LiPo Battery Charging – Charging a Multi CELL LiPo Battery LiPo Battery Charging – Charging a Multi CELL LiPo Battery – LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries are a variety of rechargeable battery that has taken the electric Radio Controlled RC world by storm. Especially for helicopters and planes. They are the main reason electric flight is now a very viable (even preferred) option over nitro/fuel powered models.

RC LiPo batteries have many main things going for them that make them the perfect battery choice for RC helicopters (and aeroplanes) over conventional rechargeable battery types such as NiCad, or NiMH. LiPo Chargers are an integral and important part of the proper charging and overall care of your LiPo batteries.


On-Board HF Battery Charger underwater

On-Board HF Charger from TCE Group SRL newest NEOS Series.

Can work underwater because it’s IP67

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Overview Revolectrix Cellpro PowerLab 6 v2 6S LiPo battery balancing charger 40A 1000W PC interface

BrunoPOWEEER is everywhere:

Revolectrix Cellpro PowerLab 6 v2 balancing charger for up to 6S LiPo batteries fast charge and discharge at 40A 1000W + MPA board + FUIM3 PC USB Interface Overview

Fantastic device if you are running large LiPo packs, connected to your PC via USB and compare charge and discharge curve in each cell.

Connect up to 6 same count cells at same time with different capacity or charge state, it saves you a lot of time!!!

I paid USD$257 on eBay (link below)

COMBO 7 Revolectrix Cellpro PowerLab 6 v2 6S/40A/1000W BATTERY CHARGER MPA FUIM3