Off-grid Tesla Solar Charger: 4kw solar input, 3kw AC output, ATS and more! 3 hour build time

Parts list and components:

As most of you realized from watching the video till the end, charging a tesla with solar only is completely unrealistic. This system is capable of level 1 charging while sunny, but the moment the sun goes below 45 degrees of horizon, it will switch to battery/grid (it will discharge the batteries pretty quickly).

So this system is great for supplementing your charging system, reduce your overall electricity bill and as an emergency backup, but that’s about it. If you have full solar power coming in, it will take 96 hours to charge a tesla! and each day only has 5-6 hours of full sunshine available.

This is the ultimate “prepper” solar power system, considering its cost and size, and what it can produce in dire circumstances.

To build a solar array capable of charging at 240 volts, you would need to spend 50k or more and you would need a lot of land to mount the panels. Not really worth it.

This system is a great idea for people with electric motorcycles! You can charge it no problem with this system.

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ZAGG iPhone6 Speaker Case, 8 Hour Battery Charger Video Review

Looking at a case for the iPhone 6 from ZAGG that not only is a Bluetooth speaker, but also an 8 hour, 1800 mAh battery to charge your phone, or another device.


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How to Pack a 72 Hour Emergency Kit

Pictures of families lined up for water after the recent Haiti earthquake prompted many Americans to organize emergency supplies, but with the plethora of information available it can be confusing to determine what should actually go into an emergency survival kit. The reason it is so confusing is that you actually need to address two emergency situations: if you're stranded at home, or if you have to evacuate. Essentially, you need to prepare two kits, the at-home kit and the go kit. Use this list to get you started.

What should go in an emergency survival kit?

A proper emergency survival kit (at home or go) should address the following needs:

路 Water
路 Food
路 Warmth
路 Shelter
路 Light
路 Communication
路 First aid


The recommended guideline is one gallon of water per person per day for your at-home kit. Consider using commercially packaged water (including the kind that is good for 5 years) or water storage barrels. For your go kit, pack your emergency kit with any combination of the following: water pouches, water purification tablets, water filters or emergency water straws. A good guideline is to have at least 1 liter of water per person for drinking and plan to obtain the rest through use of your tablets, filters or straws.


For your at-home kit, you have more space, so you can pack food stuff that can be eaten cold, are self-heating or can be heated / cooked over a camp stove. MRE's, camping food, canned foods are all good choices. Make sure to pack a manual can opener and / or camp stove. For your go kit, you will need lighter food stuffs, so try packing 72 hours of MREs, energy bars, self-heating meals, or meals that just need water. These tend to be made out of dehydrated food stuffs, so are lighter and easier to carry.


If you're stuck at home without power or gas, it might get awfully cold. Add blankets or sleeping bags to your at-home kit to combat the chills. For your go kit, purchase a space blanket or emergency survival sleeping bag: they are tiny and compact, yet still will keep the chill away.


If you are stranded at home, your shelter needs are met. If you have to evacuate however and for whatever reason can not stay in a hotel / motel, car, or emergency Shelter, pack a tent in your go kit. You can use a regular camping tent if it fits in your go kit, or look into tube tents: a 2 person rope and tarp system. These fold up extra small, space savers for your go kit.


Nothing is as irritating as having the power go out in your house. Check your supply of flashlights and batteries to make sure they are still good and to determine if you need more. Camping lanterns can also be kept in your at-home kit. For your go kit, there are many rechargeable options, such as crank flashlights or solar flashlights. These are small and eliminate the need for batteries.


It never fails, during any disaster big or small we are all glued to the news, just waiting to see what happens next. Pack a radio in your at-home and go kits so you can hear the latest, including important information such as road or bridge closures and locations of nearest Shelters. A good choice are the radios that are crank powered and receive NOAA weather stations.

First Aid

Knowing that you will have to wait for emergency responders to arrive, empower yourself and your family by packing first aid kits in your at-home and go kits and by taking first aid classes. This way you can offer comfort and aid to yourself and your neighbors.

How should it be packaged?

Your at-home kit can be packed in plastic tubs, the ones with rollers are especially handy. Place the tub in an accessible location in your house, consider a ground floor location in case you can not manage stairs. Your go kit should be packed in a backpack and stored near your emergency exits (doors or windows). Practice walking around with your backpack go kit to make sure it is manageable for you and not too heavy.

Where do I get supplies?

Emergency supplies are just an internet search away. You can buy each item separately, or look into purchasing ready-made go kits . By buying in a package, you can often get a deal. Your local outdoor store is also a great resource for buying compact-sized items.

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DIY 576 watt hour Portable Solar Power Generator

Hello Everyone
In this video we are building a 576wh #portable #solar #generator for off grid or grid down power. This kind of solar generator is useful for many renewable power applications. Once build and put in to use, it generates 100% free energy for emergency power, communications, amateur radio, boondocking, van or RV life, to keep food or meficine refrigerated during grid down emergencies.

