Best GoPro Battery Charger! ( Hero 5 & 6) ✔️ | Amazing Quality 2018!

Best GoPro Battery Charger! ( Hero 5 & 6) ✔️ –
The TELESIN Triple Charger & Battery Storage Box for GoPro Hero 6 & Hero 5 is a 3 battery Charging Box that works great and is available at Amazon & Aliexpress.
It is also available with Telesin bateries at this link

This charger is designed for GoPro Hero 5 & 6 and can charge up to 3 batteries at a time. I’ve been very impressed at how easy and well it works. The simple box shape is great for portability and it charges the batteries quickly.

I’ve also found that Telesin has a FB page where you can find some cool info and promotions. FB:…
FB Group:…

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VBlog #38 2018-10-10 GoPro 7 mod #3 – Battery Charger

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iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus Battery Charging Case Baseus IPGC10

Good: The battery case has a 3650 battery inside of it so you can get a full charge of your iPhone using the case.
Good: This battery case unlike others uses a lightening port charger so you don’t have to worry about having a separate charger for your phone and your case. If you are traveling or just moving from the living room to the bedroom you don’t have to worry about which charging cable is where you just grab your regular cable and plug in.
Good: The case is considerably thinner than other iPhone battery cases. The other iPhone 7 Plus battery case I use is much thicker and heavier.
Bad: The case doesn’t fit over the edges of the phone so if you drop the phone face down its not going to provide your phone much protection if any.
Bad: The phone feels like it takes a long time to charge when the battery case in attached. It seems like it charges the phone and the case at the same time when most charging cases charge the phone first and then the battery case.
Bottomline, I like the case. This is a case that I don’t mind using everyday. My other charging case I only pull out for specific uses. This case is light relatively thin and has enough capacity to charge my iPhone all the way from 0-100% on a single charge.
To Learn More or Purchase Click Here:

Ultra Thin Charger Case Cover For iPhone X 8 7 6 Plus IPGC10

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10 Best GoPro Hero 7 Chargers With Review & Details – Which is the best GoPro Charger?

10 Best GoPro Hero 7 Chargers With Review & Details – Which is the best GoPro Charger?

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Here we provide the list of Best GoPro Hero 7 Chargers With Review & Details!!!!

1. GoPro Dual Battery Charger

2. GoPro Dual Battery Charger

3. Powerextra Dual Battery Charger

4. Artman Batteries (3 Pack) and 3-Channel LED USB Charger

5. Xtech GoPro HERO4 Hero 4 Dual Battery Charger

6. GreatCool Dual Battery LCD Charger

7. Suptig Battery charger Triple Charger

8. SANDMARC Procharge: Triple Charger

9. CamKix Replacement Charger

10. Smatree Battery (3 Pack) and 3-Channel Charger

If any of the questions arise in your mind, ask in the comment below, we will try to reply as soon as possible!

We can answer the following types of questions (if you want to know)

Which is the best GoPro charger?

Does GoPro offer a warranty of any kind with this charger?

Which GoPro is the best?

Can I charge my GoPro with Samsung charger?

Can a GoPro record while plugged in?

Does a GoPro come with a charger?

How do you charge a GoPro Hero 5 black?

How do I turn my gopro off?

How do you use voice command on gopro?

What is Quick Capture on gopro?

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Duration test of the Smatree batteries for the Gopro Hero 5/6/7

I got som request for a duration on my Smatree Gopro Hero 5 batteries I bougth one month ago. I’m sorry for the long clip, you will have to fast forward to the end if you just want to see the result.
Gopro Hero 5/6 batteries:
Camera I use:
DJI Mavic Air:
DJI Mavic Air:
DJI Spark fly more:
DJI Spark:
Smatree SP90:
Smatree SP90 UK:
Spark propeller:
Spark body:
Spark ND filters:
Battery monitor:
Gopro adapter:
Improved Gopro adapter:
Smatree charger for DJI Mavic:
Leatherman Style CS:


[Unboxing/Review] Dual Battery Charger for GoPro 5/6/7

Let me OPEN the BOX / REVIEW

I review dual charger for GoPro 5/6/7 users.
It is a very practical item to charge two batteries.
If you’re a GoPro user, be sure. I recommend buying.
Just enjoy my VIDEO.

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Unboxing and first look at the excellent smatree batteries for Gopro Hero 5/6/7

Unboxing and first look at the excellent smatree batteries for Gopro Hero 5. The box even contains a fast charger. You can buy them here:
Gopro Hero 5/6 batteries:
Camera I use:
DJI Mavic Air:
DJI Spark fly more:
DJI Spark:
Smatree SP90:
Smatree SP90 UK:



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Drift Ghost Battery Replacement –

My drift battery was dying a slow death so its time for a replacement.
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Smatree Rechargeable Battery Charger 360 GoPro Fusion (08-2018)

Smatree Rechargeable Battery Charger 360 GoPro Fusion (08-2018)

Paid: $27.99