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Join us in this video where we unbox and install our new Lithium LiFePO4 batteries from RELiON Battery.
We’ll also take a look at the RELiON website and show you where to find the specific charging parameters used to program your lead-acid battery chargers to work with the LiFePO4 Lithium technology. This isn’t to say that your current lead-acid charger is configurable to work with Lithium batteries even though ours are. So please check with your battery charger manufacturer for compatibility.
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Stay tuned for video 3 of this installment where we’ll travel to the desert and boondock for a couple months really putting these new batteries through their paces.
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Installing smart battery charger

This is the best charger I have found, lighter, smaller, more powerful.
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REVA G-WIZ: DIY electric car lithium ion upgrade – Installing the charger and a general update

I installed one of two chargers today and wired it up to the existing 230v wiring so that I can use the original charge port.

The charger is set to 54.6v and 54 amps so that it can run on a standard 230v UK mains socket. I will have two installed with the option to use one or both. Using both will be wired into a 32 amp circuit and either a 32 amp CEE or type 2 socket with a conversion that can plug into any 7kw type 2 charger. I might also see if I can have it work with larger systems as tethered chargers seem to be the most common at service stations.

Everything else is running smoothly and there is little more that needs to be done other than waiting for the other half of my battery bank to be finished. For extra safety I will fuse or fit circuit breakers to each pack. I will also change the heavy lead acid 12v auxilary battery to a 48v lithium with a DC step down converter but it will be separate to the other batteries so that I do not blow the converter again.

Here is the link to the 3000w adustable universal charger in my video: https://eauto.si/metron-shop/product/type2cee-3x16a-3-phase-carrier-case-copy/


Installing an EV Charging Station Part II: Installing a Circuit Breaker #cb99videos #circuitbreaker

In this video we install a 40 amp breaker into a circuit breaker panel and hook this up to an appliance, in this case, the GE electric vehicle (EV) Durastation Level 2 Charging Station. Although I made this video to accompany my video for the charging station installation, you can learn how to install a breaker and hook it up to any appliance by watching this video. You have to remember to select a breaker that fits into your circuit breaker panel, and to select a breaker such that 80 percent of the amperage limit rating for the breaker is equal to or greater than the maximum current rating for the appliance. So for example, for a 30 watt appliance, such as the charging station we install, the 40 amp breaker is sufficient.

In the other two videos in this series you can see the unboxing of the GE Durastation, and then the mounting and connecting of the charging station to the circuit breaker.


Installing a hidden auto battery charger

I show how i decided to install a mini charger under my hood to help with winter/car interactions


Keep Cool by Installing Air Conditioning Units

If you want to live a life which is healthy you need to breathe in fresh air. And if you have got an air conditioner at home the aircon units must be cleaned regularly and with proper care.

When you talk about aircon units there are two types. There is one which has a high cooling capacity and the other one has a lower one. The higher one is the wall mounted unit and can cool from 9000 to 24000 BTU / HR. it also has a ceiling and a cassette unit. The ceiling or the cassette id separate from the aircon unit and this has a cooling capacity from 18000 to 45000 BTU / HR. generally the price charged for the wall mounted units is around $ 50 but now it has declined to $ 30. The price for the cassettes or the ceiling unit services is around $ 60 but again it also has been decreed to $ 50 per unit.

If you get the aircon unit serviced once it will include the washing and the cleaning of the filters. It also includes the cleaning of the evaporator coils, the cleaning of the blower wheels, checks all the condenser units, the fan blade as well as the drain pipes. The services include the checking of all the electrical parts and the refrigerating system so that there are no noises and also a test run is provided so that there are no problems in future.

There are a lot of benefits if you get these check ups done. It also checks whether there is any water leakage or not and whether the air cooling systems are improving or not. All this is done to make sure that the life of the air cooling system is longer and that the people should breathe fresh air so that they remain healthy. It is also done so that the people would save on their money and they do not waste it in unnecessary check ups and getting the parts replaced.

If you ever need a technician in order to get your aircon air cooling system repaired they will always be available to get your system repaired and check it so that you so not face any further problems. If you ever are in need of emergency services these technicians will always be available for you. If the air conditioning system is not cooling, the water is leaking or the entire system has broken down, these technicians will always be available at your service.


Installing Rope and Flexible LED Strip Lights on Your Deck or Dock

Can you install ROPE LIGHTING on your DECK and/or DOCK? YES – For years we’ve had rope lights on our dock that began with decorating the dock area during the holidays. They’re easy to install, fairly inexpensive and puts out just the right amount of low-key, indirect, ambient lighting.

For those who want to have rope lighting as a more permanent form of accent lighting, there are rope lights constructed for this purpose. WATERPROOF FLEXIBLE LED STRIP LIGHTS are specifically made for the outdoors.

