Best Camping Battery | Tailgating Battery Pack | Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2019

This is a very compact battery pack solution that has lots of power options. This is a great gift idea for fathers day 2019

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putting my lighting harness inside my ebikes new battery box and a few ideas on videos to make

putting my lighting harness inside my ebikes new battery box
quite a few videos coming up described near end of video. please like and subscribe

Links to everything i have ever used in my videos below
HTRC C240 duo
Liquid Flux
SWG wire
Battery spacers
Liitokala Testers
Tyre linners

Video camera used in new videos
and the picture in picture cam

My video skills aint good so be patient lol
My original ebike kit
Controller i upgraded to this
Replacment Throttle
Already Tested used laptop batteries

I have decided to do some giveaways things like Battery BMS, ebike battery chargers, 18650 battery chargers, It will be all prizes to do with the DIY ebike enthusiast,
To be in with a chance of winning these please Subscribe. this will start once i reach certain land marks like 100,500,1000 subscribers. and maybe when i have a video reach 1000 watch`s etc. This will be shipped world wide so don`t worry about where you are from. i wish i could ship batteries too but that is too hard to ship outside of europe
Ebike from cheap ebay kit to a hotrod 50mph.
Will be making a series of videos of how i upgraded from a £150 ebay kit to a hotrod capable of 50mph and how i built the batteries.

plus a few rides around on the bike

What inspired me to make my own was watching other ebike/battery channels
Vortex inspired me for more speed
Andy Kirby inspired me to make the lighting
Rohin super genius inspired me to go ahead and use used laptop cells and make a battery

So i am using their ideas of what they have done but doing it on a budget, My total build comes in at less than £500 but i already had the bike frame. hopefully when i have finished making all the videos on how i have built it, You will be riding something similar


Aeg 18V Cordless Tool Battery Charger failure? ideas?

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How to Repair Data Cable, Best Ideas, Data cable, mobile charger, 1Amp, 2Amp, 3Amp, Same, Ep – 12

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100 Creative Presentation Ideas

Creative Presentation Ideas – It’s Showtime!

Listed below are just 3 of the 100 creative presentation ideas you can use to make your presentation unforgettable. You may use these creative presentation ideas when speaking to potential investors, at management forums, conference lectures or with your colleagues, employees, or any other presentation you have to make.

Each creative idea is described in the following format:

  • Basic description of the creative presentation idea
  • What for? major benefits of the idea, or how it may be used
  • Variations on the creative idea: how you can adapt the idea to different settings, goals and audiences
  • Comments: things you should pay attention to when using the creative idea

Well, here comes the first creative presentation idea:

Creative Presentation Idea #1:

Description: Do not use titles in your slides

What for?

  1. Tell the viewers that you left out the presentation titles intentionally in order to see if you could deliver your main points clearly
  2. When using the presentation as a learning aid in a workshop, if your audience is required to complete the titles, they will have to think about what you are teaching and actively participate in the discussion


  1. Leave the titles out for only some of the slides – perhaps the ones that will be used for a review of the presentation so far, or to trigger a discussion on a controversial issue
  2. Write only half of the title, and ask your audience to complete it


  • You can use a printed “complete” version of the presentation for yourself, so you can see the titles you meant to use

The creative ideas I suggest are of different kinds and levels. Some are crazier than others. You should choose the one that best suits your presentation needs. Do you want to make a really bold statement? Here is a more outrageous idea:

Creative Presentation Idea #75:

Description: Present the presentation blindfolded!

What for?

  1. You could definitely demonstrate your knowledge of the subject and a good memory skill as well as self-confidence by using this idea
  2. Use it to add some humor to your presentation: after you put the blindfold on, intentionally make some funny mistakes when referring to the slides, and only then show them that you know what you’re talking about…


  1. Put the blindfold on for just a short part of the presentation, when you want to make a dramatic effect
  2. Provide blindfolds for the participants, so their sense of hearing will be heightened and you could test their memory after a few slides!


  • Take care not to offend people with disabilities (e.g. blind people, etc.). Use this technique when you are certain you can do so tactfully and with good taste

As you might have noticed by now, these creative presentation ideas do not rely on an incredible knowledge of Power Point, or on unreasonable production expenses. Actually, in some of the ideas you don’t even have to use Power Point at all!. Here’s one:

Creative Presentation Idea #31:

Description: Have a painter/caricaturist assistant –

drawing images/cartoons on a flip chart as you explain

What for?

  1. This would make your presentation “live” on the go. Instead of using slides, the sketches would visually convey the major points you are trying to get through. For example – when you talk about the tough task lying ahead, a simple drawing of mountaineers climbing up a steep mountain would etch that image in the viewers mind.
  2. A caricaturist could add a touch of humor to your presentation with funny images and hints


  1. If you have the talent – you could draw the sketches yourself as you speak.
  2. If there’s an electronic drawing pad – you could use it and show the drawings on a screen as they are drawn.
  3. Alternatively – ask some of the participants themselves to help you and draw those images on the flip chart as you speak.
  4. You could prepare and give the participants a comic book with the important things you talked about.


