Installing Solar in a Small Off Grid Cabin III

This is the 3rd video of a 3 video series about installing solar panels in our small off grid cabin in the woods. We give a top level overview of the system and give some other general pointers if you want to install your own medium size solar setup. The install isn’t quite finished but I’m tired of making videos about solar and want to move onto other topics. Thank you for watching!

First Video In Series:

Second Video in Series:

0:28 Story About Friend Getting Buried Alive in Snow
1:17 Clearing Snow Off Panels
1:32 Why I put Panels on the Roof
1:51 Intro and Hello
2:05 Technical Overview of System
2:48 Generator Input
4:10 Battery Monitoring System
4:35 Why DC Power
4:45 What Can You Power off This System
5:13 Why Oversize Your System
5:24 How to Select Your System Voltage
6:00 Why You Should go Higher than 12 Volt
7:22 Where to Buy Solar Stuff
7:55 Preview of Next Video
8:08 View From The Top of Our Land

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RV Solar Controller Wiring To A 12Volt Battery…RV Solar Panel..RV Solar Off Grid Battery Charger🌞

RV Solar Controller Wiring To A 12Volt Battery /RV Solar Panels/Solar Controller/Solar Wiring/RV Solar Battery/RV Solar Battery Charger.. Simple wiring for a single 12 volt solar controller and battery
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Help My Neighbor Fix His Off Grid Solar System Wind Turbine Batteries

Help My Neighbor Fix His Off Grid Solar System Wind Turbine Batteries, so I was able to find out Their problem bad batteries. Solar system working fine wind turbine is fine charge controller is fine outback inverters is fine. Subscribe to both of my channels for more projects


How To Pick Out The Best Battery For a Solar Panel System, Battery Bank, or Off Grid System

People like solar energy—so much so that every 2.5 minutes, a home or business installs a new solar panel. In fact, solar is now the fastest growing choice to generate electricity in the United States.
By adding solar panels to your house, you have significantly cut back on your use of dirty energy and increased your use of green energy.

Furthermore, you’ve reduced your demand for utility power. The more people who do this, the less we will need to construct and operate large power plants that can harm our earth, our air, and our health.

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Off Grid Solar USB Battery Chargers

These are great for any off grid situation where you need to charge your camera, cell phone, or anything that may use a USB type cable for charging. You owe it to yourself to check these solar chargers out!


Installing Solar in a Small Off Grid Cabin II

Part II of installing a solar power generating system in a small off grid cabin in the woods. We install the second string of hightec solar panels. We install the PV wire cord grip which makes a water tight connection to route the wires off the roof. We change around the position of some stuff, install the Victron 100/30 charge controller, the Cotek SD 124 1500 inverter, the Victron BMV 712 battery monitor and the Victron temperature sensor. We mount the IOTA DLS 27-40-X 40 amp battery charger and IQ4X smart charger. In part III I’ll give a quick rundown of what each component does and explain some of the choices I made when selecting components.

Part I here:

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Victron BMV 712 Battery Monitor:

Victron Smart Battery Sense:

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Midnight MNPV-3 combiner box:

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Installing Solar in a Small Off Grid Cabin Part I

Installing Solar Panels in a Small Off Grid Cabin. In this video we get started installing my medium size solar setup. We install the wire from the panels to the Midnight solar combiner box, run wire to the Victron 100/30 charge controller, install the Cotek SD 124 1500 watt hard wire inverter, the breakers and the Crown CR 260 Batteries. There is a summary of the total system cost at the end of the video. Here are some links to some of the components used. Thanks for watching!


Victron Charge Controller:

Victron BMV 712

Cotek Inverters:

Midnight MNPV-3:

Midnight Baby Box:

Midnight Breakers:

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Macquarie Shopping Centre Electric Car Charger is tricky to find

There are two ChargePoint Type 1 J1772 chargers located at the Macquarie Shopping Centre carpark. These chargers are difficult to reach as they are ‘hidden’ behind the valet parking area. This video shows you how to get to these chargers (without having to pay for valet).


NRMA Electric Car Charging Network (Oct 2018 Update)

The NRMA is rolling out 40 electric car charging locations across NSW and ACT as part of its Social Dividend Reinvestment Strategy. The plan is set to cost the NRMA $10 million dollars and will account for 95% of road trips taken by NSW and ACT motorists. Each charger will be spaced at most 150km apart on major roadways. The latest location to go online is Mittagong, located at the Mittagong RSL Club carpark. All NRMA chargers are supplied by Australian company Tritium Veefil who have also supplied charging networks across Europe, USA and locally in Australia. Tritium chargers are rapid DC chargers using either ChaDeMo or CCS2.

More details:
NRMA installs charger in Southern Highlands:

The Path Taken by Mixaund |
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SOLAR ENERGY – Utilizing the natural power of the sun is not only free but it also preserves the natural resources found on Earth. The 4.5 volt, 0.4 watt solar panel will absorb energy from sunlight to recharge the internal 2000mAh Lithium-Ion battery. The convenient suction cup allows you to stick your charger to a window so even while you’re indoors you can recharge your battery. Travel around knowing you won’t have to worry about your phone dying.

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