OBD Car Tracker Plug & Play GPS Tracking Device

Car tracking has become the need of the hour, and car owners certainly want their car to be safe. When people look for these devices, there are lots of options available in the market. This is not about the brand, but the various categories options can place one in a dilemma. Here is a detailed description of the types of trackers available in the market, and accordingly you can choose as per your needs and convenience.

There are 3 types of trackers available in the market.

• Hardwired
• Portable

Hardwired Trackers

This kind of GPS trackers is for monitoring a single vehicle. These are mostly used in the vehicles of earlier than 1996 where the OBD II ports were missing. It is preferred for the car owners who want to hide the installation for greater security. The electrical system of the vehicle is used for power, and there is no need to charge the device manually.

Portable Devices

These are perfect for individuals to use on their cars, and who travel more frequently. This is a real time tracker that caters to the need of many users. These are modern devices, and the accessories are included in the package like a micro USB cable, lanyard and waterproof case.

OBD Plug and Play Chargers

This is a perfect choice for tracking not only a single vehicle but a fleet of vehicles. Using the OBD car tracker has lots of advantages for the users.
• The installation is simple, and it takes only a few seconds, say about 30 to 45 seconds.
• The plug and play real time tracking device can be fitted to the OBD II port of the car's dashboard.
• There is no need to charge this device manually.
• Telematics is captured immediately, and the same is informed to the fleet owner. This helps the owners to ensure that the car is safe, and out of problems.
• Any misuse of vehicles will be notified with no delays to the users.

Apart from these advantages, many features are alluring about the OBD plug and play tracking device.

• The operating expenses are reduced, as the shortest routes can be chosen.
• The company's productivity can be increased as the employee can always exceed if the employees are misusing the vehicles.
• The vehicles can be effectively monitored round the clock, and the money saving is made easy, as fuel consumption is lowered.
• With the OBD car tracking device the vehicle utilization is maximized.
• The field staff can be managed with ease, and corrective actions wherever and whenever required can be taken.
• Route planning can be done with ease.
• The exact location of the vehicle can be traced at any given point of time.
• Dispatch inaccuracies can never happen, as the vehicles can be tracked for all reasons behind the delay.
• Administration account is single and managing the same is easy and non-complicated.


Finding the right OBD port is a must, and for a few vehicles, these may not be compatible. But compared with the downsides of the hardwired devices which include the requirement of an auto electrician to fix the device, and the device being not portable, the disadvantages of the plug and play devices are negligible.


Motorrad Navigator II GPS Navigation System

Owners of BMW motorcycles have a new technology available to them to provide up to the minute directions and navigation throughout all of Europe. BMW's latest GPS unit for their motorcycles is a huge step up from their previous model. This model features an upgraded memory chip, up to 2 GB from 512 MB. The model also comes with a road map covering all of Eastern Europe installed right out of the box. This is a great feature because prior to this model you would have to take the unit to your pc and download the appropriate maps onto the unit. With this model you simply have to mount the unit to your motorcycle and attach the battery cable and you are ready to take off on the road.

Riders will find the new touch screen a vast improvement over the previous model and it has been retuned for easier use with gloved hands. The unit has been rated for use in snow and in rain, and against extreme heat and cold. The units increased memory and processors allow for virtual instantaneous updates of information and position. As with the previous model it still provides the rider with elapsed time, estimated time to destination, current speed, average speed and top speed. This models positioning is extremely accurate as it pulls information from twelve different satellites when coordinating your position. Most GPS units only use the information of four satellites and this gives the BMW model a greater advantage at calculating your exact position on the globe.

As for drivers or riders of non-BMW bikes, this unit can be used with any vehicle or motorcycle and will require minimal mounting and wiring. For an automobile it comes equipped with a cigarette lighter plug and can be mounted fairly easily to most vehicles. Pedestrians can also use this unit with its battery powered option. This product is available at all BMW dealerships and online at the BMW website.


The Garmin 1490LMT – A GPS With SuperPowers!

