Nimble Portable Chargers & Wireless Charger Unboxing & Hands On

Nimble portable chargers and wireless chargers look awesome, pack in cool features and come from a company that wants to protect the planet while keeping you charged up.


18650 Battery Charger from jlcpcb

Using the boards from Philipp Seidel. I built out 2 quick chargers for my 18650 cell processing. Here is the build process for the first one. I have enough parts to build 10 of these. Thanks to jlcpcb for cheap boards and quick delivery.

[DIY Project] Reverse Protected 18650 Lithium-Ion Charging Unit

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Making Money Scrapping Recycling Battery Chargers, Computers & A Video Camera!

Hello YouTube Scrappers! I’ve been super busy. Sorry for not having a video last week. I’ve been hitting eBay really hard lately and along with that it’s yard sale season so that takes up most of my weekends now. But I’m still getting weekly scrap loads from my main contact and from other word of mouth. I don’t film everything I get just the large loads. This load had a ton of cool items. There were massive battery chargers with lots of brass in them. I also got another large amount of flat screens, printers and wiring. There were 3 towers also mixed in. I’ve already processed this load since I filmed and got just under $125 for it! Not bad for $4 bucks in gas. The video camera shown in this photo is for sale if your interested. Let me know. I hope your all having a wonderful weekend of scrapping. As always I hope my videos motivate you to go out and get contacts/contracts. And don’t forget you can get cheap or FREE scrap at yard sales/estate sales too. Just give them your card and go pick up what is left when the sale is over. I hope you like this video. Please Like & Subscribe! Take Care!