Waterproof Flexible Strip LED lights offer the perfect solution to creating energy-efficient, stylish accent and mood lighting. Strip lights are discreet, flexible, and can be cut to fit your area, and since they come with a strong adhesive, they can be mounted virtually anywhere. Available in multiple colors you can create special effects on practically any surface, marine, auto and/or home.

Steps to Install Rope Lights: The simplest and most common method to install rope lighting is to nail it on the surface using cable clips. You need cable clips, a hammer, a power source and the rope lighting. The time needed for installation depends on the length of the rope.

1. Decide where to install the rope lights – Choose where you want to install the rope lighting. In most cases, the rope lighting is installed on the ceiling, the roof trusses or on the floor decking in order to produce the desired results. Consider the position of the source of power to ensure that your rope reaches the socket.

2. Mount the rope lighting – Use the hammer to clip the lighting on the surface. Slide the rope in the open arcs of the cable clips during the installation as you twist it in your desired pattern. Ensure that the hammer does not miss the target while hitting the clips because it can destroy the rope lighting.

3. Test their output- Switch off the socket, and plug the rope lighting in. Use the extension cord if the length of the rope lighting does not reach the power outlet. Switch the socket on to see if it lights.

Quick answers to the most common questions

• Do I need a controller for my strip lights? A controller is optional but adds the ability to turn your lights on and off and control other features such as dimming.

• Can I connect multiple strips? Strips can be connected end to end up to various meters, depending on your product.

Steps to Install Flexible LED Strip Lighting with Solderless Connectors:

1. Materials Needed – Have all your materials ready. You will need scissors, LED flexible strip lights, a connector, ruler (if needed), and a set of hands.

2. Measuring how many feet of LED strip you need – You may have your LED strip light sent to you in a roll (16 feet) or by the foot, depending on the quantity ordered. Decide how much flexible LED strip lighting you will need for your project. Since the LED strip can only be cut every third LED, you may have to go slightly over or under your desired specification.

3. How to cut the LED strip – As you can see below, the flexible strip light can only be cut along the designated lines. Take a sharp pair of scissors and cut along the line.

4. Pay attention to positive and negative markings – IMPORTANT: Notice the positive and negative sides of the LED strip light. This is important for the next few steps. Sometimes when you cut the LED strip light, things can get mixed around.

5. Introduction to the connector – Each connector has two sides. To insure you have the correct side up, make sure the wider of the white sides faces up. This is the top. BE GENTLE and pull the locking device out away from the wires. Do not pull on the wires to do so, as the connector is fragile.

6. Attaching the connector to the LED strip – IMPORTANT: Color does not always matter! Make sure you follow the positive side of the flex strip down through the connector wire to the power supply. Red/black can either mean (+) or (-) depending on what side you have hooked the connector to.

7. Securing the tray to the LED light – In the example below, if we were to attach the connector to the other side of the flexible strip light, the red would be negative and the black positive. Next, GENTLY secure the locking tray back in place, connecting the terminals of the LED flexible strip light to the connector. Be gentle and make sure the mounting tray is securely closed, or the lights will not work.

8. Connecting the LED strip to power – You are now ready to plug your LED Flexible strip light to the LED power supply. Match the positive and negative markings with the positive and negative wires from the power supply. Make sure the power is off when you do this.

If your strip lights do not light up:

1. Wire color does not always matter! Make sure you follow the positive side of the flex strip down through the connector wire to the power supply. Red/black can either mean (+) or (-) depending on what side of the LED flex strip you have hooked the connector to.

2. Another common problem is that the connector may be installed upside down; repeat steps above and try again.

3. Also, MAKE SURE the tray is closed all the way. Be gentle!

4. Check your power supply and make sure it is hooked up properly, with correct (+) and (-) as well.

5. How many feet of LED strip are you using vs how large your power unit is? If you are using 1 reel of 24 v Ultra bright with e 2.5 amp power unit, it will not work because the power unit is too small.


Polaris sportsman battery charging and installing a battery maintainer

Its that time of the year that is rough on the battery. My atv battery wasnt strong enough to crank it. After trickle charging it overnight I fixed it where I can hook up A battery maintainer.

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Eat, sleep, ride, repeat.
Life is short, ride slow.

Mrs. ATV’s ride-(Quadarommamomma)-2002 Honda Foreman
Rubicon ES 500 aka Tank (my baby) 
Mr. ATV’s ride-2015 Polaris Sportsman 570


My shop is falling apart and I’m Installing a Delta-Q charger! – the White Rider series #66

Today Rafa starts two new iPad dash mods and I install a 36 volt battery charger in the trunk of the T-Bird. #lowrider #batteries #charger
*iPad dash kits http://soundman.co
**Russell’s ugly mug https://soundman.co/products/russells-favorite-coffee-mug
***Batteries and chargers http://www.fullriverbattery.com

Thank you for watching AMPLIFIED #796/WHITE RIDER #66


Tips – Common Pitfalls of Installing an Inverter/Charger on a Boat

Tips & Tricks to installing an inverter on your boat.