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Welcome Dear friends in this video i want to show you that
How to charge the battery correctly? Why do the phone batteries decrease so quickly? We have 6 amazing tips that will make your smartphone live a longer life!

Nowadays one can hardly imagine life without a cell phone. And it happens quite often that our gadgets start to act up just half a year after we bought them. It is frustrating, but in most cases, we ourselves are to blame! Let’s face it — we don’t always handle our devices properly.

Recharge your battery more often
Don’t keep the battery charging all the time
Don’t buy cheap chargers
Be careful with «ultrafast» chargers
Remove your protective case
Drain your battery from time to time
Avoid high temperatures
Avoid cold temperatures
Avoid bright wallpaper and adjust screen brightness
Watch out for voltage fluctuations
Clean the ports and wipe the display
Keep the phone far from water
Handle your phone carefully
Avoid software updates
Use cloud storage

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Porsche Battery Charger – Does not work? Why?

There is a fuse in the cigarette lighter plug. The charger won’t charge, if the fuse is corroded or if it is blown.
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Make sure you use not more than 8A fuses! If you need one, then Google “Torpedo Fuses”.


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How To DIY Solar Battery Charger

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Traxxas 2933 ez-peak plus fast battery charger (tutorial) – Slash 101

How to work the Traxxas 2933 ez peak plus battery charger. I also talk about the error codes incase you lost the manual for yours or just dont have one I had troubles figuring out this charger so I thought I would make a video to help others like me. I use the 25c 2s 5000 venom lipo on my castle creations sidewinder so I got this fast, cheap charger to charge the lipo. My next video will be on axle stub carriers and bearings. Like and Subscribe for more! Thanks Check out my Instagram account trx_slash_101


Turnigy ACCUCEL 6 – NiMh/NiCd/LiPo/LiFe/Pb Battery Charger Guide

This video is a brief “how to use” guide for hte “Turnigy ACCUCEL 6 – NiMh/NiCd/LiPo/LiFe/Pb Battery Charger”.

Great for charging nearly any battery for your Arisoft RIFS and RC Vehicles.

Available to purchase on our website at www.patrolbase.co.uk

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