  • Make sure there are enough flip chart pages you could use, and that everyone can see them well.
  • Rehearse the presentation with the painter and the list the major subjects you are going to talk about so that s/he would have time to think about how to make meaningful and relevant drawings.
  • Here are a few pointers on where to find the person to draw for you: look for high school or college art students who wish to practice and demonstrate their talent for a small fee or free of charge; ask around for other employees that have that talent and are willing to give a hand. Of course, if the presentation is worth the investment, you may always hire a professional caricaturist.

Make Adjustable power supply Easy Steps DIY 1.2V to 30 V Battery Charger by innovative ideas

Adjustable Power supply for sale (Affiliate AMAZON)

Circuit Diagram download link

This Video Variable DC power supply 1.2 V to 30 Volts I have made with 12-0-12 Volts Transformer
of 2 Amps. can be used for testing many items which are being operated from 1.2 volts to 30 Volts.

Parts Needed;

12-0-12 transformer 2Amps
4 diodes IN 4007 1 watt
Capacitors 3300mfd/ 35Volts, 1mfd/63 Volts, 10mfd/63 Volts
Resistors 3.3K, 240 ohms,
Potentiometer 5K
IC LM 317
Case, power cable, some wire,

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Best Android Hacks | How to Make Wireless Charger For Your Smart Phone | Crazy Ideas

Best Android Hacks. Check out How to Make Wireless Charger For Your Smart phone.This is simple and Best Android Hack for smart phones. Stay tuned for Best Android Hacks, D I Ys , Technology Tricks, Life Hacks and Many more crazy tips on Science, Art and Technology on Crazy Ideas.

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Amazing Science Experiment With Hand Sanitizer | Facts that You Never Know | Crazy Ideas

Amazing Android Hacks –

How To Boost Up WIFI SIGNAL With TIN –

How to Make Water Level Indicator –

How to Charge a Dead Battery with Hammer –

How to make piggy bank Atm at Home –

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Please watch: “How to Make Electric Air Pump For Ballons At Home || Air pump || Crazy Ideas”

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Some Creative Ideas for Couples in a Long Distance Relationship

So you are in love and are miles away from your partner. I know you may be in contact with your partner with the help of communication means like phone, emails, instant messaging or SMSes. However sometimes you may be tired of these ordinary means and you may want to spice up your long distance relationship. Don’t worry; here are some creative ideas for couples in a long distance relationship. Apply some now and you will thank me for such wonderful ideas.

Do you and your partner love watching movies and T.V. shows? You both may have enough time on the weekends. Call your partner and tell him/her to watch the same movie simultaneously with you. There may be many love scenes in the movie so don’t forget to connect video call on webcam with your partner. Both of you may need your hankies with you; some time for cleaning the lipstick marks from the screen of your computer and some time for soaking the sweat from your face.

Both of you may also watch the late night soap on T.V. in your bedroom simultaneously. Keep your cell phone with unlimited 3G connectivity with you for video calling your partner during the hot love scenes on the screen of your T.V. Don’t forget to fully charge the battery of your cell phone during the day time otherwise the same may mar your joy in between and you will be left with no option left but to sleep with your head in between your bent knees.

Sometime a situation may arise in the long distance relationship when you have nothing else to talk about. You may have run out of all the lovely words and may start arguing with each other on tiny things. This may be a very tough time in your relationship. In this situation I will suggest you to pick up a romantic novel and go through it. Also ask your partner to read the same novel and you will get many lovely instances in the novel to talk hours and hours.

Celebrating Valentine day, Rose day and Friendship day etc. are of vital importance in a long distance relationship also as these special days will spice up your relationship a lot. So do not forget to send gifts to your partner on these special days. There are many on line stores on the web those may deliver the bracelets, bouquet of rose or other gifts to your partner on the same day you confirm your order with them. To sweeten the memory of any of these special days you may include a beautiful pack of Chocolate having flavour of your partner’s choice. If you are short of the budget then also you may make your partner to feel special by just sending an e-card available free on the web.

Even in this era of advanced technology, a webcam may be your best tool to spice up your long distance relationship. The Internet connectivity of sufficient bandwidth is now much affordable all over the world. Both of you will have to sign up for a free account with Google Hang Out or with Skype. Just connect with your partner and do whatever he or she wants in front of your webcam, I guarantee that the word “long distance” will no more be there in your long distance relationship.


How to Make a Portable Phone Charger 3,7v. Super ideas to mobile charging from mosquito swatter

How to make a Portable Phone Charger using 3.7v battery. Make the simplest backup charger. with the idea of charging mobile charging from mosquito swatter. this is my project. I was the first to explore and research it.
Have any questions please leave at bottom
or share the video for me to develop a bit more.
Thank you so much.
Channel: Alfred


5 Amazing Ideas for Charging any 12V Battery DIY

5 Amazing Ideas for Charging a 12V Battery DIY

Hi! In this video, I will teach you 5 amazing ideas with which you can charge your 12 volt car or bike batteries.

Case 5 :

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