How to Install a Solar Panel with Solar Controller, Battery and Inverter in hindi

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Real Me 2 Pro VS Honor 8x Vs MI 8 Lite Battery Drain & Charging Test Hindi

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Honor 8X Vs MI8 LITE VS Real Me 2 Pro ka
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बिना बिजली के मोबाइल चार्ज करने का सबसे Best तरीका# best way to charge mobail without light

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yaha par humane Bina light ke mobail charge krne ke tarike bataye hai jis se ki apko help mil sake

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How To Fix Battery Draining Issue In REDMI NOTE 5 PRO or Any mobile

Use the Original power adapter that came with your device … Charge your smartphone with the original charger/adapter that came along with your smartphone. Other power adapters and chargers can charge slowly, not at all, or damage your device or battery…May be You Are Just Want To Charge Fast To Your Mobile But Trust Me Using Some Turbo/Fast Charger Other Than Original Charger Will Harm Your Battery in Some how… and in future Problem will happen for sure..


Phone Fast Charging Tips – Mobile Fast Charge Kaise kare |📲Charge your Android Phone Battery Faster

How to make your Phone charge Faster when its dead? Phone Fast Charging Tips – Mobile Fast Charge Kaise kare | 📲 How to charge your Android phone battery faster

Universal Wall Charger :

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To know how to charge a mobile phone battery #quickly, it is said to know every mobile user, charging Q mobile and waiting for a long time to be charged is the most useless.

If your phone takes more time to charge, and you have to charge the phone fast and save time, then how to do it and what methods are there to help the phone charge quickly.

What is the #fastest way to #charge your phone?
How do you #fastcharge ?
Can you use a fast charger on a regular #phone?
Does fast charging reduce #battery life?

Read: Mobile Phone

Fast Fast Charging Call Fast Charging Tips
Why do you charge fast for Android mobile phones?
कैसे तेजी से फोन चार्ज करने के लिए
मोबाइल धीमी गति से चार्ज समस्या
मोबाइल चार्ज करने के तरीके
मोबाइल चार्जिंग प्रॉब्लम
मोबाइल बैटरी चार्जर
बैटरी चार्ज करने का तरीका
बिना बिजली के मोबाइल चार्ज कैसे करे
मोबाइल चार्ज करने का सही तरीका

If you have to fast-charge the phone then takes care of the bottom line.
1: Always Use original charger

If you charge your mobile anytime, just use the original charger, which will be provided with your phone, because if you use another charger, the volt power and empire of each charger are different, but the phone’s With the charger they are given according to the phone that how much volt and empire will be a good phone charge.

If your charger has gone bad, then you can buy Fast Charger only, you can buy it with the following link.

Buy Fast Mobile Charger
2: Turn on Airplane Mode

When you charge your phone, only then you have to switch your phone to flight mode or airplane mode, so that the network will not load on your phone, and any connectivity will be closed, in such a situation Your phone’s battery may charge faster.

How to charge fast phone
Mobile slow charging problem
Ways to charge mobile
Mobile charging problem
Mobile battery charger
Battery Charging
How To Charge Mobile Without Electricity
The perfect way to charge mobile

* Keeping the focus will not even make a phone call. Q will not even have a network.
3: Turn off Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi

Whenever you change your phone, keep in mind that the phone’s Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi should be switched off, because if you keep all these services on, then the service keeps running, so that the battery is charging more It takes time.
4: Do not use phone (when phone is charging)

मोबाइल फ़ोन की बैटरी जल्दी चार्ज कैसे करे

When you are #charging your phone you should not use your phone, if you use it then at one time you are turning down your phone and on the other side you are charging it, In such a situation, your phone will be charged very slowly and the battery may also be damaged.
5: Switch off Your Mobile

How to make your Phone charge Faster when its dead?
If you want your phone to be charged soon, you can follow the 4 steps mentioned above. If you do not want to follow those four steps, these steps are very simple and very good for you.

In this, you turn off your phone when you put it in charge so that all the services of your phone will be closed, so that your phone will be fully charged soon,

How to charge your Android phone battery faster
You can use this step in android phone and also like phone, featured phone and iphone, you can fast charge your mobile phone.

So now you know how fast mobile is charged, even if I have a tip, even if you have a tip that can quickly charge the phone, please share it in the comment.

📲 SmartPhone Fast Charging Tips Mobile Fast Charge Kaise kare |

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How to make 6 volt battery charger in hindi. From [Technical Mriganka]

How to make 6 volt battery charger.


Hi friends I am Mriganka.

In this video I try to help you How to make 6 volt battery charger.

Please watch the video till the end.I hope that you are successfully understand.If you dosen’t understand please comment me.I try to help you.

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This things are required to make it…………

1.👉 0-9 volt transformer…………π=AC_SX118_SY170_QL70&keywords=9+volt+transformer&dpPl=1&dpID=414qHUwOiTL&ref=plSrch

2.👉 6 VOLT battery………..π=AC_SX118_SY170_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=6+volt+battery&dpPl=1&dpID=51Hcvd27dNL&ref=plSrch

[Bridge rectifier]

*👉 For 5 Amp transformer…………

1.👉 4 pcs SR5100 diode……….π=AC_SX118_SY170_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=5+amp+diode

2.👉 1 pcs 4700uf 16-25 volt capercitor……….π=AC_SX118_SY170_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=4700+micro+farad+capacitor

*👉 For 2-3 Amp transformer…………

1.👉 4 pcs IN5408 diode……….π=AC_SX118_SY170_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=in5408+diode

2.👉 1 pcs 3330uf 16-25 volt capercitor………..

*👉 For 500mA -1 Amp transformer……….

1.👉 4 pcs IN4007 diode……..π=AC_SX118_SY170_QL70&keywords=in4007+diode&dpPl=1&dpID=41wXSNdp8HL&ref=plSrch

2.👉 1 pcs 2220uf 16-25 volt capercitor………..π=AC_SX118_SY170_QL70&keywords=10+micro+farad+capacitor&dpPl=1&dpID=21fBC3T3aRL&ref=plSrch

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Xiaomi Mi Max 2 – Massive 5300 mAH Battery Charging Test [ Hindi ] |

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 – Battery Charging Test [ Hindi ]

Doston iss video mai maine battery discharge test perform kiya hai Xiaomi Mi Max 2 par. Dekhiye kitne time mai ek massive 5300mAH ke battery charge hotie hai from 0 to 100%.





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Dosto aapke bahut saare sawaal hote hai Battery Charging se related jinka jawaab aaj mai aaplogo ko is video me dunga.. Jazbaato me Video kaafi lambi ho gayi uske liye Sorry😂..

1. Kya hume 100% tak charge karna chahiye?
2. Kya hume 40-80% tak hi charge rakhna chahiye?
3. Kya hume 0% tak discharge karna chahiye?
4. Kya hume overnight Charging Karba Chahiye?

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Solar System, UPS Battery, Charge controller and Solar Panels Information in Urdu and Hindi

Solar System Information.
Solar energy full information.
سولرسسٹم کی معلومات
Solar Power Complete information.


Fast Charging Tricks for All Android Smartphones | DK Tech Hindi [Hindi]

Fast Charging Tricks for All Android Smartphones | DK Tech Hindi [Hindi]


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