Harbor Freight Automatic Battery Float Charger Buy – Cen-Tech #69955

Customer review of Cen-Tech automatic battery float charger purchased at Harbor Freight. Part # 6995

Great way to maintain your battery

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Harbor Freight Cen-Tech 10/2/50 Amp 12V Charger With Engine Start Item #60581 #60653 vs Schumacher

UPDATE: 1-29-19 on sale with coupon for $29.99 in the email circular.

This video is a product review of the Harbor Freight Cen-Tech 10/2/50 Amp battery charger #60581 vs the Schumacher SE-1275A 12/2/75 Amp Automatic Charger.


Harbor Freight Battery Charger Goes Up In Smoke

My old Chicago Electric battery charger finally burned out and went up in smoke. It gave me over eight solid years of service but now it’s time to pick up one of the new Cen-tech chargers. Thanks for watching.



Homemade AA Battery Charger Ran Off The Harbor Freight Solar Panel Kit

This is very simple to make all you need is the plug and the battery box

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Harbor Freight Automatic Battery Float Charger Review

Cen-Tech charger for long term floating maintenance of a rarely used battery. I test current delivery to ensure this will not ruin or over charge your batteries. Rated for 0.5A (500mA) this unit will limit the current to a lower trickle value once the battery is at full charge. I measured 125mA after 30 minutes on a fully charged car battery. Was $8 in store but had a $5 coupon. Tremendous bargain compared to the Walmart units. Harbor Freight does it again:


Harbor Freight – Viking 4 AMP Battery Charger Review And Demo (63350)

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Today, I review the 4 Amp Fully Automatic Microprocessor Controlled Battery Charger/Maintainer. I show it in action and give my thoughts on the product

Purchase it on your own


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Nieco battery charger review similar to old harbor freight tools


Viking battery charger- Harbor Freight

This is one of the best product they have at Harbor Freight. 🤜🤛


Harbor Freight Cen-Tech 50/10/2 AMP 12v Manual Battery Charger Review

Harbor Freight Cen Tech 50 10 2 AMP 12v Manual Battery Charger Review


Harbor Freight Battery Charger Electrolysis Hack 60653 60581 Centech Part 1

Modifications made to my Harbor Freight battery charger for electrolysis and other projects. If you want to support me and future projects, do so at: