Giveaway!

Here is the product link: The code is 9FADOITY.

And here are the rules of giveaway:
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3. 10 Winners will be chosen at random Winners will be announced on 20th March, 2019.
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Nitecore USN1 NP-FW50 Dual Battery Charger Review and Giveaway

Works great w/NP-FW50 batteries, charges 2 pretty quickly, auto-shutoff and stats display.

Read my full review here:

Amazon Affiliate Product Link:


Fast Wireless Charger for iPhone AMX Beam X review & giveaway

Review of AMX Beam X 7.5W & 10W Fast Wireless Qi Adaptive Dual Coil Charger for iPhone X/XS/Max/8/Plus, Galaxy S/Note Series, Pixel 3/XL, LG G7/V30 and Other Qi Enabled Devices

Buy on amazon:

Rules of Giveaway:
1. Like, share & comment
2.Winner will be selected from comments.

Winner will be announced on our instagram on 17th march 2019
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Jmate JUUL Charger Case Review and Giveaway

▶To Enter the contest Subscribe to Fumb Duck’s Channel and thumbs up this video and comment down below the question at the end of the video: PLEASE SUPPORT MY CHANNEL I am trying to reach 1000 Subscribers to monetize my content. All the help would be greatly appreciated, thank you everybody for the continued support!

▶ For all JUUL chargers (Portable Charging cases) and car chargers for the JUUL visit:

▶ Jmate JUUL Charger Case Review and Giveaway is a sponsored video by Jmate. Since vaping is so popular nowadays I would say it is appropriate to talk about them. I own a Kanger KBOX 200, a STLTH, SMOK INFINIX, and now a SMOK NOVO and they are certainly excellent ways of quitting smoking or pursuing a really fun hobby. The juul is a great product and certainly does the job, in this video I will explain why the Jmate Portable Charging Case is actually an amazing device for all juuls

▶ Checkout Fumb Duck’s most recent vape review :

▶ The vape/ e-cigarette world has revolutionized the way we intake nicotine. With this vape/charger review I am trying to help people save money on expensive chargers. Jmate enhances the juul experience with its juul pod technology. Vaping is continuing to grow and soon the juul will make more vape technology. Lets help people quit smoking!

▶ Also keep in mind please use this responsibly and I don’t condone people under age to use these devices.

▶The Camera I used is a “Canon Rebel T5i” and used a basic “amazon tripod”. For audio, I also used a “Rode Video Micro Compact On-Camera Microphone with Rycote Lyre Shock Mount” for my audio. I also used a “Zoom H1n recorder” with a “lavalier microphone” .I highly recommend all these for starting simple videos. For editing the video, I used a program called “TMPGEnc Mastering Works 6” and “Adobe Premiere Pro”.

▶ Giveaway Question: What is the most annoying thing about having a juul/vape?

▶Don’t forget to like and turn on post notifications for more vape/JUUL/SMOK INFINIX/SMOK NOVO/Jmate charger case review videos!

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#JUUL #JmateJuulCharger #FumbDuck


1000 Giveaway Winner | by Dom

Happy Wednesday y’all!
I hope y’all are having a wonderful week.
So it’s time to announce the winner of the giveaway!!
Thank you to all who entered. I really appreciate your support, kind words, and this awesome community. 🙂

XO Dom

Music by Joakim Karud


Vlogging camera, Canon PowerShot G7:
Canon T5i:
MacBook Air:
iPhone 6:
Sigma Lens:
Tripod (lightweight and easy to set-up)
Lighting Kit:
Timelapse accessory:
Battery Chargers:
Hard Drive 1TB:
Memory Cards:,
Lens Cap Keepers:

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1000 Subscriber Giveaway | by Dom

Hey guys, happy Sunday!
Today I have a giveaway for y’all! 🙂
My channel recently reached 1000 subscribers, so exciting.
So I want to give back to you all. It’s a small gesture to show my appreciation for your support and kindness. I appreciate each and every one of you that take the time to watch my videos, leave likes, and comments. I’m so excited to see what happens this year.

XO Dom

Giveaway rules:
1. Must be subscribed to my channel
2. Leave a comment below letting me know what your current favorite product is OR what video you’d like to see next. 🙂
3. Must be a U.S. Resident

*The contest ends Saturday, February 23rd. 🙂

Music by Joakim Karud


Vlogging camera, Canon PowerShot G7:
Canon T5i:
MacBook Air:
iPhone 6:
Sigma Lens:
Tripod (lightweight and easy to set-up)
Lighting Kit:
Timelapse accessory:
Battery Chargers:
Hard Drive 1TB:
Memory Cards:,
Lens Cap Keepers:

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Tesla Wireless Phone Charger and Giveaway

Quick overview of the Tesla Wireless Phone Charger:

Check out our giveaway to win one for yourself:

If you found this content useful in your search of buying a Tesla, feel free to pay it forward by using our referral code below to get Six Months Free Supercharging on a Model S, X, or 3 and 5 year extended warranty on solar.
Or manual code: kevin1561

Find out about our Roadster Appreciation Program at:

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NEW Apple iPhone Battery Case for iPhone XS, XS Max & iPhone XR // Hands-On Review + GIVEAWAY!

***** IMPORTANT *****
TWO lucky subscribers will be chosen to win one of these NEW battery cases for the iPhone X/XS, iPhone XS MAX or iPhone XR.This giveaway is for 2 cases! All you have to do is
1) SUBSCRIBE to the channel
2) Drop a LIKE on this video
3) COMMENT down below what you are looking forward to MOST in 2019!
& lastly, make sure to give me a follow on social media and send me a DM telling me what iPhone you have so, if chosen as a winner, I know what case to get you.
Good luck to everyone!

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#iPhoneBatteryCase #BatteryPack #iPhoneXR

Quick review and hands on with the newly released smart battery cases for the iPhone X/XS, iPhone XS Max & iPhone XR. How long will it extend your battery and is it worth the MSRP of $129?
UPDATE: This case IS COMPATIBLE with the iPhone X. iOS will prompt saying the accessory is incompatible but simply dismiss the notification and it should start charging. The camera cut outs may also NOT align.

Thanks for watching!


iPhone and Android Wireless Chargers by Fuse Chicken – Overview and Giveaway

We take a look at Fuze Chicken Gravity Lift wireless charger for iPhone or Android and also the Gravity Touch wireless charging base. Fuze Chicken has also provided three wireless chargers for a giveaway. #wirelesscharger #iphone #android #giveaway

***Giveaway Rules*** The contest will run for 1 week and end on 1/23/2019 where the winners will be determined randomly. The giveaway is world wide and there will be a total of 3 chargers given away. No purchase necessary. Only one charger per winner. If you would like a chance to win a charger be sure to subscribe to the zollotech YouTube channel and comment below which charger you would like, if you do win. Check back after 1/23/2019 on the zollotech YouTube community page to see if you won. If you do win then be sure to email me your shipping information. Thanks for watching and good luck. Thanks again to Fuze Chicken for making this giveaway possible. Please be sure to comply with your local government and/or state rules.

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