Three Items to Review When Buying a Golf Bag

Once you have been playing golf for a while, you may decide that you would like to buy your own set of golf clubs. Of course, when you do so, you will also want to buy a good golfing bag as well. But how do you go about doing so? This article is going to discuss a few things to consider when purchasing a golf bag.

First, you will have to determine what kind of bag you want. Basically, there are two kinds. The first is the traditional bag, which has two legs to help it stand. If you are a young person, this bag may be for you.

The second kind of bag is one with a battery powered trolley attachment. This type is great if you are a more mature golfer who does not want the hassle of have to manually carry your golf bag.

The next aspect that you should consider is whether it has a warranty or not and if it does, what does the warranty cover. In today's economy, you should be able to find a golf bag with a fairly comprehensive warranty.

The third aspect of buying a golf bag is to see what types of pockets and compartments it has. As you become a more experienced golfer, you are going to want to use more golfing accessories. Therefore, when you initially buy your golf bag, it is a good idea to see what accessories you could store in it.

As you have seen above, buying a golfing bag really is not that difficult of a task. With a little common sense, you will be able to find the perfect bag for you.

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9 Best Golf Cart Battery Chargers 2019


Disclaimer: These choices may be out of date. You need to go to to see the most recent updates to the list.

Our complete review, including our selection for the year’s best golf cart battery charger, is exclusively available on Ezvid Wiki.

Golf cart battery chargers included in this wiki include the zqus gzq, accusense 20 amp, schauer crowfoot, accusense intelligent, links series molded, accusense series, imeshbean fully automatic, golf cart king ezgo, and golf cart king yamaha.

Most Recent Picks:


2PC 4 AWG Gauge Red Black Battery Post Inverter Cables Solar Golf Ca

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Secure online Shopping
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Restoring Golf Cart Batteries after Sitting for 4 Years.

Restoring Golf Cart Batteries after Sitting for Four Years.
Using Several Rejuvenators.
This is a worst case example of sulfated batteries that sat unused for over four years. These batteries were never used or ever charged from the beginning so that created a special problem. At first we would not charge them at all with the industrial rejuvenator and so we had to take the long approach and use some of the small chargers starting with the Renaissance Alarm/UPS charger followed by the RC-2A12 and RC-10A12.

After being on the Alarm charger for some time we were then able to use the Industrial RC-30A12 and cycle the batteries 3 times and restore them to new capacity.
This is a rare experience, but it does show you how to tackle those batteries to don’t seem to come back at first.


Golf Cart maintenance battery fill test wash

I would recommend you reading the full review to get an idea.

Full Review:

Genuine Golfers talk about Golf & Everything related to Golf we review products. We talk about what to buy & what not to buy.


Lester Summit II Battery Charger (1050W) | For Any Golf Cart, Scissor Lift Or Floor Machine

Link To Lester Summit II Battery Charger (1050W):

Today on GCGTV we are talking about our Lester Summit II Battery Charger (1050W). This innovative battery charger is like none other. Join Dave as we talk about all of the awesome features.

Check out our most recent video – Lester Summit II Battery Charger (650W):

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SMV 2448 Summit II 1050W

Previously on GCGTV….

HI, everyone. Welcome, and thank you for joining us at golf cart garage dot com. Today on GCGTV, we’re getting more familiar with the Summit II line of chargers from Lester Electrical and discussing all the machines they can charge. In our last episode, we looked at the differences between the old style, vented, fan cooled chargers seen here and this new energy efficient, sealed technology that the Summit II model has brought to golf cart charging, allowing users to keep their charger on board if they like and use the automatic storage mode feature to charge while they’re away. Summit II lets you set it and forget it.
And, there’s also some special benefits to ordering from Golf Cart Garage. More on that in a minute, but for today, we want to take a closer look at Summit II technology from our last installment, along with it’s big brother, the 1050Watt Industrial model that works harder and charges lots more different machines!
We think you’ll get a real charge out of it! I’m…. I’m sorry about that. The contract requires at least on Dad joke per episode.

Take a look with me at Summit II. Here’s our model from last time, it’s the standard consumer use 650W model. It can be INSTALLED ON-BOARD OR USED AS A STATIONARY shelf CHARGER ON ANY 36 VOLT OR 48 VOLT GOLF CART. If you fly a 36V OR 48V Millenium Falcon, it may even charge that, too. A quick call to Golf Cart Garage can help you equip it with just the right plug for your golf cart charging receptacle, but it’s factory default condition comes with two wires that connect straight to your cart batteries. That’s about as universal as it can get. It detects your voltage automatically and operates automatically for on, off, and storage mode to keep you fully charged during downtime or vacation. You can also download an app to your phone or tablet to control the charger via bluetooth connection and check your charge status.

But wait…. there’s more! Act now, or just bear with me and my bent sense of humor long enough to get to know the newer Summit II 1050W Industrial Model. We know that not all of our visitors at Golf Cart Garage drive need to charge a personal golf cart. The 1050W model adds 24V charging to the mix along with the 36 and 48V capabilities. This is the Summit II model you consider if you have a heavy duty use for your vehicle or if you have other industrial machines like Floor Scrubbers, Fork Lifts, and Scissor Lifts. I feel like I could probably lift forks and scissors on my own without a machine, but I definitely see why you’d want a machine to scrub the floor.
OK, so the practical use here is the Industrial Grade version for those who need premium performance and faster charging time to get back to work. If you use your charger to power a cart or machine at your business, or if you just need a faster charge for any reason, this is the model for you. The higher amperage at each voltage in this industrial charger is a step up to a professional level machine.

In a nutshell, the two models share the versatility to be a great solution to charge virtually any machine. They can both be used as a stationary shelf charger or kept on-board so that you can charge wherever you find power. They both work automatically and have an advanced storage mode, and they both come with an extended warranty from the best, most experienced company in the business. They both play professional football… that’s definitely not true, nice prompter trick, and I even found one of their dating profiles.
ooh. It must be tough out there.


48V Battery Charge Meter | How to Install Video | Madjax® Golf Cart Accessories

How to install a Madjax® 48V Battery Charge Meter on a golf cart.
Visit us online at


BatteryPete Talking Golf Cart Batteries, Chargers, and Watering Systems for your Golf Cart

Battery Pete talks about golf cart batteries, golf cart battery chargers and battery watering systems.



Troubleshoot and repair a PowerWise Battery Charger for Golf Cart – Replacing Charger Board. Damaged Relay. Replace electronic board. Repairing your charger will save you from having to buy a new charger.
Replaces both the control and power input boards.
You may need to replace your 50 amp fuse as well as the diodes in your charger. These typically go bad when you have a faulty control board.
Fits the Following Cart(s): 1994-Up EZGO Powerwise chargers.

Products are sold by “The King” They seem to have the lowest prices and I never had an issue with them. They have everything you need. Hope this helps.

See the playlist of my EZ-GO Golf Cart project:


48 Volt 15 Amp Golf Cart Battery Charger – Yamaha

New 48 Volt Automatic Golf Cart Battery Charger with Status Panel

For Most 48 Volt Systems with a Yamaha Connector Plug


Advanced high frequency switching mode power supply technology
Completley automatic battery charging CC,CV, and floating
LED Screen
Short Circuit, over voltage, over temperature, reverse polarity protection
Automatic Fan Forced Ventalation
100% full load burn in test.
Input Voltage: 110-120v AC
Output Voltage: 48V 15 Amp
Manufacturer: Non-OEM