After you have owned the Garmin 1490LMT and have used it in your car for a few weeks you will wonder how you ever managed without it. It makes driving so easy and so efficient, you will save both money and time and can drive with confidence in any city or town in North America.

There are many features on the Garmin 1490LMT that you may not expect on a GPS and they serve to make this little device a wonderful travel assistant.

If you have ever struggled with complicated intersections on the highway or missed your turnoff then with this GPS you will never make those mistakes again. The Garmin 1490LMT gives you turn-by-turn voice announcements for roads on your route so that you can drive without distraction and you never over shoot your turnoff.The advanced lane assist function allows you to navigate upcoming lane changes with clear voice instructions given in advance and large screen shots of the highway signs to help you avoid any errors. These clear indicators make missing your highway exit a thing of the past, you can drive to any destination confidently and without distraction, you can be sure of arriving at your destination in a timely fashion, without wasting your travel time making wrong turns or missing exits . No more wasted money on gas driving those extra arrows to get back on route because you made a driving mistake

One of the very best features of the Garmin nuvi 1490LMT is the lifetime map and traffic updates completely free! You never have to invest a single cent in updating the changing traffic systems in your city or any other – for years to come. This is an awesome saving in time and money. You can be completely confident that your GPS will have current maps for you to follow and that you can navigate accurately around any city or town in the US, Mexico or Puerto Rico whether you are walking or driving.

You always know where you are – just touch the screen and you are provided with your exact location plus the hospitals, police station etc in your location.
The Garmin nuvi 1490LMTis the perfect travel companion it provides a currency converter, a travel clock with world time zones.

It also provides 3 hours of battery time with its lithium battery a pedestrian guidance system if you feel like walking instead of driving. This alone can be a very useful aspect of the device- if you are on vacation and visiting a city that you do not know, take your Garmin nuvi 1490lmt with you and you will never get lost. With 1,000 waypoints and up to 6 million points of interest to guide you toward interesting and useful destinations the Garmin 1490LMT will not let you down.


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How To Detect GPS Tracking Units

The new GPS auto tracker technology allows just about anyone to track anyone else. In addition almost all new cell phones have GPS tracking capabilities built in to them. Some even have the ability to transmit location information even with the battery removed. All of which make you wonder what happened to personal privacy. The answer is that there really is no privacy. Granted there are legal restrictions as to how and when you can use the new tracking technology however detecting GPS tracking units can sometimes be difficult.

There are basically two types of GPS tracking device technology available to the public. The simplest is called a passive or logger tracking device. This device is also the most difficult to detect and defend against. These devices can be as small as a matchbook and can be hidden just about anywhere. They are attached to a vehicle or individual and after a specific amount of time they must be retrieved. After retrieval the device is usually attached to a personal computer and the information is downloaded into a data base that is provided by the device manufacture.

Probably the best defense against passive/logger tracking devices comes in the form of a GPS blocker. These small units normally plug into your automobiles cigarette lighter port and provide protection for about 30 feet in any direction. Small handheld units are also available that run on batteries that also provide short range blocking. These units can range in price from $200 to $850.

The second type of GPS auto tracker or personal GPS tracking units are called real time tracking devices. These units do just as the name implies, provide current real time location information on the individual or vehicle that is being tracked. This accomplished through the use of cell phone technology. Recent technology improvements have greatly reduced the size and reliability of these tracking devices. You can purchase a battery operated unit the size of a small cell phone that will provide tracking information for up to a week before the battery requires charging. More commonly these units are attached to a vehicle and use the vehicles power supply to provide power to the tracking unit.

Real time tracking devices generally require the user to contract with a GPS tracking service company. These companies frequently provide the tracking devices and the software necessary to track the device on your personal computer. Depending on the contract the information is uploaded to you at time specific intervals. The most common information uploads range from 5 to 10 minutes.

Defending against this type of tracking device is relatively easy with a combination cell phone/GPS blocking device. These units range in cost from $300 to more than $1000. Of course either a cell phone or a GPS blocking device may accomplish the same affect. In addition if you feel that you are being tracked illegally you can contact your local law enforcement agency and let them do a scan of the vehicle or personal effects in question. Many small law enforcement agencies do not have this capability and in that case you have the option to purchase a scanning unit and do the scan yourself.

