Solar Portable Charger 24000mAh Power Bank High Speed Charging Huge Capacity External Battery Packs

Solar Portable Charger 24000mAh Power Bank High-Speed Charging Huge Capacity External Battery Packs Chargers
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【24000mAh Power Bank】24000mAh high capacity suit for overseas travel, business travel,you can charge the device many times to eliminate the anxiety of battery exhaustion.
【High-Speed Charging 4 Output】Four 2.4A Outputs&Three 2.4A Inputs. Support most Android and phones, supply for fast charging of four devices,sharing the battery with your family or friends.
【Green and Energy-Saving Charger 】Solar Charging just for Outdoor Emergencies, easy to carry and alleviate the embarrassment of outdoor mobile phone equipment without electricity.
【Multi-Protect Safety】Battery Pack adopts the Polymer Battery ,Overcharge & over-discharge protection. Input overvoltage protection & output overvoltage protection, Output current protection and short circuit protection.
【Warranty Of Backup Battery】24 months quality assurance.Any problems please feel free to contact us.We love to help!!Package Including: Power Bank,USB Cord,User Manual.

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8000mAh USB Portable Solar Battery Charger High conversion rate. LED Light Casual

8000mAh USB Portable Solar Battery Charger High conversion rate. LED Light Casual Solar Universal Power Bank

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High Ampere Battery Charger Works | बैटरी को कैसे चार्ज किया जाये

इस विडियो में आपको बतायेगे की किस प्रकार बैटरी को चार्ज किया जाता हैं | मैं आपको एक स्टैण्डर्ड बैटरी चार्जर दिखाऊंगा जो बहुत अच्छा हैं |


High Power Led Flashight

This flashlight is one that will:

* Stream over 300meters of light
* Run for a whopping 150hrs
* IPX-8 Standards waterproofing
* The finish is a Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive

My backyard is approximately 25meters in width. If I stand on my veranda with this flashlight shinning down the yard, it's beam literally brings wings to fence with so much light, it's like going from night to day.

The amazing Fexin TK40 comes with eight modes of operation. Four of the modes are primary functions and other modes are secondary functions.

Here are the output ratings in lumens, out of the four power modes.

* Low = 13 Lumens
* Medium = 93 Lumens
* High = 277 Lumens
* TURBO = 630 Lumens

To compare, the medium setting on the Fenix ​​TK40 is about the same as my three, D cell battery mag light torch. My maglight beam was set to the same size as the Fenix ​​TK40.

As mentioned earlier, each mode has a secondary function which are;

* Low function is Slow Flash
* Medium function is SOS Flash
* High function is Fast Flash
* TURBO function is Strobe

Of course the SOS function would be handy if you had to use it. It better than manually turning it on and off for hours. You never know when you might need to use one of these flashing functions. For instance, if you need a marker for a night navigational course, the slow flash is perfect. If you are a security or police officer, the strobe would be excellent for starting people.

On the low setting, you'll get 150hrs of run time. That's approximately 6 straight days. Is the low setting worth it? Good enough to light up a tent at night. If you've been sleeping for a while and wake up, it will sure light up the room. I know from experience, on low my house lights up late at night.

If you hunt and want a good spotlight, turn this to TURBO mode for the brightest LED flashlight you've ever used. Honest! TURBO has a run time of 2hrs.

Still in TURBO mode, when it's the darkest it can be, you can set the flashlight on a table, facing up towards the ceiling, turn it on and it's just like having a regular light on.

You can act as if you were using regular light and read or eat dinner. I have never had or used such a great flashlight. To this day I'm still amazed at how good it really is. This high powered LED flashlight is second to none.

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Winplus AC55929-60 Matte Silver Aluminum High Output Portable Jump Starter & Power Bank

Available now at Costco USA!


