How to make money charging Bird scooters and Lime Scooters by buying more bird/lime scooter chargers

MDA Lithium Ion Battery Chargers (1) for $19.99 or (4) for $65.99:
Bird/Lime Scooter Chargers (MDA Li-ion Power Adapter)

Want to make more money charging Bird and Lime Electric Scooters? The secret to making more money is to buy more Bird/Lime Scooter chargers. demonstrates how the MDA Li-ion Power Supply used by Lime Scooters, can also fully charge Bird Scooters.

Buying additional scooter chargers is the easiest and fastest way to earn more money charging electric scooters. Bird and Lime could take months before they ship their “chargers” or “Juicers” extra adapters. Why wait, and get them now.

So If you’re interested in making more money charging scooters, purchasing more scooter chargers is a must! This means you can relax more, and not have to wait around to switch up charged scooters. We are currently selling the MDA chargers, as well as generic. Get the top quality, MDA li-ion adapter for $19.99 and a generic for under $17.50. All Shipping is free around the United States.

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