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Capacitive Battery Charger Industrial –Charges 12-100 Volts, EV's Forklift, Car 600 amp hours

This charger was designed to be of a more industrial size. It has the capability of charging forklift batteries in size of up to 600 Amp Hour from standard 110/120v outlet, while also desulfating and equalizing the cells.

To order or have a custom sized charger manufactured for you, please call 414-852-7526 or email islandbayy@yahoo.com

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Build it Yourself Recommended Parts List!
Capacitor: https://amzn.to/2CiqcQy
Rectifier: https://amzn.to/2ERVNsQ
12 Hr Timer: https://amzn.to/2T0wbyK
Multimeter/Volt Meter: https://amzn.to/2XQEaCk
Extension Cord: https://amzn.to/2EWZwW5


New Network Ignites an Industrial Revolution

Have you ever imagined that one day potatoes will have identifications and you will be able to send emails and to take pictures only by using your fingers? That is not just a dream, however, now with the fast development of the net technology, you will soon enjoy the benefits. If you come to the house of Bill Gates, you will first get a pin which tells the computer controller about your requirements on temperature, TV channels and movies you like. Once all these are settled, they will follow you anywhere even you are having a bath, music will even come from the bathtub bottom.

Now, you need not to envy his house, you will own one with the largevalence of the Internet of things. Lodged in the year 2005, the Internet of things is the one which connects all objects together. To explain actively, the Internet of things will not let you feel the variety of the society but let you touch it with your own hands.

Specialists anticipates that with every economic recession, a new kind of technology will emerge as the times require, which will provide an absolutely new use value in most industries and give a spur to help to form a new economic circle especially in the field of the Internet of things.

The sensing net is the most imperative part for the whole network. To classify a sensing net, it will be divided into four parts including identification, sensing, processing and information transport, each is connected with a new technology of RFID, sensors, intelligent chips and wireless M2M network. At present, the updating is the necessary for the whole network, as a result, the telecom businessmen will benefit most from it. The new net age is always beyond your imagination. Cellphones and televisions could also be the transmitter of information through the technology of amalgamation. Related chip is: 1N1184A .


USB Power Delivery 60W High Power Industrial Charger Adapter with Cypress CCG2

USB Power Delivery 60W High Power Industrial Charger Adapter with Cypress CCG2
Get This Product: https://amzn.to/2GbD6mf

USB-A with Quick Charge 3.0 technology that provide up to 18W (12V 1.5A, 9V 2A, 6V 3A) of charging power and a USB-C with Power Delivery.
CYPD CCG2 chipset enable up to 60W on type C port (5V 3A, 7V 2.5A, 9V 3A, 12V 3A, 15V 3A, 20V 2.99A)
FCC Approved, Low EMI/RFI Metal Enclosure with Mounting Brackets.
Built-in LED light indicator (up to) helps to signify charge is ready to use.
12~24Volt DC input provides USB type-A with True support for QC3.0 as well as Samsung/LG/Apple up to 2.4A.

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How to Maintain Industrial Power Equipment

Maintenance of various power equipment is a key part of facility management. The entire operation depends on the power systems such as backup generators, control panels, industrial chargers, UPS, etc. The failure of these key assets can put a production plant in jeopardy. This is why maintenance is of paramount significance so far as the facility management is concerned.

Managing critical equipment demands an auditable process to reduce operational risks. It also has an impact on safety, cost, compliance, and operational throughput. With the growing focus on environmental responsibility and sustainability, it is required to implement risk mitigation strategies.

Businesses have to devise cost-effective strategies in order to survive in a competitive environment and become low-cost producers. Possible situations or risks that can pose a threat to business operations must be anticipated and addresses in a timely manner. It is advisable to prioritize the existing assets for inspection and maintenance. The data obtained from reviews and inspection programs can be used to meet risk mitigation objectives.

What are the techniques to maintain critical power equipment in a facility? We understand the significance of emergency generators in a production process. Backup generators can keep a production process running for years. However, they require regular maintenance. Load bank testing is one of the techniques to maintain a generator.

Load testing a standby generator system must be an inseparable part of the standard planned maintenance program. The process ensures that your standby generators keep producing the designed output.