Rearranged the battery charging station along with a few Home Depot deals.( High Ridge Handyman)

In this video, I’m Rearranging cords using wire ties to clean up my charging station area.
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High Sensitivity and Introversion – The Slippery Slope Towards Isolation and Disengagement

The qualities that describe the temperamental introvert are almost in and of themselves a list of the qualities of the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

Many, but not all, HSPs are deeply introverted and for those HSPs who are strong introverts, retreat and solitude are natural inclinations towards which their nature flows. The HSP tendency to become overwhelmed or overloaded and to retreat to solitude or seek quiet in order to recharge their batteries after over-stimulating experiences, can sometimes drive them down the rabbit-hole into loneliness or alienation.

Human beings are by design social creatures.

From earliest infancy we are hard wired to respond both physically and emotionally to other human beings. Social responses like smiling and mimicry are built into us by evolution. Mothers guide their infants into the world and translate physical events into usable experiences by naming them for their children.

Attuned mothers model what is dangerous and what is exciting and struggle to soothe their over-excited or fearful children. They help their children to understand whether the fight they see is a real fight or a play fight and help them determine if they should be distressed or laugh when the clown falls down. Children naturally look to their caregivers for comfort for information about what their physical responses and feelings mean.

Emotional contagion

Even as adults we often look around at others to take the temperature of the room before we react to an ambiguous situation. We are influenced by the emotions of others around us both positively and negatively. This ingrained tendency to be emotionally in synch with the other humans around us is what psychological researchers call emotional contagion. It is a potent aspect of crowd behavior or mob responses. Unfortunately, in a crowd we are often captured by our worst, most aggressive selves…”egged on” by others in the situation. All human beings are susceptible to emotional contagion to some degree.

In its positive form, emotional contagion is the basis of the human virtue of empathy We need to be emotionally in tune with others to understand them and get along with them.

HSP’s have finely detailed observational abilities which make them more responsive than most to the nuances of other people’s feelings and this often leads them to shy away from crowds since the mass of emotional messages is just too confusing.

Even one-on-one can be emotionally challenging. Since HSP’s own emotional responses are strong and quick it feels too easy to get caught up in other people’s feelings. These experiences of being attuned to the rawness of other people’s emotions and even taking them on through emotional contagion are often unpleasant and aversive. Unfortunate experiences and un-attuned care-giving sometimes teaches HSPs that risking exposure to other people’s upset is painful and should be avoided. It is a kind of negative conditioning, like giving a shock to a rat to teach it to go in a certain direction and not another. For many HSPs therefore it starts to seem simpler just to stay away from other people…sometimes to the point of becoming socially phobic.

Downhill slope of introversion

A process of withdrawal feels natural for some HSPs because it follows their introverted inclination. But when the process starts too young, for example for sensitive children whose caregivers do not protect and buffer them sufficiently from the raw experiences of the world, the habits of solitude and withdrawal rob them of the opportunity to learn the social skills which would permit them to manage their social environment effectively by themselves.

With inadequate social skills, pleasant and supportive social relationships are harder to build, harder to maintain and more difficult to replace if they are lost. Because of the combination of lack of skill and acquired feelings of social aversion, many HSPs begin to feel lonely, isolated and alienated.

This contributes to a sense that they are strange and “flawed” and that no one likes them or cares for them deeply and it can create feelings of shame that make them even more reluctant to engage with others for fear that they will be humiliated or embarrass themselves.

Human beings regulate each other.

This withdrawal is very unfortunate because human beings need contact with others in order to regulate themselves. Just as infants need their mothers to help them understand what is frightening and what is fun, adult friends and colleagues can help one decide which anxious or self-critical thoughts have merit and which are exaggerations and excess that needs to be pruned back and put into perspective.

The introverted HSP tendency to withdraw which feels so “natural” can push a person too far away from the regulating influence of the human world. It is too easy for a person who already has easy access to fantasies and imagination to fall prey to fantastical fears or even to inflated positive beliefs about themselves or situations when there is no one around to balance their point of view.

Feeling of anxiety and depression often lead in a circular way towards more isolation and less balancing input from others.

Opus contra naturum”

HSPs then, who wish to manage themselves rather than being driven by their natural tendencies sometimes have to engage in what psychologist Carl Jung called the opus contra naturum… a struggle against their own nature.