A word to the wise if you are involved in a criminal enterprise. Much of what we have outlined here will not prevent US government agencies from tracking you and your vehicles.

In most cases it is illegal to track just about anyone without their permission. However given the fact that is so hard to detect many tracking devices it is likely that illegal GPS auto tracker and personal tracking device technology will continue to be used.


Garmin Rino 520 Handheld GPS – Review

Have any of these things every happened to you?

* You are on a hike trip and you have lost a friend. Storm clouds are looming and they are now to be found.

* You have taken your family on an outing at an amusement park. It is closing time but you can not find one person.

* You are on the boat and you want to make sure you are going in the right direction, whether its north, south, east or west.

Garmin's RINO 520 portable GPS navigator can solve all of those problems. These two-way radio systems are equipped with a GPS navigator that can help you find your way and lead your group as well. The patented GPS receiver allows other members of your party to tell you where they are as well as showing them your location.

One of the best features on the RINO 520 is its display. With bold colors, it is easy to see and interpret. You will never need to look at a large map from an atlas again after using the RINO 520. Garmin's Rino 520 handheld GPS units not only have built-in base maps of North and South America, but you can choose optional City Select software. These can be adapted to almost any trip, hike or boating excursion you plan to take. This GPS navigator unit allows you to customize your route, complete with turn-by-turn directions and alert tones. No more getting lost on the trails or at sea. If you are just on a sight-seeing trip, the RINO 520 makes finding a hotel or restaurant that his nearby easy. This GPS navigator unit can map points of interest along your route

If the sea is your passion, this portable GPS unit can be customized with Garmin's exclusive optional cartography that includes the fishing hot spots on recreational lakes in the United States. The built-in calendar can show you the best fishing times. If you like to hunt, this portable GPS unit can also tell you the best hunting times for snaring your prey.

What are some of the other outstanding features of the RINO 520? The RINO 520 unit has 56 megabytes of internal memory so that you can quickly download personalized maps for your use onto your portable GPS. The two-way radio has five watts of power, allowing you to contact help from as far away as 14 miles. The portable GPS unit has a WAAS enabled, 12 parallel GPS receiver. It has a bright color display and a rechargeable battery that can last up to 16 hours. Priced at about $ 482, Garmin's RINO 520 is one of the best buys of portable GPS systems on the market.


The Best GPS Map Device In The Present Market – A Travelers Delight

The newly enhanced GPS map device offers a host of additional features than what was derived from its highly popular predecessors. The handheld device benefits from a new design which looks sleek and attractive to look at. Recent devices with 2.6 inch screen and 65-k color display with a resolution of 160 x 240 pixels are the talk of the town. The screen is clearly visible even in broad daylight light which make it an ideal instrument that can be used at any time of the day.

The device is also equipped with a GPS receiver through HotFix which is highly sensitive and offers the best reception capabilities. The quad helix antenna attached to the phone offers unparallel reception. The device is also water proof with a streamlined design making it ideal to be used even in rugged conditions.

The gadget is installed with a world base map through which the user can receive support via geocaching (paperless). The world map comes with the shade relief that offers greater choice in the form of marine / road maps and other maps that include detailed topographic images. This is a feature that is sure to take your navigational performance to the next level.

Another interesting feature of this device is that it you can use routes that have been uploaded by other users to explore new places. This way you can share waypoints, track routes and geocachers wirelessly between other compatible devices. The experience of these travels can then be uploaded through social networking forums like Facebook or Twitter. The device also has a 3-axis compass that will enable the user to derive accurate readings even when it is not held in a leveled manner.

Other attributes such as the barometric altimeter can be used to track the traveller's altitude to a precise degree. This is calculated through fluctuations in pressure changes while the altimeter can also be used to keep an eye on the weather. External connections to the device can be carried out through a high-speed USB interface.

Satellite images can be made to integrate with your maps through the Birds Eye Satellite imagery. The user would have to however get a subscription before the feature can be utilized. The device offers up to 20 hours of battery life and requires 2 AA batteries to function.