Battery maintenance is also a critical component of running an efficient and reliable facility. However, the procedure to maintain industrial batteries is slightly technical. Carrying out maintenance activities in the right order can save time and extend the lifespan of batteries and chargers. Besides, make sure you clean batteries in the designated areas using proper tools.

It is recommended to hire a professional preventive maintenance service which can take care of your equipment critical to production and operational activities. An expert in this field will help you establish the appropriate procedures for generator and battery maintenance without affecting the safe working environment. Having a preventive maintenance program in place is a good way to keep your power equipment in good working condition.

Conclusively speaking, regular maintenance activities such as load bank testing, commissioning, inspection, etc. can extend the useful life of your generators and other systems. Reach a reputable contractor that can take good care of your generators and other equipment.


Ecotec: Energy Efficient Industrial Battery Chargers Animated Video

This 2 1/2 minute animated video features Ecotec’s industrial battery chargers. This animation highlights the flexibility of the charger, and the communication features. The configurations are demonstrated within the animation. The wireless communications with computers is a very powerful tool for your industrial needs. For more information on this great company, visit their website at www.ecotecbatcharger.com. If you’re looking for your very own animated marketing video, Suite Imagery is here to help! Our custom-made animated videos offer powerful marketing tools for your company’s products and other offerings. www.suiteimagery.com


Lowrider Battery Charger Review – DSR Industrial Series INC-406A

Excellent charger for charging the batteries in a lowrider!!


Industrial battery charger by Thyristor Firing Angle Control | Electrical Projects

This project is about powering of high volts DC battery using this Industrial battery charger which converts given AC supply to DC using the TRAIC and Op-Amp.


Introducing the QuiQ 1500 Industrial Battery Charger

A light bulb went on for one of Delta-Q’s engineers and the QuiQ 1500 Battery Charger was born. Nicholas Dohmeier and Lloyd Gomm tell the story of the innovation behind creating a new battery charger for specialty golf and utility vehicles, and boom lifts. With the same mechanical design as the popular QuiQ 1000, the new 1500 can charge a battery pack up to 30% faster.

Video Transcript

This is the QuiQ industrial battery charger.
We are really excited about the latest QuiQ Series Battery Charger we are launching, it’s the QuiQ 1500. It’s a higher power variant of the popular QuiQ Series of battery chargers.

Our customers have needs for faster charging. Typically, with a faster charging charger, it takes up more space. In our case, the mechanical foot print is identical and customers can match the same product, in the same size package, with larger battery packs. It is a huge flexibility benefit for our customer base.

So the QuiQ 1500 is a product variant of the QuiQ line and we have chosen to provide the higher power, in specifically 48 and 72 volt applications. This means that the QuiQ 1500 is primarily targeted towards specialty golf vehicles, utility vehicles, boom lifts, and after market opportunities as well.

The QuiQ 1500 was born out of our culture of continuous improvement. With the QuiQ Series, the engineering team was looking for ways to both improve reliability and also improve efficiency. The engineering team led by Nicholas, basically came up with an idea to get more power out of the same product.

Every charger that is returned to Delta-Q gets analyzed, and we very carefully document all of the different issues that are noticed in the returned chargers. Then the engineers will analyze the mechanisms, try to see if there is a design improvement that can be made to address the various issues that get found in the returned chargers. These were all collected up for many years and then implemented in one project; the QuiQ refresh project, which allowed us to then completely re-validate the product.

And so we redesigned it to take advantage of state-of-the-art components that kind of future proofed the design. Consequently, this resulted in quite a substantial increase in the efficiency of the product. Approximately a two percent efficiency improvement. It really enabled us to push the full 1500 watts out of the charger.

In North America, which is a 120 volt service, a 1500 watt product will deliver 1200 watts of continuous power. In European applications with a voltage of 230 volts or in Asia, or with split phase, or higher voltages in North America as well, you can deliver 1500 watts continuously.

So I say kudos to the engineering team for bringing the spirit of innovation into this company. This is really what this company is about.

I’m really excited to see that the QuiQ is getting a breadth of innovation into it and customers are able to take it into a variety of different new applications.

The QuiQ is an iconic product for Delta-Q. It’s here to stay. We continue to invest in it and improve the performance, quality, and usability for all of our customers.


PBM Industrial Battery Chargers

PBM Industrial Battery Chargers, leader nel mercato dei caricabatterie industriali dal 1973.