Easy Guide On How To Change Your Car Battery At Home

Why should you pay to mechanics to change your car battery when you can do it yourself easily at home.
Our 7 – step guide will help you learn the process that you can apply in any of your cars. Click on the link below to see the best car batteries on the market:

Best Car Battery Reviews and Comparison

In case your car battery is not completely dead, re-charge it with a quality car battery charger:

Best Car Battery Chargers – Reviews and Comparison

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DIY: Home made Ebike 48V battery from laptop 18650 cells without BMS

Make a 48V electric bike battery from (low discharge) laptop 18650 cells. This battery has no B(M)S! It is charged by 2 external balance chargers. Other links: 100V voltage meter: https://youtu.be/3aB5TYKtUME; How to balance charge Li-ion: https://youtu.be/niZoOdip2Co


DIY How to Build Emergency Mobile Phone Charger at Home, Emergency Phone Charger With 9 Volt Battery

How to Make a Emergency Mobile Phone Charger Using 9 Volt Battery at Home, How to make a Power Bank at Home with 9 Volt Battery, make power bank with 9 volt battery, 9 volt battery power bank at home easy – way, diy how to build emergency mobile phone charger
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Things Required How to Make a Emergency Mobile Phone Charger Using 9 Volt Battery at Home:-

1. 2 Plastic Bottle Cap
2. Wire
3. Micro usb port
4. 9 volt battery
5. 9 volt battery clip
6. 7805 IC
7. Soldering iron and paste
8. Glue Gun & Stick etc…
how to make a power bank with 9 volt battery and Ic 7805 at home. diy how to build emergency mobile phone charger

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9V battery charger at home

You can easily charge your 9V battery at home easily

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How to make 12V Battery charger at home easy

How to make 12V Battery charger at home easy. Please SHARE with your friends. thanks for watching.

Required Materials: Tansformer 3amp/220V, 3Amp diode, 2200uf capacitor, switch

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Battery charger repair at home battery charger transformer winding data complete details hindi u

,,,,,,,,,,,,,winding formula,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
primary turn 850 wire no 27 copper
secondary turn 50+50 wire no 18 copper

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transformer ki winding data bataya gaya he
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motor winding tutorial hindi urdu

ceiling fan winding data tutorial

washing machine repairing

dc motor complete details

pedestal fan winding details

solar system installation


How To Make 12V Battery Charger At Home | 12 volt battery charger kaise banaye

24 volt battery charger
how to make 24 volt battery charger
12v battery charger without transformer
24 volt battery charger
solar 24 volt battery charger
12 volt ki battery ka charger kaise banaye
9 volt battery charger kaise banaye
6 volt ki battery ka charger kaise banaye
24 volt battery charger
12 volt battery charger output voltage
24 volt battery charger kaise banaye
12 volt And 24 volt battery Charger Unboxing And Review


Car battery charger at home


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Wholesale Home Appliances

Appliances are necessary in every home. They make life easier, more comfortable and less complicated, especially if you are living in a city where everything proceeds rapidly. From the moment you wake up in the morning until you go to bed to recharge for another long stressful day, the use of electrical appliances is almost unavoidable. They enable you to prepare your breakfast, get dressed for work, and even watch a movie while you relax on your couch.

Buying the right home appliances is essential. Although prices of home appliances continuously go down as manufacturing processes continue to improve, home appliances are still considered valuables. Since they consume energy, the cost of operating them plus the cost of maintaining and repairing them makes them expensive. However, there?s a solution to that – buying wholesale.

Buying wholesale is the best way for you to get great discounts and, thus, save big on your home appliances. Take, for example, a famous 3.5 cu. ft. top loader washing machine with a long list of special features. Retail stores sell it for a price of $1200 while a wholesale home appliance store sells it for just $890.

There are useful tips to keep in mind while buying wholesale home appliances. First, get as much information as you can about wholesale home appliance markets and prices. Establish connections with wholesale home appliance suppliers and know if they accept buyers from the general public. Next, try to make affiliations with groups that are also interested in buying wholesale and have access to cheap wholesale deals. Look for warehouse stores that sell home appliances at very affordable prices. Finally, acquire a reseller?s license so you can purchase the items at wholesale prices.


Build a Perpetual Free Energy Machine at Home – You'll Be Shocked at How Power Companies Have Lied

Do you want to create free energy at home?

It almost sounds too good to be true, but thankfully, it is not! In this day of cost and downright dangerous energy production methods, there is no reason to be a part of supporting another crisis.

When I first started researching ways to save money on my utility bills, I was pleasantly surprised by the information I uncovered.

Information that I will gladly share here.

A free energy machine is a giant part of the answer to the rising utility bills and the growing pollution problem.

Using high quality magnets and a few other inexpensive components it is easy to put this portable power generator together in the comfort of your own home.

You will see over a 40% drop in your bill within a month! There is no reason to wait to take advantage of this.

Warning! Be aware of so called "free" instructions to build your perpetual magnetic machine. You need quality information to achieve this. Stay tuned …

Benefits of Magnetic Power

  • Affordable
  • Great for City or Rural Use
  • Operates by itself – no wind or sun necessary
  • Operates in any temperature
  • Runs silently

This generator uses the scientific principal of the polarizing factor of magnets to get energy from the field that is created when magnets are put together. The power that is created is free and everlasting.

Most users have upgraded and built even larger units once they see how powerful this is.

Do not let the propaganda of large energy companies scare you from taking charge and believing that you can create energy for yourself and your family. It is completely possible and hundreds are finding out how every day.

What are you waiting for?