The instrument is perfect for travelers, trekkers, hunters, geocachers, hikers and mappers. The device can also be used for marine or automotive purposes which make its features highly versatile.


Improve Profitability With GPS Fleet Management

Technology has made the task of fleet management easy, organized and more effective than before for owners of transport businesses. Managing a fleet of trucks that are constantly on the move is not an easy task and any lapse in management can lead to considerable financial setback and loss of credibility.

The introduction of GPS technology has proved to be a boon for the transport business. The transport business involves extensive capital investment. There are high operational and maintenance expenses at every stage and unless proper checks and constant monitoring is done to track vehicles and ensure minimum breakdowns, the business is doomed. Luckily, GPS fleet management has provided fleet owners with a very effective tool that helps them keep abreast of the latest position of each vehicle so that corrective measures can be taken well in advance. All that the owner needs to do is find a suitable online agency that provides the latest truck tracking system and use it to optimize operational and maintenance costs and protect the assets of the organisation.

Basics Of A Truck Tracking System

The basic element of a truck tracking system is the GPS satellite system that has been put into orbit around the earth. Information is beamed to it from the earth and it is transmitted back to a small GPS receiver which consists of an integrated RF cellular module. This device also serves to transmit its location and other vital data to servers that collect different types of data, assimilate them and present them to the owner. Satellites were earlier used to make the communication uplinks available but as a result of advancement in technology, GPRS networks are now being used throughout the United States. By using the latest terrestrial wireless network, truck tracking systems have become inexpensive.

Latest Features

Some reliable websites providing Fleet management services have added many new features which have improved the performance of truck tracking systems. Apart from a user friendly interactive display of the GPS device, the screen is customisable and provides unprecedented flexibility of operations. The icons have been designed to be easily recognisable and there is a provision for getting multiple map views and related data. The screen positions can be altered as per convenience and the window sizes can be customised. This enables dispatchers to selectively view information that is most crucial at any particular time.

The job of dispatchers and fleet managers has become more effective because of the latest facility of being able to see a number of interactive maps all together in the same screen. Each map is visible in its own window which can be controlled independently. Specific vehicles can be zoomed in the backdrop of all other vehicles. In this way, the fleet manager can make better decisions regarding operations. The tiled view facility enables them to better monitor the position and progress of different vehicles.

Fleet management with the latest truck tracking systems enables managers to cut down losses and maximize service calls of vehicles. Fuel costs and downtime of vehicles can also be minimized ensuring optimum profitability. With better fleet management, the organisation can achieve greater customer satisfaction and continuity of business.


Garmin Nuvi 255W GPS Navigator Review – Pros and Cons

The Garmin Nuvi 255W is currently one of the best-selling GPS navigators in the market thanks to its competitive pricing and ease of use. Here is a quick review of this GPS device.

Cons: For the sake of a fair assessment, we will list down a few of the flaws that we have noticed on the Garmin Nuvi 255W. The truth is, we had trouble finding any major defects on this device. Most of the flaws listed here are pretty minor ones.

For instance, this model does not come with a lifetime of map updates (not many models do). This model ships with a vehicle power charger, but not a regular power socket charger. It also does not come with a USB cable.

Feature wise, this model does not have many road preference adjustments and so not as customizable as we would like it to be. Some customers have reported that it was not easy typing on the touch screen. Then again, this is after all an entry-level model.

Pros: The price of the Garmin Nuvi 255W is very competitive, especially for a huge 4.3-inch display. It currently costs around $ 160 each. For that price, you even get a text-to-speech feature that reads out street names.

The menu layout was very easy to use and intuitive. Even the most non-tech-savvy person will have no problems using this device. It was also very quick and responsive, giving prompt directions and recalculating routes quickly. You can also use the Garmin Nuvi 255W to access MSN Direct services to receive live traffic updates, check the weather or current gas prices. Although the Garmin Nuvi 255W is far from being a flawless device, it is one of the best entry-level GPS navigators around.