How to make a Solar Mobile Charger | How to make free energy | Solar free energy

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Simple Solar Mobile chager | Solar Power bank | Portable Solar Mobile Charger

Hi dear friends, In this video; we are showing how to make a simple solar portable mobile charger by using the following simple components,

6 Volt Solar Panel( Amazon Link Below)
Voltage Regulator – 7805
Female USB Port

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how to make 6v ( below 32Ah )battery charger

in this video you how to make 6 volt below 32Ah lead acid battery charger using the step down transformer 1 amp 9v -0- 9v
1) 1N4007 diode
2) 1000uF/25v capacitor
3) this is very quick charger in 4 to 5 hours
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8) PIC Microcontroller project –
9) Relay based circuit –
10) Battery controller circuits –
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How to make 12volt Automatic Cut off Battery Charger using Relay Very Simple DIY HD

Hi Guyz
In this video
I am going to show u How to make 12volt Automatic Cut off Battery Charger using Relay Very Simple DIY HD at home. It’s very easy to make 12volt battey automatic cut off charger.
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