Have An EV, You Need A Good Charging Infrastructure, Right?

Today we run two 30 kWh Leafs 300 miles to test out the charging infrastructure on Ecotricity’s Electric Highway, the Polar Network as far as possible and CYC in Scotland. Also some friendly competition between myself and Jonathan of Eco-Cars. It should be fun!!!!


2019 Renault Kwid All-Electric K-ZE Concept Launched At 2018 Paris Motor Show | Full Exterior

Renault has showcased the K-ZE Electric concept car at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. the Renault K-ZE is essentially an all-electric version of the popular Renault Kwid that we get in India but has been designed exclusively for the Chinese market. The new concept car is essentially an all-electric version of the very popular Renault Kwid hatchback and has been officially called the Renault K-ZE concept. The electric car packs an impressive range of 250 kms on a single charge and has a dual charging system that supports both commercial electric car chargers and standard home based plug points too. The Renault K-ZE has been made specifically for the Chinese auto market where it will be launched in a production avatar sometime soon.The new Renault K-ZE concept (in its production form) is said to manufactured locally by the e-GT New Energy Automotive Co, which is the joint venture between the large Dongfeng Motor Group and Nissan that has been created specifically to offer low cost and mass market electric mobility solutions for the Chinese market.While India isn’t an electric market just yet, with Maruti Suzuki already announcing plans to launch an electric car – the new Wagon R in India by 2020, Renault to could have a first mover advantage by launching the K-ZE in India too. Considering an already lower cost for the base car and even lower GST rates for electric cars, the K-ZE could be the low cost funky electric car that the country is looking for – especially since it packs a significant 250 km range.

2019renaultkwid 2019renaultkwidev #RenaultKwidElectricK-ZEConcept


Magnum MSH3012 Hybrid Inverter Charger

In this video I demonstrate the load support function of the Magnum Energy MSH3012 Hybrid inverter charger. PCS Electronics 573-814-3131. www.pcselectronicsmo.com


Honda Civic Hybrid Battery DC-DC Converter Replacement

In this video I will be showing were the Honda hybrid battery is and how to safely remove and replace the hybrid DC to DC converter. On this Honda hybrid, the DC converter is used to charge the accessory battery.

We had a battery light on in the dash of this Honda. Here is the video where I diagnosed this problem: https://youtu.be/ByCj292sAdg
Also, a link where you can get the high voltage safety gloves: https://amzn.to/2I7cuBw

The one tool every mechanic should have: http://amzn.to/2FN2r70

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Dell Hybrid Power Adapter and Power Bank

Learn More: http://dell.to/2n4Aeuy
Product overview of the Dell Hybrid Adapter + Power Bank.


How to Use the DC Fast Charger | 2018 Ioniq Electric | Hyundai

Your Hyundai electric vehicle comes equipped with the option to charge with DC Fast chargers. Watch this video to learn more about DC Fast charging and how to locate the station nearest you.

Applicable to 2018 Hyundai Ioniq Electric.

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How to Use the DC Fast Charger | 2018 Ioniq Electric | Hyundai



How to make Charger Hybrid battery for Toyota Prius

How to make Charger Hybrid battery for Toyota Prius
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How to install a Grid Charger (Hybrid IMA Battery Charger) on a 2001 Honda Insight P1449 and P1447

eBay user Invisibleagents
Fix engine check code P1449 and P1447
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Hybrid Battery Charging(Conditioning) 2000-2006 Honda Insight, First Generation.

This is a 2000 Honda Insight Hybrid Battery, Being charged with two FMA Direct, CellPro PowerLab 8 Battery WorkStations. These Chargers are cappable of 40amp 1344 watt- charging.


2016 Chevrolet Volt Battery Charging Tutorial

How to charge the 2016 Chevrolet ‪Volt