Main features
– 576 watt hours, 45amp hours
– 2000 charge cycles
– 30A ports
– 2x USB ports
– Internal Bluetooth battery monitor
– 4x DC Powerpole ports
– Every port is individually fused
– MPPT charge controller
– Dual Solar inputs
– Total weight 18lbs (8.3kg)
– Easy maintenance
– Replaceable Components
– Optional pure sinewave inverter
– Easy to build

The closest commercial product is the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium. Our diy solar power generator will outperform the Yeti Lithium, (unless you need an inverter), the Yeti has one built in, but an onverter is optional in the DIY Solar Generator . Most people don’t need AC power or the inverter with a solar generator. They just need tthe right connectors for their gear.

An interesting feature on the solar generator is the wireless battery monitor from Thornwave labs. The battery monitor is a Bluetooth enabled shunt using Bluetooth SE to send information about the state of the system straight to our mobile phone. it’s also got an API to get data out to something like a raspberry pi or arduino for data logging.

Episode and build notes.

How to build a Portable Solar Power Generator 12v LiFePO4

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Parts List:
Headway LiFePO4 Cells:
Bestech BMS 4S LiFePO4:
Genasun MPPT Charge controller:
Powerpole USB:
Alt Powerpole USB:
Powerwerx Powerpole POD:
45A Powerpoles:
Powerwerx Powerpole crimper:
Thornwave Bluetooth Shunt:
Powerpole distribution board:

Pedal generator seen in Video
K-TOR PowerBox 50

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What is Fast Charging ? | Impossible? | Warp Charging ? | 5 Minute Charge 2 Hour Talk ?


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Hello Friends
In this video, I will talk about fast charging/quick charging and warp charging. How charging works and how you can charge your smartphones very quickly. How fast chargers work and what are the things you should consider while getting a fast charger. Is it safe to charge your phones with fast chargers? I hope you like this video.

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No Copyright Music – Cyber Attack – EDTi Beats
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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Power Hour | Cleaning Motivation | Collaboration with Kathleen Elisabeth

Good morning y’all! I hope y’all are having an amazing start to your day. I had some technical issues this morning, so this video is a bit late. Today’s video is a Power Hour and it’s in collaboration with Kathleen Elisabeth. She has a beautiful channel, and I’ve been super inspired by her lately. Be sure to visit her channel!


Kathleen’s video:


Music by Joakim Karud

Vlogging camera, Canon PowerShot G7:
Canon T5i:
MacBook Air:
iPhone 6:
Sigma Lens:
Tripod (lightweight and easy to set-up)
Lighting Kit:
Timelapse accessory:
Battery Chargers:
Hard Drive 1TB:
Memory Cards:,
Lens Cap Keepers:

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Energizer One Hour Battery Charger $50 Coupon Code Tutorial – My Review

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How to Make $50 Per Hour Charging Electric Bird Scooters ($200+ Per Day!)

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FPV Quad Golden Hour Rippage In A Hurry (Armattan Rooster)

Got to the field in time to catch this great sunset, only I forgot to lick my lens first, forgive me!

Flight footage is slightly sped up, mostly because it’s the same old thing…

#fpvlife #sendit #fpv

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Kore V2
frame: FU.RC Kore V2
motors: T-Motor F40 Pro II 2400kv
FC: Matek 405
ESC: Spedix 35a 32bit
receiver: FRSKy R9 mini
vtx: TBS Unify Nano UXII antenna
camera: Runcam Swift 2-RR
Notes: Beastmode!
Rooster 1
frame: Armattan Rooster 5″ freestyle frame
motors: T-Motor F40 Pro II 2400kv
FC: Matek 405
ESC: Spedix 30a
receiver: FRSKy R-XSR
vtx: Tramp HV EU Version (set to 25mw), Lumenier AXII antenna
camera: Runcam Split 2
3d printed: ESC protectors, arm protectors, VTX/Receiver holder, AXII aerial mount, battery skid (upside down to protect battery)
Notes: Standard goPro mount, used to fix Nikon Keymission 360 camera (VR/360) or GoPro Hero 5 Session

Rooster 2
frame: Armattan Rooster 5″ freestyle frame
motors: Steele Silk V2s 2345kv
FC: Matek 405
ESC: Spedix 30a
receiver: FRSKy R-XSR
vtx: Tramp HV EU Version (set to 25mw), Lumenier AXII antenna
camera: Runcam Swift 2-RR Rotor Riot Edition and GoPro Hero 5 Session
3d printed: VTX/Receiver holder, AXII aerial mount, battery skid (upside down to protect battery), camera mount

Halo Nemesis
frame: Halo Nemesis 5″ race frame
motors: Eachine X220s motors – very cheap, really quiet and amazing value
FC: AIO Hobbywing 20mm
ESC: AIO/4in1 Hobbywing 20mm (came with FC as a set)
receiver :FRSKy XSR
vtx: Tramp HV EU Version (set to 25mw), Luminier ‘horned’ antenna
camera: Runcam Swift mini
3d printed: battery skid, canopy (not fitted yet!)

