Why is Your Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) not Charging?

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Why is your hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) not charging? The Delphi Training Series breaks it down for you.


Hybrid Electric Vehicle High Voltage Battery Pack Charger

How to use the AR&D High Voltage Battery Charger to charge a Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Pack.

This High Voltage Battery Charger is one component of the AR&D Kit #1 for discharging and charging Hybrid and Electric Vehicle High Voltage Battery Packs. This kit supports the reconditioning, repair, and remanufacturing of high voltage Hybrid and Electric Vehicle battery pack systems.


Overheating Battery Issues Stall Chrysler Hybrid Project

As the demand for hybrid vehicles grows, Chrysler has been forced to momentarily shelve their hybrid testing. Tests found the batteries overheated in some of the pickup trucks. 109 truck models and 23 minivan models with plug-in hybrid technology are no longer currently testing.

It seemed the Dodge Ram 1500 pickup trucks were delayed to damage due to their prototype batteries. There are no reported fires or injuries to operators as a result of the damage. Chrysler is testing a lithium powered battery since the third quarter of 2011. The project was expected to run through 2014, but no plans have been made to extend the testing.

This testing is partially funded by the United States Department of Energy to the tune of $ 58 million. Chrysler makes up for the rest of the funding with $ 65.2 million. A majority of the money was meant to fund the pickup truck testing, which was expected to cost $ 97.4 million. The reminder of the fund was meant for the minivan testing that was expected to cost $ 25.8 million.

The project testing was spread between 16 municipalities and utility companies. That spread the testing between 20 states. The batteries themselves were supplied from a Canadian company called Electrovaya, which specializes in lithium battery development and manufacturing. It even released its own electric car run on the battery that can go for 120 miles on one charge.

Despite the suspension of the truck and minivan hybrid project, Chrysler is moving ahead in development of the company's own battery. A representative has called their vision a "superior battery" to what they were implementing before. This time the company will create a different chemical makeup of the battery to prevent the overheating problem.

So far, the vehicles tested as part of the program have racked up 1.3 million miles equivalent. Minivans have recorded as high as 55 miles per gallon while the trucks have gained as much as 37.4 miles per gallon. Current hybrid minivans average about 28 miles to the gallon and trucks average about 23 miles per gallon.

Part of the testing was not just to increase the mileage of every gallon, but to create reverse power flow. This is where the battery then sends power to the electric grid. In the future, the powerful vehicle batteries could have the backup for home appliances during power outages. Chrysler hopes to have the first to release a vehicle with electric grid connectivity.


How to Charge Honda Civic Hybrid IMA battery in “L” Mode / Gear

How to Charge Honda Civic Hybrid IMA battery in “L” Mode / Gear

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MPP Solar Hybrid Inverter/Charger PIP5048MG How to Connect Parallel Sensing Cable & Communication

how to connect mpp solar pip parallel sensing and communication cable


Ryobi P -3180 18-Volt ONE+ 15K BTU Hybrid Propane Heater Review !!

I finally get my hands on this new Ryobi Model # P-3180 18-Volt ONE+ 15,000 BTU Hybrid Forced Air Propane Heater. You will have to watch the hole video to see if its worth the money or not.

RYOBI introduces the 18-Volt ONE+ 15K BTU Hybrid Forced Air Propane Heater. A powerful burner delivers up to 15,000 BTUs of heat output so that whether on the jobsite or the tailgate, you never have to worry about staying warm. The hybrid design allows you to use either an 18-Volt RYOBI battery or extension cord. Coupled with a 1 lb. propane tank (sold separately) and the compact design, the ONE+ Forced Air Propane Heater allows for easy transportation. Get up to 1.5 hours of heating using a 1 lb. propane tank and 5 hours using the P-108 4.0 Ah High Capacity LITHIUM+ Battery. Part of the Worlds Largest Platform of over 125 tools, this Forced Air Propane Heater includes a 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and an operator’s manual. Batteries, chargers, extension cords, and propane tanks are sold separately.


Have An EV, You Need A Good Charging Infrastructure, Right?

Today we run two 30 kWh Leafs 300 miles to test out the charging infrastructure on Ecotricity’s Electric Highway, the Polar Network as far as possible and CYC in Scotland. Also some friendly competition between myself and Jonathan of Eco-Cars. It should be fun!!!!


2019 Renault Kwid All-Electric K-ZE Concept Launched At 2018 Paris Motor Show | Full Exterior

Renault has showcased the K-ZE Electric concept car at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. the Renault K-ZE is essentially an all-electric version of the popular Renault Kwid that we get in India but has been designed exclusively for the Chinese market. The new concept car is essentially an all-electric version of the very popular Renault Kwid hatchback and has been officially called the Renault K-ZE concept. The electric car packs an impressive range of 250 kms on a single charge and has a dual charging system that supports both commercial electric car chargers and standard home based plug points too. The Renault K-ZE has been made specifically for the Chinese auto market where it will be launched in a production avatar sometime soon.The new Renault K-ZE concept (in its production form) is said to manufactured locally by the e-GT New Energy Automotive Co, which is the joint venture between the large Dongfeng Motor Group and Nissan that has been created specifically to offer low cost and mass market electric mobility solutions for the Chinese market.While India isn’t an electric market just yet, with Maruti Suzuki already announcing plans to launch an electric car – the new Wagon R in India by 2020, Renault to could have a first mover advantage by launching the K-ZE in India too. Considering an already lower cost for the base car and even lower GST rates for electric cars, the K-ZE could be the low cost funky electric car that the country is looking for – especially since it packs a significant 250 km range.

2019renaultkwid 2019renaultkwidev #RenaultKwidElectricK-ZEConcept


Magnum MSH3012 Hybrid Inverter Charger

In this video I demonstrate the load support function of the Magnum Energy MSH3012 Hybrid inverter charger. PCS Electronics 573-814-3131. www.pcselectronicsmo.com


Honda Civic Hybrid Battery DC-DC Converter Replacement

In this video I will be showing were the Honda hybrid battery is and how to safely remove and replace the hybrid DC to DC converter. On this Honda hybrid, the DC converter is used to charge the accessory battery.

We had a battery light on in the dash of this Honda. Here is the video where I diagnosed this problem: https://youtu.be/ByCj292sAdg
Also, a link where you can get the high voltage safety gloves: https://amzn.to/2I7cuBw

The one tool every mechanic should have: http://amzn.to/2FN2r70

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