Inverter 12v to 220v + 12v Battery Charger: How to make Step by Step | DIY UPS

Your are watching detailed do it yourself video about How to make Inverter 12v to 220v + 12v Battery Charger Step by Step at home.

Hi viewers! in this video i am going to show you How to make a circuit which work as Inverter as well as battery charger by using 12×12 volt and 5A transformer, and D1047 transistor.

NOTE: To convert this inverter circuit into UPS, replace the switch with 220v relay. Connect 220v relay directly to 220v supply, so when electricity is available circuit will prefer to charge the battery while in the absense of electricity circuit perform inverter operation and drive 220v supply from 12v battery.

Main Circuit Diagram:

Circuit Diagram for Inverter Operation:

Circuit Diagram for Charging Operation:

Materials Required for DIY Inverter Circuit:
1. 12×12 volt, 5A Transformer.
2. 2x D1047 Transistors.
3. 1K Ohms Resistor
4. Circuit Board.
5. Winding Wire.
6. Wood base.
7. Nut Bolts.
8. 12V Battery.
and some basic tools.
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