Ummagawd Remix
frame: Ummagawd Remix 5″ Freestyle frame
motors: Ummagawd Hypetrain motors V1.1 2306 2150kv
FC: AIO Hobbywing FC
ESC: AIO/4in1 Hobbywing ESC (Came with FC as a set)
receiver: FRSKy XSR
vtx: Tramp HV EU Version (set to 25mw), Luminier AXII antenna
camera: Runcam Swift 2-RR Rotor Riot Edition and GoPro Hero 5 Session
3d printed: GoPro Session mount

Diatone M3
Stock, no modifications – super lovely 3″ kwad
batteries: VIFLY 4s 550mah

Diatone GT-R90
Stock, no modifications – amazing 2″ kwad
batteries: VIFLY 4s 550mah

Emax Hawk 5
Stock, no modifications – amazing 5″ kwad

Eachine E010s (Whoop clone)
With upgrades…
FC: Beecore 2.0
Fresh red elastic band
Props cut to dual blade

Tattu 4s 1550mah with removable balance lead
Acehe 4s 1500mah with balance lead extension
VIFLY 4s 550mah
Tattu 1s 220mah

FRSKy X10s

FPV gear:
Fatshark Attitude V4 (the red ones!)
TrueD Diversity module with stock Fatshark ImmersionRC omni antenna and..
Menace Pico directional patch previously used Menace Invader directional patch (still very good!)
Backup goggles – Eachine 800v
G Teng FPV watch – great for testing without needing to wear goggles, perfect on the bench

imax B6AC v2 – have 2 of these, my go-to bench charger, use with parallel charge boards
iSDT Smart Charger Q6 Pro 300w/14a – My go-to field charger
xtar VC4 81650 battery charger (for my Fatshark battery pack)

GoPro Hero 3
GoPro Hero 5 Session
Nikon Keymission 360
Gorilla tripod
Converted microphone boom stand
Feiyutech 3 axis Gopro gimbal

Camera drones:
DJI Mavic Pro x2
Parrot Disco

Race gates and obstacles:
Graupner race flags
Graupner mini race gates
Graupner freestyle cube
Tiny Whoop race gate rings
Gemfan race gates
Forza soccer goal posts (netting removed)


How to Cut 3 Pounds in an Hour Before a Wrestling Match

Amateur wrestling, high school and college, besides being an extremely physical strength and skill dependent sport, is a game of weight. To posses the strength of a 160 pound person, but physically confront, by wrestling, a person with the strength of a 145 pound person, by dropping weight in order to equal your opponent, is normal practice. There’s nothing illegal about it, we’re not talking steroids or some physical enhancing drug. We’re talking controlling your body to reach goals your mind has set.

Besides, there is a science to dropping weight. Do it incorrectly or too quickly and you will not only lose your advantage, you’ll give your opponent a huge advantage by dehydrating and losing strength. You’ll enter the match tired and sluggish, the exact opposite effect you were striving for.

Let’s get one thing straight before we begin, you can not lose 3 lbs of body fat in 1 hour, not unless you cut an appendage off and that’s not an option. However, you can lose 3 lbs of overall body weight by losing water weight. Remember Biology 101, the body could be consisted of 75% water, depending on the person’s physical make up. The fatter the person the greater the difference in water weight than a muscular person, for example.

So what we really are attempting to do is rid the body of water (fluid), which will translate into less body weight. So how do we safely do this?

The first matter we must address is our diet, and I’m not talking just eating healthy, I’m talking eating sodium free. Salt, is the number one reason a healthy person retains water. There are other health reasons which cause the retention of water, but those do not apply in our case.

Therefore, if we eliminate as much salt from the body as possible, the body’s resistance to losing fluid decreases making it easier to pass water weight through perspiration.

Perspiration if you recall, is the body’s natural function to cool itself when temperatures rise above normal. Therefore, we must create heat to raise the body’s temperature and force it to cool itself by perspiring.

There are probably many different methods, some complex such as water pills which causes a person to continually urinate, to rid the body of fluid, but we’ll use an old tried and true method. Sweating.

Dress yourself in warm clothing such as sweat shirts and sweat pants. You notice I use the plural form of shirts and pants because you will put on layers of these clothes, at least two layers and three if possible.

Be sure to wear a hat of some sort, preferably a winter sock hat, as the body gets rid of a tremendous amount of heat through the head. We don’t want that to occur in this situation. We want to retain as much internal heat as possible.

Exercise vigorously for at least 10 minutes. This can be jogging, either in place or around the gym, jumping jacks, what ever you find comfortable, but which will work up a good sweat.

After creating a good sweat, lay down and have someone wrap you in a blanket or wrestling mat. This will cause the body temperature to remain high after exercising, which will continue to extract fluid through perspiration.

After 20 minutes, unclothe and weigh in. You most likely have lost more than three pounds, but if not, you still have time to redress, with dry clothes, and repeat the procedure.

As with any drastic or sudden body change, there are dangers associated with this procedure. Never perform this procedure alone. Always have a coach or an wrestler with quick access to the coach, with you at all times. After making weight, re-hydrate with drinks such as Gatorade which are high in electrolytes.