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Product Description
NOCO GENIUS Smart battery chargers are some of the safest and most advanced on the market. One of our best, The G1100UK 1.1 amp is designed to charge 6-volt and 12-volt lead-acid and Lithium-ion batteries up to 40Ah. It can also effectively maintain automotive, marine, RV, power Sport, lawn & Garden and deep-cycle batteries. It charges 2X faster than ordinary battery chargers, can repair damaged batteries and is designed to use with micro-hybrid start-stop vehicles and can bus electrical systems.

guided by an onboard microcomputer, the G1100UK monitors battery activity for safe and efficient charging, automatically minimizes energy consumption and provides redundant levels of safety protection, including spark-proof technology, as well as reverse polarity and overcharge protection. It can remain safely connected 24/7, while the streamlined design makes it ultra-compact, portable and incredibly lightweight.

it features external mounting holes and a rubberized base that Avoids surface slipping and scratches, while remaining impact, UV and water-resistant (IP65). intuitive LED indicators provide visual diagnostic information and feedback of the batteries state-of-charge, even when in maintenance mode. Designed for use on 220-240-volt 50-60 hz electrical systems, The G1100UK Smart charger includes both x-connect battery clamps with integrated eyelet terminals, as well as a 5-year limited warranty.

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How to change your Dodge Challenger or Charger Battery | Problems after install

In this video I will show you step by step how to safely change the battery in a Dodge Challenger or Charger. Also a funny story about myself and then problems after the new battery is installed but at the end of the video how I fixed the problems I was experiencing. Hopefully this video will be informative and helpful. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to hit the thumb’s up and then hit the bell so you get notified every time I up load a video!

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DIY Lifepo4 Boat Install – Disabling Sterling Pro Batt Ultra Charger using Arduino or timer module

Based on my limited research, it is not a good idea to use the default Lifepo4 charging profile on most chargers. LFP Boat chargers should be shut off after reaching the “float” voltage. The Sterling Pro Batt Ultra BB1260 floats batteries at 13.8 volts. Lifepo4 batteries should be charged up to a charge level and then shut off and the chargers should not be kept on for days. The BMS2 input can be used to control the charger and prevent overcharging. I have programmed an Arduino to monitor the charge level and turn off the charge. I used an EAZY 2.1 timer / voltage sensor set a goal voltage to disable the Sterling battery to Battery charger.
Here is a link to the article about how float profiles are bad for lifepo4 batteries. I used this as a main reference for my project. I purchased the Sterling Pro Batt at

LiFePO4 Batteries On Boats

Here is a link to the timer relay and charger:

If you are interested in Arduino programming with modules check out these videos
If you want info on DIY battery building for LIFEPO4


Battery charger install



How to Install a Garage Door Opener

If you already have an opener installed in your garage and you want to replace it, then take all components down and discard all of them. yes, you need to toss out the old switches, remotes and even the wiring (unless it is on top of the drywall of the garage). Your new opener, with few exceptions, will come with all new parts including wall switch, 2 remotes and possibly even an external mounted switch with buttons where you can enter a private code and open and close the garage door. This is an excellent feature for your kids when they come home from school and need to gain access to the house. Today's latest models frequently are built with electronic encoding that changes the code sent from your remote to the door opener unit in the garage each time you use the unit.

Next, I would unpack all the parts being sure that all parts are present in the box. Separate the different packages of hardware and READ the instructions. They will save you time in the long run.

One of the first things you'll be ask to do is to assemble the track. It usually comes in three sections. It's easy to assemble and hook to the front of the opener. Follow your specific directions.

More than likely the next thing you'll be asking to do when reading your instructions is to mount the door opener to the ceiling of your garage. This is where the 7 foot step ladder will assist in this procedure. Use it to hold the opener in the approximate place while designing the anchoring that is needed. It is sometimes possible at this point to include a simple rubber mechanism between the hardware and the drywall. If properly done, this will greatly reduce a possible vibration.

Connect the "door end" of the opener to the door header (usually 2 x 12 or something similar) that is above the length length of the garage door. Lag bolts are commonly used to accomplish this. Right about now you should have already installed the chain or the belt that moves when the door opener motor turns a sprocket on top.

You're closing in on the end of this project. All the hard work is already done, so relax. It's time to run the wire (if it is not already in place) from the opener to the interior switch. Some of the latest switches use radio signals so this step may be excluded. Consult those dreadful instructions to make sure. The following image shows a typical wiring diagram.

Follow the instructions regarding the exterior switch and hook it up using the small wire supplied in the opener package.

In your hardware that came with the door opener, are two electronic sensors that need to be installed near the bottom of the garage door adjacent to the garage door track. These two eyes will "look at" each other and send a message to the opener that it is safe to close the door. If something is within the invisible stream of light passing from one of these to the other, then the door will not close. These are used to keep injuries from happening when little kids or small pets are standing where the door will close. There is a simple wire that attaches from each eye and will need to be installed all the way to the opener. Follow specific instructions included on how high to mount and how to mount these safety devices. Do not discard them as the door opener will NOT work if these are not hooked up and aligned properly. Remember they are communicating with each other and the main unit for YOUR safety.

Finally, install batteries into each remote by following the instructions once again. Plug the unit into an outlet and test it multiple times.

It is quite common to have to adjust a new opener. This does not mean you did anything wrong. Some doors are heavier than others and some springs used to help open the garage door are stronger than others. Again follow the instructions closely and adjust the "down" or "up" tension and travel screws by turning them right or left 1/4 turn at a time until you get the door to stay shut or open all the way.

If you found this "E How To" helpful, I'd like to know about it so I can write other hopefully helpful articles. Please let me know if this article was helpful.

Be sure and check the height of the garage door opening after installing a new opener. This is critical if you are trying to park a van or other full size vehicle in your garage. You may not have enough clearance.

Do not try to exclude the electronic eyes when installing a new opener. It will not work until they are aligned right.


How to: Install a USB Outlet on Workbench

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Onboard Battery Charger Install

In this video I install a 3 bank battery charger..


2008 Club Car Precedent, 48 Volt Electric – Install OBC Bypass Kit

In this video, we install an on-board computer bypass kit. This allows use of an aftermarket charger instead of the Club Car charger. We have installed several of these kits to eliminate the inefficient way the Club Car chargers work.

Welcome to Kevin’s Golf Carts YouTube Channel. We do golf cart repair videos to help you get your golf cart running again.

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How to: Install Bearing Races without Special Tools – EASY

How to install bearing race the easy way.

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How to install: Onboard Solar Powered Battery Charger & Tender for Boat or Camper

One of the main problems people can have when they are out on their boat is a dead battery. On open water and in lakes and rivers, you anchor to swim or fish, listening to music, your electronics are running and before you know it, when you turn the key to crank the motor… nothing. Or the night before you get ready to take the boat out, you remember to do everything but plug the boat in and get to the ramp and nothing… trip is ruined… So I decided to install a solar panel and charge controller so the boat batteries will always be charging or topped off and ready to go. Cost of this was about the same as a plug in charger but no electric bill or need to find somewhere to plug it in!