09 Dec 2018 | First 350kW Chargers For California, EV Market In Norway Another High and Your…

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Good morning, good afternoon and good evening wherever you are in the world, welcome to EV News Daily for Sunday 9th December 2018. It’s Martyn Lee here and I’ve been through EV story today so you don’t have to.

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“Simon, a global leader in premier shopping, dining, entertainment and mixed-use destinations, announced that its San Francisco Premium Outlets is California’s first location for electric vehicle (EV) charging systems featuring fast recharging speeds up to 350 kilowatts (kW) from Electrify America.” reports Green Car Congress: “Simon teamed with Electrify America to open 10 DC fast chargers at San Francisco Premium Outlets for public use. The charging site features eight 150 kW chargers and two 350 kW chargers. The 350 kW chargers are capable of recharging an electric vehicle at 20 miles a minute providing 200 miles of vehicle driving range in just 10 minutes.”



A new 60 second video has hit YouTube. “Polestar is full-speed ahead with the testing of its first production car. Recently, we’ve seen the company evaluating the hybrid’s structure in crash testing, but now we’re getting a look at research of a more dramatic nature. By dramatic, we mean hitting takeoff velocities for jumbo jets on a wet, banked track.” according to Christopher Smith at Motor1.com: “With 600 horsepower (447 kilowatts) generated by its hybrid powertrain, going fast isn’t a problem. Corralling that power isn’t quite as simple, but that’s why engineers are slinging this validation prototype around wet corners at 140 mph.”



“Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess and brand Board members met with more than 30 CEOs from suppliers at the MEB Supplier Event, with whom VW is carefully preparing the launch of the all-electric I.D. family.” says Mark Kane at InsideEVs.com today: “The importance of the first model, Volkswagen I.D. hatchback, is compared to the first Beetle or the first Golf. Production will begin at the end of 2019 at the Zwickau plant in Germany, which means that the original timeline was maintained.”

Volkswagen Meets With Suppliers: Starts Countdown To I.D. EV Launch


From the sexy Polestar to something more everyday, in Autocar: “The next-generation Vauxhall Mokka X small SUV, due to go into production in 2020, will offer an electric powertrain. The move is part of the PSA Group’s plans to accelerate the electrification of the Vauxhall and Opel ranges, including a plug-in hybrid or electric version of every model. That includes a battery-electric version of the next Vivaro van, which is also due in 2020.”



“November brings the 2nd highest market share ever. Despite it being winter, it was another hot month in Norway where all-electric cars sell like hot cakes. The plug-in hybrid, on the other hand, is shrinking pretty badly. In total, some 7,001 new passenger plug-ins were registered last month (up 20.4% year-over-year) at a market share of 56.9% (only 60.1% in September was better).” says InsideEVs.com: “BEVs: 5,087 (up 88.1%, 41.3% market share) + 1,106 ‘used’ + 187 vans (178 new and 9 used) + 3 FCV. PHEVs: 1,914 (down 38.4%, 15.5% market share)”

Plug-In Electric Car Market Share In Norway Nearly Hits New High

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DIY: Ni-Cd To Lithium Battery Conversion By Using 18650 Cells

In this video I’ll transform this old, cordless power drill Ni-Cd battery to lithium battery by using 18650 Sony VTC5 cells.

Update! From the date when video was made pased some time and Sony released new version of high drain cells with bigger capacity 3120mAh – VTC6. Genuine Sony VTC6 cells could be bought here:
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Opteka BP-SC8000 Ultra High Capacity (6000mAh) Backup Battery Solar Charger Unboxing

Follow-up review will be posted after I put it to good use.

Product details:
Will fully charge your mobile or tablet device using solar or USB Power
Ultra high capacity 6000mAh internal battery will charge all of your devices
Dual EcoPanel solar panels that charge 40% faster than standard panels
LCD power level display
USB input, 2 USB output, 1 micro USB output

Update 10/27/2018:
This battery is still holding its own. I’m still able to get about 2 charges out of it for my phone. The solar panel does charge the battery up, but it takes a good full day of light to charge it back up. Which in itself is a challenge to keep it out of direct sunlight to avoid overheating the unit.