The opus contra naturum is not an attempt to crush natural tendencies which are felt to be troublesome, but rather an effort to build up other parts of the personality which are also valuable and necessary. The goal is not to switch to a completely different but equally one-sided persona, but to develop wholeness of character that permits flexibility and choice, specially in vital human relationships.

HSPs often need to struggle against the exaggerations of their natural introversion in order to find ways to maintain and nurture human contacts in a style that is suited to their tolerance. This may take effort and may even require some “remedial work” on their social skills. The very first step in this direction may be to turn to some one they trust, or even to a professional helper to help them regulate their fears and raise their social comfort level.

Social graces, saving graces

Fortunately for the world, HSPs have many natural attributes which most of us would consider “social graces.” HSP’s are often described by their friends using words like: caring, intuitive, perceptive, empathic, a good listener, sympathetic, committed, deep thinkers, and very good at seeing other people’s point of view.

HSPs are often committed and vocal advocates for causes which they feel are important enough to draw them out into public forums. HSPs are fully capable of asserting themselves and speaking up when their values are engaged.

The world would be much harsher place for everyone without the engagement of the thoughtful and empathic HSPs who make up 15 to 20 % of the population.

Introverted HSPs would do well to remember that their qualities and abilities are vitally important to human society and that that the rest of us are poorer when they retreat too far from us.


Ultra High Capacity 50000mAh 185Wh 6 Port (5/12/20V) Portable Charger, Kayo Maxtar

Something I did not add to the review when first noted is a note on a USB load inducer, which is also utilized in testing. 34000 MaH at 5V, and higher at the 3.7V rate (around 46,000), which is a huge output level.

The Kayo Maxtar 6-port 50,000 mAh ultra-high capacity charger is a force to be reckoned with, and I say that as someone that is obsessed with power banks as of late. This is the 31st power bank I have owned and the largest by and far, and it is also the only one I have truly been able to keep multiple devices including a laptop charged with because of the sheer amount of charge this is capable of holding.

Before beginning the review, I want to note that this is the 3rd item I have tried from this manufacturer and each one has done remarkably well. I utilize a variety of testing methods to make certain that all ports are within their parameters, that everything works properly including regulation and powering down, and they have all done remarkably well here. I take the testing of items that I place my devices in contact with VERY seriously, too, because any subpar performance is unacceptable. I have also been happy with their ability to fielding questions and in relating information.

Here, you have a 50000 mAh charger with 6-ports suited to charge quite a few different device types. You have 2 5V/1A USB outputs for action cameras and phones, 2 5V/2.1A USB outputs for charging tablets, a 12V output for cameras, and a 20V output for laptop charging.

With regard to laptop charging, you need to check the power bank attached to your laptop and figure this at +/- 5% (or equal) to see if your V will work. If you have any questions on fit, you can contact Kayo Maxtar and they can help you there as well.

When it comes to mAh and device charging, you should consider the battery type to determine the amount of charges supplied. This is a simplified method and does not take into account a number of variables, but say the Samsung GS5 has a 2900 mAh battery in it and your camera has a 2100mAh battery in it. If both are almost depleted, you can get a feel for how long 50,000 mAh will last. Some items tout huge numbers, too, but this actually does deliver on the numbers it is touting, which is very impressive.

Equally impressive is the way this is designed, with it being nice quality and durable and also smaller than I envisioned. It is going to be larger than a 13,000 mAh charger, per say, but it was far lighter and more compact than I envisioned. I say this as a great thing, too, and something I was impressed by.

This comes with a number of ends for device attachment, and a power plug for the device, a carrying case as well.


Charging batteries at high speed

A specific organic molecule can be used in electrodes to increase the charging speed of batteries enormously. But how exactly do these molecules shorten the charging time of batteries? Can this make the environmentally harmful battery production more sustainable?

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Editing: Vincent Viebig

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Charger high Speed with Transformer rewinding and Auto cut off Battery Full charge

Charger high Speed with Transformer rewinding and Auto cut off Battery Full charge

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