GPS Ankle Bracelets – GPS Monitoring and Tracking Features and Battery Charging Info – Because prisons are so crowded, many offenders are under house arrest and need constant monitoring. We provide GPS ankle bracelet offender tracking monitoring. Presently, there’s a huge problem in that the systems being currently in use as they generate an enormous amount of false alarms, causing law enforcement case workers to be deluged with non-pertinent data, which generally go unnoticed similar to how people react to car alarms in parking lots today.

To illustrate this problem further with an analogy: Could you respond to 3000 spam email messages per day per computer? Of course not.

Emap’s patented and proprietary GPS ankle monitoring bracelets solves this problem by eliminating over 99% of false alarms while keeping constant tracking of each offender, even when a GPS signal is not present! The result is an easy-to-read report on every offender and their whereabouts, 24/7, at the tip of your fingernail for easy reading and analysis. The system prioritizes each infraction, is monitored by real human beings, and uses fiber optics so the bracelets can’t be cut or removed without sending a red alert warning to the case worker.