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100w Flexible solar panel installation on Boat with Victron MPPT charger

In this Video I show at test run a Victron MPPT controller with a 100W Allpowers flexible solar panel I purchased on Amazon. I mounted the controller and DC sub panel on starboard so I can easily move it around the Catalina 320 sailboat. The charger sub panel I made from Starboard 1/2 inch. The Sub panel was later mounted inside the port locker next to the shore battery charger where the solar charger and the battery charger shared the connection to the battery from the locker.

Parts List:
Victron BlueSolar 75/15 MPPT Charge Controller – 15 Amps / 75 Volts
Victron VE.Direct Bluetooth Dongle
ALLPOWERS 100W 18V 12V Flexible Solar Panel Charger(with ETFE Layer, MC4 connectors) Semi Bendable Water-Resistant Solar
Blue Sea Systems ST Blade ATO/ATC Fuse Blocks


48V Battery Charge Meter | How to Install Video | Madjax® Golf Cart Accessories

How to install a Madjax® 48V Battery Charge Meter on a golf cart.
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Universal Battery Charger

Universal Battery Charger on

Our purchasing geek gives a detailed instructions on how to set up your universal battery charger.

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RVi How-To: Towed Battery Charger Installation

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1) Find a location near the towed vehicle’s battery to mount the TBC
2) Connect the ring connectors to the towed battery
NOTE: YELLOW = Negative & BLUE = Positive
3) Feed the MOTORHOME wire to the multi-pin connector
4) Identify the positive 12VDC terminal on the multi-pin connector
5) Insert wire into multi-pin connector
6) Plug the umbilical cord into the multi-pin connectors on the towed and motorhome.

NOTE: LED will glow when the motorhome is charging the towed battery.

It’s that Simple.


Actual Battery charger installation


Installing Tesla Wall Charger

Hey now you know viewers! We’re back again with another great Tesla DIY video for you. Today we are installing the Tesla wall charger, and we want you to join us!

DISCLAIMER: You must accept that You and You Alone
are Responsible for your safety and safety
of others in any endeavor in which you
engage. You are Responsible for verifying
its accuracy and applicability to your project.
You are Responsible for knowing your
limitations of knowledge and experience.
If you do any work with “mains power”
such as 120 or 240 VAC power wiring,
you should consult a Licensed Electrician.

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DIY Battery Charger Installation – CTEK 4.3 – On Ferrari F430 (m)

DIY Battery Charger Installation – CTEK 4.3 – On F430 (same procedure for 360)

Ferraris and all other vehicles using lead acid batteries really hate to sit unused. It will lead to premature battery failure and sometimes an unusable car, usually when you want to use it.

Install a trickle charger to both maintain proper charge and periodically run the lead acid battery through charging cycles. I have selected the CTEK 4.3, but better chargers are released periodically. My previous favorite was the CTEK 3300.

CTEK 4.3: (*The CTEK 4.3 is also known as CTEK 56-864 I believe)
$59 amazon prime :…words=ctek+4.3
$55 at…c7827_a_7cC002

Total Time:
12 minutes (while filming video, taking pictures, and drinking Old Engine Oil)

Difficulty Level:
2 (scale 1-10)

10mm wrench. Preferably an insulated handle wrench so you don’t short out the battery accidentally.

1. Remove passenger footwell (2x philips head screws)
2. Remove negative 10mm terminal post. I did not remove the entire terminal because then I would need my radio code and the cars ECUs would need to re-learn.
3. Install negative (black) CTEK lead to negative battery terminal.
4. Install positive (red) CTEK lead to positive 12v battery terminal.
5. Zip tie pigtail leads to something solid to stress relieve terminals
6. Replace passenger footwell.
7. Test charger.


How to wire and install a 20W Solar Battery Charger and charge controller

An easy-to-follow guide to wiring and installing a solar panel to charge a battery


Truck Inverter Install, Step-by-Step How To

Step-by-step installation of this $99 inverter on my truck, making it possible to plug in AC battery chargers and tools. Truck becomes like a generator.

✯ inverter:
✯ jumper cables:
✯ 1″ conduit:
✯ circuit breaker:
✯ grommets:
✯ step drill bits:
✯ isolator:
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