How to Make Amplifier from Bulb or Phone Charger!

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For making the audio amplifier you need to salvage 3 parts from old cfl bulb or broken phone charger.
NPN transistor D882 or 13003,100mf capacitor and resistor 1kohm,this audio amplifier will work on 9v battery.


Convert Old mobile charger to audio Amplifier in Hindi 🍁

Old mobile charger se audio amplifier banane bataya hun iss video mein,iss video mein transistor 13001 use kiya hun,ye amplifier 100% work karta hai,

Components required —
Old charger
1.Resistor — 1K
2.Capacitor — 25V 100uf
3.AUX code
4.Transistor –13001
5.5V DC current

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