How To Build a portable solar battery charger for your Aliner Ranger , Boat, RV. DIY

Here’s a link to the solar panel i used
Here’s a link to the charge controller i used
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How to wire and install a 20W Solar Battery Charger and charge controller

An easy-to-follow guide to wiring and installing a solar panel to charge a battery


Review 1.5v Lithium AA Rechargeable Battery, so far I love them.

I have not had these batteries very long but so far they are great. I use them in to listen to the news with my Roku on the remote headset and so far so good. I was using NiMH batteries but after a short time, they would start failing. These batteries are the same price as the nimNiMH h, and they charge so fast, plus the 1000 charge cycles with still a lot of capacity left I will not need to replace these for a while and just by more for the rest of my devices. I would not use these for electric door locks, smoke detectors, or any other device you need to know the battery must be changed but still work.


USB Rechargeable AA Lithium Batteries – Li-ion Battery Cell – 1.5V / 1200mAH (2-Pack) – Not NI-MH / NI-CD / Alkaline Batteries – ECO-Friendly and Recyclable – No Memory Effect

▶AA LITHIUM BATTERY – Not like Alkaline, NI-MH, NI-CD batteries, the AA Li-ion battery features NO Memory Effect to reduce the capacity over time, longer life, more eco-friendly
▶USB RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES – Whether in camping or home, you can simply charge it with a single USB port. Up to 1000 cycles, no need to buy batteries frequently
▶ONE HOUR CHARGING TIME – Fully charged in less than 2 hours, more efficient and energy-saving. LED indicator will turn on red when in charge, and turn green after fully charged
▶1.5V / 1200MAH – Same as regular AA battery, it could be used for toys, game controller, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, remote and so on
▶SAFE & ECO & NON TOXIC – Approved by FCC CE & RoHS, the 1200mAH AA lithium batteries are guaranteed

With over 15 billion Alkaline batteries made and thrown away each year – wasting resources, CO2 and creating toxic landfill – SORBO offers an eco-friendly alternative as can be re-used hundreds of times as no charge adapter or cable is needed, saving you money, hassle and waste.

Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
Fully Charged Time: 1-2 hours
Input Voltage: 5V
Input Current: 500mA
Output Voltage: 1.5V±0.2V
Output Current: 1A
Size: Φ0.55”x1.96” / Φ14.2x50mm
Weight: 0.5oz / 14g
Type: AA battery

Package Includes:
2* USB Rechargeable 1200mAH Li-ion Battery

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DIY Solar AA Battery Charger Build

DIY Solar AA Battery Charger Build. Old solar landscape lights can be turned in to a battery charger for charging almost any size or type of battery. Here we used the solar cells the recharge AA batteries.

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Wind Turbine Generator High Amp 12 Volt Battery Charging — WindyNation’s SuperAmp Alternator

An introductory video to WindyNation’s soon to be released Windtura SuperAmp Alternator. The SuperAmp is a permanent magnet alternator (PMA) which we have specifically designed for high amp 12 volt battery bank wind turbine charging. If you want to see some serious amps, then watch this video.


How To DIY Solar Battery Charger – How To DIY Solar Battery Charger
The DIY Solar Charger | Popular Science
Jul 6, 2007 … The DIY Solar Charger. Keep your gadgets powered even when the grid … and build frames to hold the DC charger controller and the battery. …DIY: Solar Powered Battery Rechargers
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Most of the AA solar battery chargers available wouldn’t charge two AA 2000 mAh batteries in 4 days let alone 1 day of 4-5 hours of sun.Solar Battery Charging – Solar
Jul 30, 2007 … One of the simplest DIY solar projects is to make your own solar battery charger using a small Photovoltaic (PV) solar panel. …DIY Solar Battery Charger – Solar Energy How-to-Guide Directoy
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How To DIY Solar Battery Charger

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Riding Toy Battery Charger Options by

An informational video describing the different options available for battery chargers for riding toy batteries like those found in Powerwheels and Peg Perego cars, trucks and other vehicles. All items discussed can be purchased from


Green Energy Solutions for the Home

Living green is a commitment. It’s a way of life. One of the best things about green living these days is the fact that more and more products are being designed to support that lifestyle. Green energy solutions for the home is now plenty. And it pays to get them working for you.

Here are some of the newer tools, devices, and technologies that provide you a greener home:

1. Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Solar photovoltaic panels, or simply solar panels, are designed to make solar energy available to every home. A few square feet of these panels can power up an entire house, cabin, or barn. Installing them could chop off a good amount of money on your monthly electricity bills. Strongly consider installing them in your home if you really want to follow a green lifestyle. If you are on a shoestring budget, but handy with power tools, consider the DIY options on offer.

2. Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters work by using heat energy from the sun to make your water warm. With them installed in your home, you won’t have to use a traditional water heater to enjoy those long hot baths. Everybody knows how much power regular water heaters use. Switch to the solar powered ones and you’ll never have to use electricity to heat your bath ever again.

3. Solar air systems

Solar air systems are solar powered heating systems for the home. These are panels-like systems that acquire heat from the sun and conveys in into the room. They also work the other way around, extracting hot air from the inside and takes them out. These systems can be controlled by a thermostat for ease of use.

4. Solar battery chargers

In today’s world where gadgets run plenty, battery chargers are one of the crucial necessities. Solar battery chargers allow you to replenish the lost charge of your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and other devices without the need to connect it to the outlet on the wall.

5. Other options

Another green energy solution that may be considered – and very often overlooked – is being mindful with energy usage and conserving what is already available.

Some quick and easy habits that anyone can establish are:

  • turning lights off when not in a room,
  • not leaving appliances on standby,
  • only boil enough water in the kettle that is needed,
  • open curtains to let the light in, therefore reduce the need for reaching for that switch!